Top 10 Best Beginner Longboards For Kids And Teens in 2021

Nowadays longboards are a new fashion and new passion for both kids and teens. Whenever they demand an enthusiastic, energetic and exciting gift they ask for a longboard. And I think it’s a good option as it’s at least a physical activity and brings your kids and teens to real life and its beauty. Instead of getting themselves stuck into phone screens and TV screens.

But the problem is that we are very much concerned about our kids’ safety. Whenever it comes to a longboard for kids or a longboard for beginners you are very much concerned that… whether they will be able to handle it or not??? Or will it be safe for them or not???

Yes of course all the options are neither safe nor comfortable for the beginners for that you need to be very precise in choosing the best. That provides best stability and best comfort to your kid still he or she can ride it even being a beginner. Slowly and gradually when he becomes a pro you can buy a new one.

But which one suits him or her exactly will suit him for the beginning ….confused ? don’t worry I know the market is over stuffed with options and your mind is overloaded with comparison. But  stop here, why are you wasting so much time? as I have done a complete survey for you. You just need to check out these few options and decide which one will go best for your kids within your budget. I bet that no matter which option you are choosing, if you choose any of these options it’s not going to be a regret for you. It’s going to be a wise investment and a creative thrill activity for your kid or teen.

Apart from the several benefits of longboard riding it’s a great means of transportation as well. Not only eco-friendly cost reducing but still a great physical activity and causes emotional satisfaction and helps in socialization as well. 

So as someone said that a journey is more beautiful than a destination he must be travelling through a longboard...LOL…Longboard ride can provide good exercising activity for both you kids and teenagers. Moreover, if you are planning for long road trips, definitely longboards are better than skateboards and they are easy to ride as well. Another good thing for a longboard  for beginners is: you don’t need to spend a whole fortune or a huge amount on getting a beginner level longboard. So you can get a longboard for teens without breaking your bank. Let’s see and check which longboards are lined up as best for your kids and teenagers.

Best Longboards For Teens And Kids

1. Our Best Pick Drop Through Longboard By Atom

Your little master is looking for a longboard to launch his new love of longboarding? and you are concerned that he got one of the best longboards for kids with the best built… Then you need to think upon this option “Drop through longboard by atom” is certainly not  worth missing. This board is equipped with all those lovely and luxurious features which your kids can wish for.

Teenagers are attracted by luxury more than necessity and this longboat offers something really attractive for the new generation. This longboard promises high quality spare parts. Whatever is installed in its construction is magnificent, something worth  recommending. All its material from deck, wheels or bearing are worth trusting. With all this high quality built and trustful  construction make it capable of holding no less than 275 pounds of weight. That is a good weight limit not only for kids but for adults and teenagers as well. So you can say this is a great option for teenagers as well.

Atom Drop Through Longboard - 40 Inch


As it is clear from its name it’s a drop through longboard. And if you have a little knowledge about longboards you must know that this type is comparatively easy to control and push for riding. Even you need less force while applying braking to make it more comfortable and more safe for your teenagers or kids. This long board is provided with a sticky grip tape on the top which is made out of silicon carbide.  So when you place your foot on this longboard it is not going to slip or move away. And when you have a good grip on the long board it means it is comparatively safer and you are comparatively at less risk of falling off.

This board is not only easy to ride but easy to carry around as well with its lightweight. We all know that longboards love to carry their long boards on their fun destinations. So it’s lightweight makes it a perfect choice as a portable longboard. Its flex is also of medium level, not too hard and not too soft which makes it perfect for a smooth and jerk free ride. 

Responsive trucks make it extraordinarily smooth while turning. Moreover, when these trucks are combined with Durometer wheels and bearings with ABEC 9 rating. This long board can be an exceptional One for the beginner level riders. 

If you ask me about the downside of this longboard it will be a tough question…. but still there is a margin of improvement in its bushings if they get a little less tighter it can be a flawless piece. But that problem is not a big one until you are a very deep deep observer.

Best Features

  • High quality built and reliable materials
  • Portable long board as extremely lightweight
  • Best quality cruising for beginners
  • Deck style is drop through


  • The bushings are a bit tighter

2. Powerful 400 W brushless motor Electric Scooter With Remote Control By URBANPRO

If you are looking for a brand name that is reliable and trustworthy in the world of longboards and skateboards, Urbanpro is definitely one which you are looking for. This brand is high quality and economical.

When it comes to Urbanpro this longboard is even better than swagtron longboards. Because this one is what your kid or teenager needs to start his or her longboarding journey as a beginner. Moreover, this model is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of a beginner rider.

To make it super easy for riding it is provided with different riding modes which are actually three speed modes. Those help the rider to stay in control while driving this little monster. Because its top speed is 20 mph which is quite high. But when you are using this longboard or skateboard you don’t need to worry about the control. because beside being easy to control it also offers a wireless remote which is handheld and you can operate your longboards easily with that.

Electric Scooter


Besides its other features like powerful brushless motor which make it exertion free for riding. It’s Canadian maple wood deck which is made in multiple layers also works and is worth admiring. Moreover, it makes it a perfect deal for beginners due to its excessive durability and high quality build. because the beginners can’t look for the bumps and jumps, it’s a sturdy and reliable deck. It will not let you down within the way with its sturdy deckt and strong build. It is capable enough of holding no less than 265 pounds of weight. It makes it an excessive limit for the kids and teenagers no matter how heavy waves they are.

Now you might be thinking that one is so high tech and an electric longboard must be very expensive. But again I provide you with the options which are the best in all regards. How can I don’t think about the price limits…. It’s a very economical deal so Gift your kids with an electric scooter. The top speed of 20 miles per hour and  the reliable brand name of URBANPRO is a reliable warranty for a year. I don’t think that you would like to go for any other option .

It’s not only terrific in working but out class in looks as well because we know that our youth is more inspired by the outer looks then functionality but while adopting this longboard with electric motor you will not only get high class quality but still fit looks are also included in the package.

Best Features

  • Electric longboard with high quality built
  • Extra ordinary economical price
  • The deck is super strong and the trucks are super reliable


  • Battery timings could have been better

3. Complete Longboard A Skateboard by  Krown

The Brand responsible for the presence of this product in the market is Krown. The Material used for the manufacturing of the board is Maple. The Color scheme followed in the manufacturing of the board is Tidal Wave. The Durometer Hardness level is quite impressive and is 78A. Wheel Size is suitable and is 65 Millimeters. As far as the Product Dimensions are concerned these are 43 x 9 x 4. All of these lengths are measured in  inches. Complete Longboard, A Skateboard by  Krown has the weight of 6 Pounds.

This has been quite some time now when Crown has started to gain popularity as a reliable brand for the beginners. It doesn’t matter if you want to start surfing at the age of 15 or at the age of 6. In whatever age stage you are, this is the best companion for you to start longboard riding.

Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard


You may consider it a drawback but actually it is a safety feature. This skateboard is designed to run at a moderate speed which actually stops the rider from the fast movement. This is necessary to keep him or her safe. This is an additive advantage and the special feature of this board.

Everything is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the new Rider. This is because the Deck is 9 inches wide and 43 inches long. This is considered to be an ideal dimension of a deck for any Rider on the longboard.

The Canadian Maple has been used in the manufacturing of the board. This made it an ideal board for the new Riders. Due to this raw material this board offers both safety and durability to the rider

Wheels and bearings are not considered to be very high quality. But these are really very well in shape to provide the best to a new rider. As you become an experienced Rider you may need to change the wheels and the bearings.

Best Features

  • A budget choice for the new Riders.
  • Really attractive to look at.
  • The very light board can be easily carried.
  • This is a complete board that is pre-assembled and you do not have to worry about its assembly


  • You may need to change the bearings and the wheels after sometime as you get trained on the board.

4. White Longboard Complete Bamboo Wave Skateboard

White Wave is the brand name of this product. This product is made of high quality Aluminum bamboo and Maple wood. The length of this board is 71 cm and it is placed on 60 Millimeters wheels. 

The skateboard is 28 inches in length and 8 inches in weight. It is made with Bamboo and Canadian Maple. Multiple layers of Maple and bamboo are combined together with the help of proper heat transfer and beautiful graphics are placed on it. The grip tape makes it possible to ride on this machine really very well.

White Longboard Complete Bamboo Wave Skateboard


This is an approach not so common but most people think that it is good to buy a cheaper version of a longboard and then upgrade it later. If you are looking for a quality product then why not buy it first hand. If you really want to buy a high quality board that can be an equally good companion both for the intermediate as well as the beginners then this is the best choice you can enjoy.

This is an excellent board if you want to learn carving while cruising. The introduction of the aluminium trucks with rebound bushings improves the stability of the board. The Wheels of the board at 70 mm into 50 mm in diameter the wheels are larger in size as well as soft so that this can observe some of the shocks. The bearings install in the board improve the durability

Best Features

  • The Dell is a double drop.
  • The high quality trucks are used
  • The high quality wheels are used 
  • The high quality bearings are used


  •  It is a fast keyboard so this may not be so safe for a beginner to start riding on it

5. Twin Tip Osprey Longboard

The Colour scheme followed in the making of this product is Shapes. The Brand name for this product is Osprey. The Material used in the manufacturing of these products is Aluminium and Maple. Durometer hardness level has been set at 80A. Wheel material used in the manufacturing is Polyurethane. The weight of the product is 3 Kilograms. 

If you are looking for a board that is suitable for your daughter then this is the best choice for you. This board is specifically designed by keeping in mind the young girls who have just started or to be started surfing. Therefore this board has everything a girl needs . Why surfing this board is specifically designed by keeping in mind the young girls. 

Osprey Twin Tip Longboard 39'' Canadian Maple Deck


The board is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. Natural Maple wood has been used in the manufacturing of the board. 

Usually you need the tool to adjust different Cipla news on your pod. This can be easily done with the help of the tool that is provided with the board. Which bird has a tremendous capacitor world the greatest. This can easily fall into debate up to $330 install a special arrangement has been done to keep the person balanced on the board. This has been arranged with the help of the special coating on the board. This coating is in the form of black colour

Alumunium is the main ingredient in the manufacturing of the 7 inch big truck. It helps you to move on the uneven surfaces really very well. If you are a rider who has just started the journey of board surfing.

Best Features

  • Multiple colour availability in terms of choice.
  • The weight bearing capacity is excellent
  • The wide board provides the facility to place the feet easily 
  • The “T” tool is provided with the board free of cost.


  • You may need to upgrade the tyres and tracks as you develop the skill to ride on the board

6. Longboard Cruiser VOLADOR Maple

If you are looking for a reasonably priced long board that can be used by a beginner then you are at the right place at choosing the right product. Everything in this board is perfectly designed for a beginner. 

Longboard Cruiser VOLADOR Maple


The board size  is very appropriate; it offers 40 inches in length. It is adequately wide so that the person who has just started its boarding can easily place its feet on it. The board is 9 inches in width. Like many other quality boards Maple wood is used in the manufacturing of the Deck. This device provides stability and flexibility when needed by the raider of the board. You can be sure about its quality. This board is tested with the most modern engineering techniques for this problem.

Best Features

  • This is the best factly board design for the beginners.
  •  The board is of high quality.
  • This board provides durability as well as stability


  •  The wheel bearing quality is not upto the mark

7. Zed Bamboo  Complete Cruiser Retrospec Longboard Skateboard

Brand The name for this product is Retrospec. The Material used in the manufacturing of this product is Wood. The colour scheme followed in the manufacturing of this board is Aqua Fishtail. 85A is the Durometer hardness level for this product.

The Wheel material used in the manufacturing of this product is Polyurethane. Total Item weight for this product is 0.1 Kilograms. So it is really very easy to transport this product from one place to another. 

If you are looking for a board that is surprisingly good for your kid. Then this must be your choice. This board is especially manufactured for beginners. Only some boards that are designed for beginners have an appropriate board size installed.

Thanks to the designers who have designed this product the appropriate board size has been arranged. The width of the board is 9.5 inches; it provides enough space for a new rider to place his or her feet comfortably on the board. 

The length is also really very adeucate. It is a 44 inches board that is quite enough to handle the board easily.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser


Another amazing feature of the body is the installation of lightweight trucks. These lightweight aluminium trucks are the although the lightweight but they have the capacity to carry the weight up to 220 lbs. The wheels are big and have great road grip that made it possible for the board to move smoothly on the roads. 

The brand is very responsive if you have any problem while using this product. Then  contact the brand and they will definitely respond in a timely manner.. Ati bite technology has been used to prevent the tires from the damage. 

If you are an expert or old Rider you will definitely miss flex in this board. This is an intentional drive as this board is actually designed for beginners. So the flex is indirectly avoided. Even then if you want to introduce flex in the board you need to upgrade two things.  The first is the wheels and second is the bearings. 

Best Features

  • Portability is easy as the body is lightweight. 
  • The grip is comfortable due to design.
  • You will get a good value for the price you have paid.


  • Flex is absent in this deck.

8. Unisex Longboard by Madrid Skateboards

Madrid Skateboards is the brand responsible for this product in the market. The colour theme followed on this board is leopard. 80A is the hardness level installed.The weight of this board is 3300 g. 

If you are interested in doing carving and of dynamic type then this must be your choice with 180 mm trucks. This board is a combination of speed efficiency and added stability. It is specifically designed for the people who have lower height.

Unisex Longboard by Madrid Skateboards


To ensure that the rider should enjoy a complete soft and smooth experience ABEC 5  has been introduced in this. This is a USA based firm and you should be sure about the quality of the product. The firm has been well placed in the market for the last 40 years. If you want to use a product that provides both innovation and ease of use then this must be your choice.

Best Features

  • Especially designed for the low heighted persons. 
  • Product from the company based in the United States of America. 
  • The firm has a reputation of 40 years.


  •  The colour scheme may not be appropriate for all users.

9. Classic Longboard Prowler by Globe

Colour theme for this product is  Rosewood Copper. Size is really adequate for this product and that is 38 inches. This product is introduced by the famous Brand named Globe. This product is available in the Colour Rosewood Copper. 


The technical specifications are that it has the Durometer hardness level of 78A.Classic Longboard Prowler by Globe  has the weight of 6.9 Pounds. This product is specifically designed for the kids who have an ntrust in sports.

Best Features

  • Especially Designed for the sports loving people
  • Highly attractive
  • Beautifully designed


  • Specifically designed for a specific segment of the market and may not have a general acceptability in the market.

10. Arcade Board by Tony Hawk Skateboards

A beautiful keyboard with the Tony Hawk graphics. It provides you with the best experience that you deserve as a kid and the teen ager. The dimensions for this product are 31.5 x 7.5. If you buy this product from our link you will get a discount of 8%. 


The Brand that has introduced this product in the market is Tony Hawk Skateboards. The Material used in the manufacturing of this board is Maple wood. The Item weight of this board is 3 Kilograms.

Best Features

  • Especially Designed for the teen ager who love arcades
  • Highly attractive designed
  • Stunning looks to look at


  • Specifically designed for a specific segment of the market and may not have a general acceptability in the market.

Tips To Get Best Longboards For Kids and Teens

No doubt we have presented you with the best list of longboards available for beginners in 2020. But still, I want you to know which features you need to check for your best purchase. It will not only boost your knowledge. Moreover will help you in selecting your own best longboard and will also make you confident enough about your choice. 

The topics so far discussed in this article are best teen longboard, best kids longboard, longboards for kids, longboards for teens and best longboards.

Here we want to discuss some additional tips for you so you can buy the best longboard for the kids and the teens. The most important of all is the safety of the kids. This is the reason that most care should be taken while giving the board to the kid.

Always understand that a kid who is less than five years of age is not suitable to ride on the board. It has been observed that the less the age of the kid the Higher is the chances that he will get hurt. 

If you want to buy your kid a board then you should know exactly what his or her position is. Always consider that if they are the new riders or they are the old riders choose the board which is according to their need.

If the kid is a new rider then you should not give them the professional board to ride. They will not be able to handle the profession board in the full capability. The result may be that they may fall down and may suffer. 

Appropriate boards are available in the market that are designed for the specific kids at the specific age even the boards that are specially made to assist girls especially the girls who have just started the board are suffering.. Therefore this is highly recommended that you should not buy the board that is not according to the age and the requirements of the kid.

Final words 

The number of children who want to ride on the board is increasing day by day. No doubt this is the most popular gadget that the kids want to have today. This is really a good thing because kids will not be involved in electronic gadgets anymore.

It brings them to life. This is the reason that we have written this article to introduce you to different products. Not only the products but this article also covers the appropriate points that you should consider while choosing a board for your kid. And definitely for any person who who is a beginner in this field.