Best Longboard For Big Guys

Best Longboard For Big Guys1

A board’s capacity relies on the variety of its composition, materials, and correct way of its users plus how it is used, and how it is made; putting more weight on a longboard can be dangerous sometimes. We all know longboards are made from wood and it is a natural substance, there may be small … Read more

Best Longboards for Girl in 2021

longboard for girls

Are you a fan of longboarding but afraid of the new beginning? No worries, when we are here to guide you about the best longboards for girls. Being a beginner, it is tough to make choices about longboards because you don’t know which works well. The right choice of a longboard is the only way … Read more

Best longboard for tricks

best longboards for tricks

The longboard is mainly designed for downhill, freestyle riding, tricks, and speed. Longboard ride is fun, thrilling, exciting, and much more. When you are cruising downhill on your longboard, you will feel the breeze of freedom and adventure immersing all your body. Longboard riding is not only a fun journey; it is one of the … Read more

Best Freeride longboard

Best Freeride longboard

Freeriding is one of the most popular styles of riding longboard. It is one of those kinds of riding in which you need a minute to learn, and then you can master the ricks lifelong. It is a fun ride – you can enjoy the downhill race, curving, pumping, commuting, cruising and dancing, or any … Read more

6 Best Longboards Surfboards for Beginners Of 2021

longboard surfboards for beginners

.It’s not surfing without the surfboards that you will use to surf to quench your thirst for adventure on ocean ways and surf for more excitement and fun. Most of the surfboards you see beginners of surf lessons using tend to be longboards. As the name suggests, longboards are long! Longboards provide more weight to … Read more

Best Affordable Cheap Longboard in 2021

Affordable Cheap Longboard

Are you a fan of longboarding but worried about those expensive longboards? Then, you are in the right spot. Longboarding is a passion that is too energetic and joyful. This exciting hobby is getting popular with every passing day. You might be feeling desperate to get started with your passion, but the expensive rates of longboards might be stopping you.   Several beginners … Read more

How To Choose A Cheap Longboard?


Riding a longboard is a fun activity, and an easy way to commute. You can go to the public transport station fast, enjoy the ride in the park or take it anywhere with you to get the best experience of your life. Many hoverboards come with high-tech features, and you can listen to music while you … Read more

5 Best Longboards for Heavy Riders (Person)


A longboard is a more convenient and longer type of skateboard. Longboards can keep your balance easily because of soft wheels and wider room for the feet of the rider. They are for cruising and transportation. Besides, they are a good source of workouts and provides various health benefits. There are various types of longboards … Read more

10 Best Longboard Knee Pads in 2021!

kneepad for longboard

Safety is the priority while riding a longboard. There is a likelihood of falling, and no one wants to end fun riding because of serious injuries or broken bones. No matter if you are an experienced rider still there are chances of falling. However, to avoid any danger you have to wear useful safety gear. … Read more

10 Best Electric Longboards under $300

electric longboard under $300

Longboarding is fun and exciting until you come across a problem with your cheap electric longboard. Longboarding passion is getting common these days, especially among teens and kids. But adults are also fans of this hobby. Therefore, the industry of longboards is expanding with every passing day. Because of this increase, the competition is getting different. It is quite tough to … Read more