6 Best Longboards Surfboards for Beginners Of 2021

.It’s not surfing without the surfboards that you will use to surf to quench your thirst for adventure on ocean ways and surf for more excitement and fun. Most of the surfboards you see beginners of surf lessons using tend to be longboards. As the name suggests, longboards are long! Longboards provide more weight to the surfing boards than shortboards. It is crucial to find the best beginner longboard surfboard to make your learning procedure convenient and fun. Beginners feel it easy to learn and a few mistakes while the process is forgiven. They’re the first type of surfboards used in standup surfing for beginners and more comfortable to understand because you can paddle faster with them and ultimately end up catching more waves with them. Let’s be honest struggling to catch a wave isn’t much fun.

You will love to have more fun in the water rather than struggling to see the waves only. It is possible to do this only by choosing the right longboard for your surfing adventure. For beginners, that is a Longboard. The mission here is not only learning, but keeping yourself safe and sound along the process is the key here, and most longboards are also “Foamies,” which keeps you as safe as a safe. There are many fun poppers involved in surfing than struggling with waves.

You are working on paddling around on the longboard and trying to catch anything in your way. It is a typical incident for new surfers to strive and swim on your longboard. It is familiar because you may be using a suitable surfboard for an expert or attempting to ride a board designed for someone with Expert surfing skills. Sometimes, you might have picked the stuff which looks cool. Still, it might look cool while drowning too.

Starting as a surfer is not easy, but it is not impossible too – it is not that hard as you expect it to be. Everyone is a beginner at one point, and navigating the techniques and right gears s not easy, but practice and choosing the right equipment can help you in the learning process. The first step is to take it right, your surfing journey will be comfortable, and if you just plunged into the ocean without research, it could be a disaster.

So here is the good which you will let you know what the excellent longboard specifications are and what six best longboards are online for beginners.

What to choose: Shortboards or longboard?

The first-ever thing to consider is the size of a longboard. Beginners try to buy shortboards for surfing because shortboards look more relaxed, but not many know that the longer the board, the easier it is to learn surfing and enjoying for a longer time. The longer board makes it easier to catch with waves and surf.

Specifications of best-surfing longboard:

Many things make longboard best for surfing, like their shapes, tails, volumes, and rails. Here is how you can choose the best beginner longboard surfboard for your adventure:

Surfboard material:

  • Mostly all longboards for surfing used up till now are made of Polyurethane that comes with fiberglass coating. Other than Polyurethane, there are two different materials used to construct surfboards.
  • Balsa wood is similar to Polyurethane material; it is strong and durable. It has weight, yet it provides flex to the surface. Balsa wood is also environmentally-friendly, light in size, and hard to bend.
  • The third material popularly used for surfboard manufacturing is Epoxy. These are light in weight, but that affects negativity on its performance as they should be heavy enough to surf into waves. However, these are the cheapest surfboards with durability.


Longboards for surfing vary in size – the size of a longboard depends on what you need from your longboard. Shorter surfboards are easy to navigate and provide more power. On the other hand, longer boards help to add space and easy to take turns. If you are looking for something that might help you perform stunts like cutbacks, floaters, etc., you can choose a longboard from eight to ten ft. For games, you can go for longer surfboards.

The thickness of the surfboard:

The thickness of the surfboard should be moderately medium. A longboard with 2.5 inches thickness and a slim tail and nose is the right choice. The longboard with this thickness is more comfortable to float with ocean waves and keep your feet stable on the board. If the longboard is thicker than 2.5, it will become heavier, and you might feel difficulty taking turns. But it is also a relative issue to age and weight; if you are more significant, you can go for three-plus thickness.

Rocker of surfboard:

When you are going for nose riding, the bottom curves go perfectly with your longboard. They allow the boards to keep slow, and you will stay floating on top of the waves without having any additional weight. If rockers are fewer in size, they might be faster and swifter, but you will have difficulty making turns.

Best surfboards for surfing:

Many longboards are an excellent choice for surfing; here is the list of the best six available on Amazon:

1. CBC’s longboard for surfing:

CBC’s longboard for surfing:

It is one of the ideal choices for surfing. No matter what size you are, it is one of the all-rounder longboards for surfing. The board size helps you to paddle conveniently and get along with breeze and start surfing on waves. The longboard is long, and this one is huge, so that makes it the perfect choice for the starters. The longboard is durable and stable – and despite being large, it is light in weight. The longboard is made of Polyurethan that makes it perfect for surfing – it is soft, and it is long so you can handle it easily. Once you have learnt the skills properly, you can easily switch to another longboard (for experts) or start polishing skills on shortboards, and you might not feel any difficulty in transition.

The smart slim and narrow size makes it convenient for turns on ups and downs of waves. The longboard is made of Polyurethan and its construction and design is elegant and decent that involves stylish wooden graphics and gives a beautiful look of a wooden longboard. Remember one thing that it does not ring like many other longboards. The longboard is completely waterproof due to its EPS foundation that ensures its long life span and durability.

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  • The size and dimensions make it a perfect choice for all types of riders; it is 8’ in size, which is long enough for beginners and experts.
  • The longboard comes with three fins, two side bites and one fin in the centre. That means it has modern features with classic firm stability and unmatchable flexibility. The traditional strength and everyday durability make it one of the best longboards.
  • The longboard consists of high-density EBS foundations which are 100% waterproof so now you can surf for a more extended period on your favorite longboard.
  • The longboard surfboard is made of high-quality Polyurethan that makes it durable and robust. Moreover, the design of longboard is wooden graphics like it is made of wood. That gives it an elegant and stylish feature.
  • The soft table surface is suitable for beginners. It can withstand weight up to 160 pounds; that is why it is the right choice for teenagers.
  • The surface of the longboard is slippery, and you may need to wax it before using for the first time.

2.Surfboard by Big Sport:

Surfboard by Big Sport

Big Sport surfboard is one of the most convenient types of longboards for surfing. It is available in 8″ sizes, and it is not just an everyday surfboard for beginners; it is designed well according to everyone’s needs. You can enjoy your thrilling adventure and rule the waves with perfection like a magnificent king of seas. The longboard design will turn small waves in to shred able ways and provide an incredible platform for surfing for the first time.

It is made of soft and comfortable material; the longboard consist of molded wood and the EPS foundation provides excellent stability. It has merged stringers, and a double 6 oz layered deck and bottom are made of fiberglass.  Of course, polyethylene is part of its deck that makes it excellent and provides the most refined comfort to the surfers. The finish of the longboard is smooth and perfect.



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  • The structure of a longboard is strong and durable. It has EPS foundations that come with molded-in wood and compound stringers.
  • The longboard surfboard is an ideal choice for both expert and beginner surfers.
  • The longboards consist of the thruster and twin fins, giving them modern durability and the right amount of flexibility.
  • The longboards provide you reasonable control, and it is convenient to take turns.
  • The longboard is durable, and there are so many things involved in its making processes like fiberglass and polyethylene. But still, it is light in weight and easy to carry around on beaches.
  • The longboard does not come with a leash, and it can be slippery sometimes.

3.Longboard surfboards by Wave Bandit:

Longboard surfboards by Wave Bandit

Looking to surf with California waves to enjoy the feeling of freedom of ruling the ocean – then don’t go anywhere else. Wave Bandit longboards are an excellent choice for all types of surfers. The longboards provide maximum features to perform and the quality that will keep you smiling to the seashore.

The Longboard surfboard comes in standard 8’0 size and an extensive place to let you ride on ocean waves with perfection. The longboard quickly catches the waves together, and the size makes this small task more convenient – which means it is one of the ideal longboards for newbie’s. It also helps to practice in the shallow water of gigantic oceans.

Whenever we are talking about longboard surfboards‘ features, which can beat this longboards positive characteristics, it is one of the ideal longboards for riders at any wave height. Its EBS foundations and polyethylene ensure lightweight and durability. These features help to ride on any wave conditions.

The structure and design of the longboard are stylish and elegant and helps in surfing. It has a round nose that provides extra steadiness, and you will love the paddling with convenience. The rounded nose also helps lift you fast and efficiently, which is quite a useful element for those eager to learn surfing. You can also take control over your longboard rapidly with its round tail edges. The longboard grip and rollover stability also increase with these design features.

The Wave Bandit aims to provide the user something extra and beneficial. It has a double wood stringer to provide additional and incredible assistance in riding – these runs from tail to nose. It ensures the minimum overall flexibility, along with extra strength to the longboard. It comes with three fin design that let you have fun with excellent turning capacities during your ride. In short, the longboard weight and dimensions make it one of the ideal choices for beginner surfers and professionals who enjoy battling with waves on it.

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  • The longboard is known as Easy rider for a reason. It does not matter you are surfing for the first time or you are an expert; this longboard will give you the taste of adventure and styling on waves like no one else.
  • The longboard comes with maple wood stringers that ensure the longboard’s overall strength and helps reduce flexibility during overturning. It has EPS foundations that provide stability.
  • The size and the design all make it an excellent choice for all beginners and experts. It has a fun egg shape that makes it easy to ride on waves, and you will enjoy surfing from paddling to battling with waves in the magnificent ocean.
  • It comes with a leash that provides extra stability and security overboard.
  • It is a durable choice of longboard; the round nose shape provides extra control over your longboard when surfing on high waves and provides a stable ride.
  • The longboard is not suitable for competitive surfing games.

4.Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board with Removable Fins

Giantex 6' Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board with Removable Fins

It is one of the best longboard surfboards available on Amazon for beginners. The longboard is 6 and 3.5 feet in width – the construction is strong and durable, making it one of the excellent choices from kids to adults. The longboard can withstand up to 200 lbs, so now you don’t have to worry about its stability for a long time.

It is made of durable top foam and slick HDPE bottom with high speed. The cause and made makes it the right choice for surfing and light in weight. The longboard is the right choice for all age groups, and if you are a beginner, the shape and size help to learn and surf. The fins are detachable and three in numbers for better and stable surfing. The longboard comes with a safety leash that ensures the board stays in place and prevents it from slipping away also helps your body keep steady.


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  • The longboard has a stunning design and comes with a leash to provide extra safety and convenience to use it. It is one of the best longboards for beginners to start their surfing journey.
  • The surfboard is available in beautiful red and blue design, which is an eye-catching and appealing design. It also goes well with ocean waves.
  • It has a fishtail design that provides more hold and traction; it has more space from rail to rail and allows them to have more speed and lift. The removable fins make it easy to transport the longboard from one place to another conveniently.
  • It has durable and robust construction – the deck is full and responsive bottom skins that add stiffness and increase the board’s speed to the maximum. It has high quality and durable foam top, EPE deck, EPS core, and PP hard, slick bottom.
  • The longboard is ideal for kids and adults who are starting their venture as beginners.
  • Not suitable for experts.

5. South Bay Board Co premium surfboards for beginners:

South Bay Board Co premium surfboards for beginners

Whenever you start your surfing journey, why not start with something stylish, elegant, and durable. South Bay longboards are sleek and stylish kinds to provide the best first experience of surfing.

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  • The fantastic longboard is available in three different sizes according to your specific needs and requirements. The surfing longboard can easily withstand up to 260 pounds.
  • It has a double concave bottom deck that helps channel the waves to the board fins, and the rocker helps prevent any pearling. Thus, provide a smooth high-speed surfing adventure for beginners.
  • The surfboard includes a wax-free soft foam deck with fingerprint texture. It comes with a carry handle, 9 feet leash to provide extra security and stability and tri-fins, and an additional fin key.
  • The fins provide stability and control over turns, whereas you can use the fin key for easy handling.
  • The resin layer of six oz on both sides helps restrain any damages, and the heat release valve with bamboo layers helps prevent any sun damage.
  • It is one of the most expensive longboards for beginners.

6.Wave storm Surfboard:

surfboardBeginning as a surfer is not easy, but it is also not very hard, and when you are going your first surfing lesson, it is better to choose something more classic yet durable and robust choice for the longboards.  Wave storm surfboard is also one of those choices. It has a strong and robust built. The top deck has soft foam construction while it has high tech HDPE Slick bottom skin. The EPS foam foundations come with three stringers for more stable and smooth surfing. It has a texture traction pad that provides durability and a firm grip on a longboard. The HDPE slick bottom provides stiffness that maintains board shape for a long time.




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  • It is one of the most durable longboards for surfing. The construction provides stability, strength, and durability.
  • It has a waterproof structure, which enhances its life span.
  • The longboard can easily withstand weight up to 200 pounds.
  • To provide safety and security, it comes with a removable leash. The leash helps to keep your surf stable and longboard intact by preventing the slip and fall.
  • It is the right choice for beginner teenagers and kids.
  • The safety leash can lose up sooner than expected.

7. Soft Surfboard by Liquid Shredder:

Soft Surfboard by Liquid Shredder

It is an all-rounder longboard for surfing. From a kid to an adult in the family can use this longboard for surfing purposes. It is 9 feet long and can withstand a weight of around 200 pounds. The structure of a longboard is soft and durable. The surfboard comes with flexible fins – that means there are fewer chances of getting any injuries.

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”yes” wpc_style=”wppc-view2″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Title Here” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”CHECK PRICES” disable_button=”no” button_link=”https://amzn.to/2WVF5BZ” button_link_target=”_BLANK” button_rel_attr=”dofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]
  • The light shredder longboard has EPE quality foam for the upper surface, and it is made by a combination of two materials, fiberglass, and wooden stringers, for rigid construction.
  • The Polypropylene adds strength and stiffness to the longboard.
  • It is also heat laminated with no glue and makes it a cost-effective longboard that provides high performance.
  • It has removable three fins to carry around the longboard easily.
  • It has colorful soft expanded Polyethylene that makes it comfortable and anti-slip texture when the longboard is wet.
  • Size is not a comfortable choice for all types of surfing.
  • You may need to buy a safety leash separately.



Surfing never gets old – it is an adventure-filled, fun adventure. When you love spending your time at the seaside, nothing can beat the amusement and happiness you get from surfing! Surfing beginner longboards are the right choice to begin your fun-filled experience.  All you have to do is choose one from the above and order the longboard you like most – enjoy the thrill. Happy Surfing!