Best Longboard For Big Guys

A board’s capacity relies on the variety of its composition, materials, and correct way of its users plus how it is used, and how it is made; putting more weight on a longboard can be dangerous sometimes. We all know longboards are made from wood and it is a natural substance, there may be small shortcomings present that periodically happens in a terrible time and place. And sometimes bad foot placement becomes the reason behind it. In end consequently, a guy can quit longboarding. But you do not worry, there are many available longboards for heavy riders that provide them an opportunity to maintain a format around. 

Bulky longboarders must render specific settlements to the expanded anxieties they add on boards, bearings, wheels, and trucks. To keep the Longboard longevity follow some recipes. It starts up with buying a board that can overcome those expanded anxieties and attends with formulating mastery that settles minor pressure on acceptable portions of the board. The subsequent detailed longboards express the desire for stability in their ways. People with heavyweight are confused to buy an accurate longboard, are you? All of us know that longboard is only used for riding and our markets are filled with options of longboards. Many kinds of longboards are available in the market with different specifications and qualities. Our market is full of longboards with different attractive designs that are enough to allure beginners who are going to start their recent hobby.

Particularly for this, we have chosen some of the best longboards for heavy riders with their qualities, their pros and cons so you can choose accordingly. Plus in this, you accentuated a category on the characteristics to contemplate when purchasing a longboard for big riders, with trucks, wheels, materials, deck, bushings, and sizes. Start reading and then select the best longboard according to your choice. 

How to Choose the Best Longboards for heavy riders

It may be slightly confused to select longboards for big guys. The market is full of longboards and many boards are available in marts but not all of them are durable and made of good quality. Good advice is key when you go to buy something, I’m not only talking about longboard but generally, do some research on a specific item, brands, product description, and specification. I will outline all the specifications, important points, and features so keep them in mind while choosing a longboard. Here I am pointing some main points especially for those who do not want to read the full post. 

  1. Bushings, decks, wheels, and trucks what is significant to glance for when selecting a longboard for a heavy rider, try to choose the longboard according to your weight and size. 
  2. Always check the truck, coating, materials, wheels, deck, and bushing of a longboard for bug rider always do a review and try to choose the one which is made from the double coating. 

How much weight do longboard bear?

Longboards are heavy and they can hold weights. Every longboard has special specifications so why not for big riders? In past, the longboard for big guys was available with small flex and durability. But now there is a rush of new materials in the market, manufacturers compete and for this, all are introducing new and unique models. Moreover, weight proficiency also differs from category to category and substance to substance. For instance, with a weight of 250 pounds should use an 8-ply deck. Others who are up to 200 pounds should go for fiberglass plus bamboo deck. So whenever you try to choose a longboard, you should always choose the model, its materials, and its capacity of weight-bearing. There is a special longboard for heavy riders so firstly check the board you are going to buy. 

Best Longboards For Big Riders:

This is the most rated longboard among all for heavyweight riders. Its features and durability is the main reason behind its popularity. This board is a perfect mixture of main but durable elements like its deck that is made from bamboo and it is so springy and ample-sized and it’s a safe and durable truck.

The deck is 36 inches (0.91 m) long and 9 inches (ca. 23 cm) wide means this longboard is giving a sufficient area for heavy guys. Not only deck and truck but their reels are as bigger as 73.9 mm attached with ABEC 5 relevancies. Consequently, you will get the wheel to be the most durable and steady soft on several grounds. Further, its flex will provide you a dampening sense and super powerful fluent rolling. If you like to ride faster with extra shoving at a similar time these will enhance an additional best achievement of riding without wheel kneading on the floor, without any doubt I can say this is the best longboard for big guys.

sector 9 longboard


  • This longboard maintains balance.
  • This is the best longboard for different riding stunts.
  • It has a powerful bamboo deck.
  • It has stable trucks.
  • It contains a convenient wheel for turns.
  • It gives super smooth and soft turns.


  • A little pricey.
    •  Main relevancies and bushings.

This Longboard has a pretty design and because of it, this longboard is the most favorite among female riders. This is the perfect longboard for heavy riders. Plus, it has the best structure and details too. It has a big deck as long as 43 inches (1.09 m) and 9 inches (ca. 23 cm) wide. This board is promoted to suit nearly every driver without distress or bangs. To be precise, 8-ply big maple can tolerate the burden ability of approximately 250 lbs. Moreover, you will also love the proportion of this deck.

It lessens wheel bites along with super-low swiveling friction while enhancing steady rides. Likewise, its deck is attached to the 79.5A big reels via the 6.9-inch Reverse Kingpin trucks and ABEC-9 bearings. These features are beneficial for driving. Rightful the huge people, to increase at elevated velocities while conserving the accuracy.

VOLADOR 42inch (1.07 m) Freeride Longboard Complete.


  • This longboard is super reasonable. 
  • Reliable and shock bearing layout 
  • Balanced deck for rapid fling and resilience
  • Super quality, wheels, trucks, and bearings 
  • It can bear significant heavyweight


  • Creasing grip tape
  • Sometimes mobility acquainted trucks

Without any doubt, we can proudly announce that Atom longboard has altered the levels of boards and if you are asking about the superb boards for big riders I would tell you Atom Drop (41 inches (ca. 1 m)). The quantity of this deck is identical to other boards, implying a bigger individual will discover it prosperous and permanent to feel on the longboard. The various varieties of urethane, maple laminate, and aluminum equipment in the deck ensures the validity that this board will not conk out through bumpy and fluent grounds. Furthermore, Reverse Kingpin trucks, ABEC-9 bearings, broad extremely elevated rebound wheels are also accessible to conserve and tighten the driving. Particularly, this deck is the best for bulky riders it contains soft gravity to shove the longboard with smaller action.

41 inches (ca. 1 m) Atom Drop


  • It has a superb design for cursing
  • Incredibly reliable substances
  • Conformational portions like wheels, trucks, and bearings
  • Exceptional strength with smaller wheels bite
  • Durable assurance


  • It makes loud sounds while taking turns.
  • It has soft reels for slipping

This loaded board Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard is the accomplishment loaded board. This bamboo longboard is the best longboard for learners, beginners, and mastery drivers. The board is particularly prepared of bamboo with a coating of Dervish Sama, sandwiched fiberglass, but super flexible for cursing and pushing drivers. The proportion is really large at 43 inches (1.09 m). Its wheelbase is approx. 31 inches massive and the reels are 75.9 mm 83A. It has three several flex grades for your option. You should get on for a deeper flex to assure the driving insurance, as a big rider. You can employ all ratios adverse to the board over numerous landscapes, however, the Dervish Sama bamboo board can still maintain balance.

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboar


  •   It has a comfortable and big deck
  •   3 various flex grades
  •  The proportional structure
  •   Super quality fixtures and hardware


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not for slipping methods

This board is the second extensive longboard to inaugurate. Have a look on, you will comprehend that the longboard is extremely fundamental and superlatively formulated. I guarantee that this bamboo board is worth your fortune with a prosperity of details for huge riders. The duck is prepared from reliable maple and bamboo. These two substances are environment-friendly and reliable sufficient to overcome 18 and excess. Moreover, the 40-inch ideal size is vast adequate for all to use on and shove with satisfaction. Also, the truck of bamboo longboard is 5-inch aluminum. I must say this is a plus point that will decrease the all-around pressure of the longboard whilst and still gives outstanding assistance during the riding. Almost for remark, the trucks may arise to be small noisy and squeaky because of its bushing. For this issue, you should grease the outer side of the trucks repeatedly.

Bamboo longboard


  • Super affordable
  • Reliable and portable
  • Aluminum truck
  • Affluent deck
  • Super quality ABEC-9 bearing


  • Light and Squeaky trucks
  • Common design

If you are staring for the best bamboo and maple decks the mixture of both for a longboard, then you should take notice of Magneto bamboo longboards, this is the best longboard for heavy riders you can select it for carving, freestyle riding, downhill, and dancing. It is considered an outstanding board particularly for cruising, On the street, it gives a steady ride because it accentuates a drop-through truck it carries the center of gravity. This is much flexible size of this magneto longboard is 38 by 9.

It is best adequate for heavy rolls and carving. It is made from super quality substances, it can transmit that leisure and soft ride for years. It has a top-notch camber, contributing maximum backing and reliability. It accentuates elevated curve trucks that assist in rigid turns. This longboard is an assortment of fiberglass plus 3-ply bamboo, creating it the hardest board concrete combos over for that excellent stability. The variety of bamboo and fiberglass provide this board with a modern glaze that drivers will love.

The truck is prepared from Gravity Cast Aluminum that will give them a thick combo to the end of the year and providing riders the maximum of their interest. They give more vitality in driving. This commodity can adjust heavyweight of up to 275 lbs. It is considered a smooth and durable longboard. Consequently, Magneto longboard is an extraordinary best selection for big riders.



  • Best for free riding 
  • Reliable deck
  • A mixture of fiberglass and bamboo
  • Give the best flexibility 
  • Elevated rebound wheels


  • It makes a little sound 

Important Features To Keep In Mind While Buying Longboard For Heavy Riders:

When we talking about the best longboard for heavy and big guys so keep these characteristics in mind while choosing the best for you. 


  • If you have a heavyweight of approximately  210 lbs. to 310 lbs, you should notice the board stability and sturdiness, these points should be your priorities.
  •  Three things you should notice about the deck is its Material, its shape, and its Concave.


  • There are three common material uses in longboard First one is a Maple deck of 8-play it can bear approximately 210 lbs to 251lbs but leverage has a specification of the weight limit the best thing is the maker layers them with coatings of bamboo and fiberglass that increases its durability.
  • The second one is Maple with fiberglass that is the best for heavy and bulky riders and the bearing capacity is up to 310lbs
  • The third one is whilst Maple plus bamboo it is superb best for carving this is all due to little flex from bamboo the weight-bearings is round about 270lbs.
  • Whenever you go for buying a longboard, memorize that a sufficient cadaver and heavy maple deck you should choose a minimum of 8 plies and 9-ply is the best. 


  • After the material, we talk about concave which is the best to strengthen the board.
  • Thicker concave has greater rigidity. 

Board Shape

There are a lot of board shapes to choose 

  • The Relatively flat
  • The upward curve
  • The downward curve

After choosing material and concave the other thing is board shape and is a little tricky to contemplate. From the sit ide, you have to glance to differentiate its familiar types. If you are a big rider then do not choose the downward curve deck, it has over flex composition. Keep in mind, your longboard deck shouldn’t withstand too much distortion. Thus, select either the moderately steady or the upward curve. To be honest upward curve deck is the best. 


  • Height is another concerning issue after weight.
  • With big riders, the height issue is super common this is a trademark off in between the height of deck and wheel bite if your driving modes are freely ridden force-generating 


  • Talking of reels, you should always choose the tough ones, measurements from tiny wheels to regular ones.The most common question why not big reels? And the answer is greater force-producing because of your burden, which will give better results in grasp for a safe ride. Therefore, big wheels are not adequate at all. Nonetheless, don’t choose super heavy models since they can result in distress while riding.
  • Further, the acceleration when slamming an impediment will be tough, making the longboard very rough and bumpy even on tiny rock. In phrases of the reel implies, 71 mm to 76 mm and 78A – 80A in diameter grade is favorable for big riders.


  • After all these Bushings are very important to contemplate.
  • You should glance for bushings 90A+ for better achievement.
  • If your misgiving is related to manageable and strength, I will suggest you preparing the posterior bushings with approximately 4-6 greater grade than other.


  • There are three important characteristics when selecting trucks these are reliability, High maneuverability, and strength. After its mounting, it is depending upon the riding way, but it doesn’t bother you because this thing would not influence vitality, only on how reliable they are.
  • Another point drops through is a perfect option to resist wheelbase and top-mounted is an ideal option for downhill driving. Furthermore, evaluate the baseplates and wires.
  • Wheel bite is generally made from nylon and plastic substances as they are groovy to break under a tough load. Rather, try to choose aluminum.
  • When we talk about axles and kingpins. My suggestion is always to opt for steel material, accentuating curved contour. They are large, thick, and sharp adequate for you.

The best length for heavy riders:

When we talk about lengths especially for heavy riders then there is nothing truly mysterious in it. Stretch some methods of driving are super easy on big and small boards, although you can use any technique on any provided longboard. Not think negatively. So, to accomplish we are listing some lengths that you need to glance for:

  • Cruising: 27-45″ 
  • Downhill: 36-42″
  • Freeride 38-42″

Always choose longboards straight in the inner of specs, and you will amaze because it will help for almost about everyone who expects to do almost every stunt on a longboard.

What you to choose as a big rider. 

Huge guys desire reliable boards to deal with their burden first, then tricks and stunts come additionally. Therefore, in tenures of the super best board for heavy riders, you should examine the ultimate capacity of weight, wheelbase, the deck, bushings, trucks, and wheels. To conserve the searching actions, you always choose branded boards although these are a bit expensive but worth buying. Each part is already compiled with a super quality criterion keep it in mind. Seize the top 5 above. 

Weight-bearing ability 

When we talk about longboards for heavy riders then the first thing that comes to mind is the weight limit. Lard is specifically prepared for bulky riders and if a longboard can not bear and rectify your burden then everything moves in vain and not just a board destroy but you may undergo severe damages while driving. But thankfully, the limit of weight is visible specifications for quotation. More, you can demonstrate this chart from the materials. For you, we are going to suggest, always choose multi-ply maple boards. This is durable enough and has all-around maneuverability. Precisely, an 8-ply maple sandwiched with coatings of bamboo or fiberglass can overcome 230 lbs to 310lbs. After this, you can select carbon-fiber boards, which are supplementary costly but portable and groovy reliable.


Everyone loves riding on a longboard and try to choose their board accordingly there are riders of many sizes, heavy and skinny, and select their longboard according to their preferences. Mostly heavy riders get confused because they do not feel comfortable on a longboard because of their weight and wrong choice of a longboard but now you do not worry about it, enjoy longboarding in parks, freely fly on streets, do longboarding in your free time, and go to school and colleges with all pleasure. Wish you get all the helpful data on the main deliberations to understand when purchasing a longboard for big guys. Limited data comprise the deck, wheels, truck, bushings, and bearings. Moreover, when striving to correlate, begin with the schedule for your quotation on the longboards for heavy riders. There are the prime selected large guy boards on demand, so we attempted surveying them for a recommendation, too, when purchasing your first board. Always purchase the best longboard for big guys.