10 Best Electric Longboards under $300

Longboarding is fun and exciting until you come across a problem with your cheap electric longboardLongboarding passion is getting common these days, especially among teens and kids. But adults are also fans of this hobby.

Therefore, the industry of longboards is expanding with every passing day. Because of this increase, the competition is getting different. It is quite tough to choose the right electric longboard according to your budget. Several brands are offering a wide variety of the best electric longboards under 300.

While you are confused about what to buy for your riding, we have tried our best to let you know about all the top picks under the budget of $300. Skating can get better with a good longboard. Not only it serves as a source of fun these days, but it can be transportation means in the future. So, what are you waiting for?

Get yourself ready for the fantastic guide because you are going to know about the most popular choices of electric longboards under $300. 

10 Best Electric longboards under $300 

It’s time to get yourself indulged in the most pleasing experience of longboarding. Following are the best choices of electric longboards under $300.

Leave all those outdated models for your electric longboards behind and go for quality cheap longboards with incredible features.

1. MiageekElectric Longboard 350W Motor Longboard: 


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An electric longboard is an ideal piece to make your passion more exciting. When it’s about buying an electric board but considering the budget, then Miageekelectric longboard is the right choice for the fans. It is a product of the latest technology. Its performance level is different because there is nothing to compete with. It is one of the best cheap electric longboards. 


Let’s start with the most promising feature of this fantastic longboard. The secret behind its popularity and demand is its deck which makes it prominent in the world of competitive longboards. The fine piece of art made up of 7-layer Canadian maple wood is its deck, which is the strength of this board. It’s not that heavy and costly, but durable enough to make your riding fun and safe. The reason why the board is reliable is the flexible and balanced deck. 

Now comes the grip tape. It is the board’s component that removes too early, but the grip tape of the Miageek electric board is firm. Although the grip tape is attached firmly, its wheels and tape are not so comfortable for the riders. This longboard’s performance is improved because of them; hence, they are considered a good part of this longboard. 

That’s not all! The 250W brushless motor hub is placed below the deck. The acceleration and high speed are the results of this incredible motor. 

People believe that if we search for useful qualities, we only get them at high prices. Whereas, this is just a misconception. Miageek electric longboard is proof that you can even get the best longboard under $300. 

This longboard can reach the max speed in a few minutes, which is truly unique at this price. You have the proper control and exceptional riding experience. You won’t face any mishaps because of its secure ride. 

The longboard is waterproof so that if you encounter a sudden and unexpected water splash, the motor doesn’t get expired. Not only this, but the Miageek longboard has some more surprises for you. There is a LED screen, and you have complete control through a remote, which has three-speed settings. If you are a newbie, go for the low setting, whereas, for experts, high is fun. 

It can cover 10miles per hour, isn’t it amazing? If you have a budget of $300, it is a better choice for an electric longboard with a variety of three different colors, including red, orange, and black. 

The drawback is too minor, which is the low speed and sometimes its weight, i.e., 7kg, disturbs the rider. 

2. Meepo V3: 


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A powerful electric longboard is always the right choice, and if it’s the best electric longboard under $300, then it is a blessing. Meepo V3 is a suitable longboard for all the riders because Meepo is the quality and perfect name. The brand knows how to satisfy the customers. In the world of different electric longboardsMeepo needs no intro. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro skater or a beginner; the brand has all the relatable products for you. 


Meepo V3 has incredible value in the electric longboard market because of the fantastic features it has. It looks like an exceptional electric board because of the black deck and shiny black wheels. The blend of black makes it more prominent and attractive. The ideal design is incomplete without a Meepo logo in the middle.  

The 96×22cm board has a deck made up of Canadian maple. The usage of maple wood leaves the deck of this board smooth enough to make you feel relaxed.  

Keeping you stable while riding with air is a purpose of Meepo V3, achieved with the perfect balance of materials.  

No one wants to experience jerkiness while riding the longboard. Hence Meepo V3 has ESC software to provide smooth and flexible acceleration and deceleration. This software also makes the board dustproof and water-resistant. It means you are allowed to ride on it in any weather without worrying about the changing conditions.  

The board features 1080watt power, which is good enough for ultra-high riding. The hills of 30% grade are smoothly handled by this board, making it the ideal choice. 

The best part! You can charge this board’s battery in just two hours, which can give you 11 miles range. 

A person of even 300 pounds can easily ride on it because it is a robust and stiff electric longboard. But when it comes to the board’s weight, it is a bit heavier with 16 pounds, well who cares if there are so many benefits. 

The cutout handle makes it easier to carry the board weight when not in use. You can quickly reach the top speed within a few minutes, which is thrilling for the skaters. The smooth brake lets you feel nothing while braking. 

To give you a pleasant riding experience, the Meepo V3 board has tried to satisfy you in every possible way within a reasonable budget too.  

A flexible deck, faster speed, smooth ride, and a durable board is what you need to begin your skating journey right now. Meepo V3 is affordable and the best longboard. Moreover, there are four-speed settings and a shock resistance feature to feel satisfied while buying this board. 

3. VOKUL V1 Electric Longboard Cruiser: 

best longboard

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Vokul V1 electric longboard is a popular pick among all other leading electric longboards. The solid construction and stiff building blocks are the reasons behind its increasing value. The value of this Vokul electric board is increasing every day in the affordable electric longboards market. Not only the performance but its looks are also promising. Roaming the streets is not enough when you are a trendy person, leaving a stunning impression with this well-designed and best electric longboard under $300.  


Black is most probably the favorite of all amongst all the colors. Vokul board features a slim and sleek black body to win the hearts of every viewer. 

Unlike all other leading boards, Vokul features a light carbon deck, which is why many people feel confused as they think the deck is not that durable. In reality, the lightweight carbon deck not only looks good but is stiff enough to provide you with a great riding experience.  The light and slim design allow the longboard to move faster.  

As you slide in the longboard, it will turn on automatically, and you are ready to ride. What about turning it off? You don’t need to do anything except riding like a free bird. It also turns off automatically when not in use, so that you don’t have to worry about anything while riding.  

The hub drive is responsible for the great turning and speeding, and to your surprise, the motor only moves one wheel. Don’t believe it? It is not noticeable after the adjustment is made, and a few minutes are gone. This saves power and makes your skating fun and better. 

The board lets you cover 10 miles, which is an excellent point to convince you. Moreover, the seven layers of Canadian maple wood, grey, suit every skater’s passion.  

Moreover, it has a Li-ion battery and a remote control having three different speed settings. The weight of this board is about 4.5kg and can hold up to 90kg. 

The board also comes with a six months warranty so that you feel satisfied when you buy it. Your favorite electric longboard, which is also affordable, will let you enjoy rides with fun. 

The only drawback is its speed, which a bit low at its max. 

4. Backfire G2 Black Upgrade Pick 


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Faster speed but an affordable and good-quality longboard is a blessing. G2 black is a well-known longboard that is suitable for all types of skaters. This board’s price is a bit higher than other electric longboards, under $300 but is still reasonable enough. Backfire was not so popular until the G2 black longboard launched.  


If you are looking for a decent and faster longboard, then this is the right choice. The different modes of speeding are to make the usage easier for both the beginners and the experts.  

G2 has a dual system in-hub motor, which is 350 watts each. Isn’t it enough for your exciting rides? Moreover, the battery’s choice is up to you, whether you choose the 5.0Ah or 6.0 Ah battery.  

The elegant and modest black deck design is appealing for all ages and both genders. Hence, we can say it is suitable for all longboards. You can reach 23 mAh on this glamourous board with both the batteries, so it is the best electric longboard for under $300. 

This board’s deck is of 8-ply maple wood and some customized stickers to make it more convincing. The weight of this longboard is about 15lbs, which is an ideal weight. The great flex and turning response are what every skater loves to experience.  

If you have planned to ride in the rugged areas, it is a correct and thrilling decision with the G2 blackboard because of its 96mm wheels. They provide a shock-resistant ride so that you don’t get disturbed while feeling every bump and obstacle.  

The smooth accelerations and decelerations let you ride freely. With the board comes a remote to help you control the longboard. You can set your riding mode easily with it.  

The motor is waterproof so that you don’t face frequent damages. Don’t worry about changing weather conditions because you can use this board anywhere anytime. The front truck is crash, and the back truck is new. It is a cool and useful longboard that too in a reasonable price range. Moreover, it also comes with a six months warranty to save you from inconvenience.  

Some heavier riders have complained about the high flex feature of this board. 

5. Maxfind Max C 


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When we talk about popular and reputed electric longboards, Maxfind is the name that comes to our mind, especially within a reasonable budget. Maxfind Max C is a worthy product to buy, no matter which type of skater you are. It is a perfect start for your longboarding journey. This mini cruiser is great for all riding types because it is reasonable and useful both simultaneously. 


Maxfind Max C is IP65 water-resistant longboard. As it is the best electric longboard under $300, it is ready to provide you with the best of its features. The waterproof nature gives a relaxed riding experience where you don’t need to worry about any of the sudden splashes.  

The length of this beauty is just 27inches, making it portable to be carried anywhere with you. The weight of this board is also lighter, which is around 7lbs only. This means you can take it with yourself whenever you go out. Keep it with you at work, school, college, park, anywhere.  

The compact size of such best cheap electric longboards is the reason for their popularity. When it’s not in use, it takes a smaller space. Whereas in use, it does wonders with the help of gravity.  

The hub motor of Maxfind max C is of 500W, is so powerful, with a 2.2 lithium-ion battery. To your surprise, the battery charges completely in just 80 minutes, isn’t it amazing? The max speed of this board is around 12 mph. 

To make your riding experience fun and thrill, especially when it is about night riding, the board has an LED head and taillights.  

Max C electric longboard can hold a person of weight 170lbs so that any teen and kid can enjoy the ride’s excitement.  

The fantastic electric longboard’s great brake system is to provide all the beginners with a safe beginning. It comes with a remote control so that you can easily control the board while riding on it. You can be well-aware of the battery life because it is shown on the remote control. 

6. Swagtron Swag board NG-1 


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Swagtron swag board is not only a name but a brand that promises good quality and faster board. Being the best electric longboard under $300, it has all the needed features for the skaters. Despite its flawless look, the performance level is also higher. Swagtron always provides the riders with the best option at a reasonable price too. Swag board Ng1 is one of those well-designed and high performing longboards. 


The sharper and cleaner look of this fantastic longboard is worth buying. Not only it captures the heart of children but targets teens too. It can hold up to 178lbs, which is enough. The sturdy and durable deck is of maple wood. This electric longboard has a perfect grip tape, which is not easily removable.  

The 24V li-ion FE battery is to provide you with a better riding experience. Because of this battery, the energy efficiency is improved so that the buyer feels satisfied.  The batteries are also sealed to avoid frequent damages and mishaps. You can ride for about 10 miles with a speed of 11mph. With a sleek and elegant design, this bad boy has a powerful motor to do wonders for you. 

To make your rides more manageable and exciting, the board has a LED remote control to adjust speeding, braking, and cruising type. Your board and your ride are under control with this tiny remote as it also shows the battery condition. There is a waist belt for the safety of that small remote control, hence no worries of losing the remote and the control over the board. 

The battery needs 3 hours to be charged ultimately, which might be a concerned point but can be easily ignored compared to this board’s useful features.  

Moreover, it also features polyurethane wheels for a smooth and faster ride so that you can commute without any hassles. You will never regret your decision of buying a Swagtronswag board Ng1  because of the fantastic features and the smooth ride. You are all set to enjoy your next skating journey with this beauty, which will not even cost you a significant amount; what else you want? 

7. LiftBoard Single Motor 

SkatroMini Cruiser Longboard  

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The striking look of an electric longboard is what every skater craves. The decent look and a high-performance level are the secrets behind the success of any cheap longboards. Liftboard single motor electric longboard is a perfect choice for both beginners and pros. 


Now, let’s discuss its unique features to know why it is right for you. The length of the Lift board electric longboard is about 39inches. Not only is it the best electric longboard for under $300, but the features are also promising. The length is perfect for enough balance so that you don’t need to worry while riding on it. 

If you are a black lover, this is perfect for you because this board’s complete black look will leave you astonished. Moreover, the 7-layer maple wood deck with a touch of black is something beyond amazing. Despite its striking look, the sturdiness of the deck never let you regret your decision to buy this beauty. 

To amaze you more, the best part of this fantastic electric longboard is that it can handle up to 265lbs, which means even an adult can ride on it. This feature is not offered by every longboard, which makes it different from others. 

The motor of the lift board is belt-driven. It has the power of about 900W, which is too good. As it is not a hub motor but a belt-driven motor, it is durable and safe. The lithium-ion battery is used to power the motor with 8.6Ah 21.6V. The battery can take up to 4 hours to be charged entirely, but the lasting is fantastic. 

Not only this, but the board also offers a max speed of 16mph, isn’t it incredible? Moreover, you can reach a range of 16miles. Climbing hills of the 15% grade is fun with this board because of its well-powered motor.  

If you continue loving your electric longboard, then don’t leave it anywhere because the Liftboard has an easy-to-carry handle grip, which makes it highly portable.  

The Liftboard is the best electric longboard for under $300, which features a remote for easy controlling. So, you are free to do anything and go anywhere without any worries when you ride on it.  

The drawback of using this board with a belt-driven motor is that the belt can sometimes get loosened or snapped. 

8. Hiboy S11 Electric Longboard 

Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard Review

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If you are not so experienced or a beginner, don’t waste a lot of your money on the expensive longboard; instead, go for the Hiboy S11. It is an excellent choice for the riders because it suits both the kids and adults. The lucrative price tag is something that you are satisfied with. It is one of the best electric longboards in the market these days. 


With its neon details appealing for the kids but not so decent for the adults, we can’t say it is not suitable. The fantastic performance is what makes it our top choice. If you are new to the longboarding hobby, then nothing can be better than Hiboy S11. 

The Hiboy S11 electric longboard features different speeding modes to suit various types of riders. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a pro; Hiboy S11 knows how to handle it. 

With its great hub motors, it can reach up to 12.6 miles per hour.  

The slim, sleek design of Hiboy S11 attracts the skaters, and it only weighs 7.94 pounds. Hence, it is the portable choice for the fans of such longboards to take it anywhere with them. Not only is it lightweight, but the length is also compact, which is 29inches. You can think of it as a perfect and affordable longboarding solution.  

That’s not all! It comes with a 12-month warranty to avoid inconvenience for the users.  

The faster speed and well-performing nature make it our popular pick. It also offers a regenerative braking system, which is a blessing at this price. Not only this, but you can control over four different speeds to get the desired thrill of longboarding. 

The drawback is that it only reaches 6.5 miles with a single charge, but it is suitable for the kids to have some fun. Moreover, you don’t indicate low battery power, which can be a problem for some people. 

9. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Longboard 

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When it comes to well-performance and well-designed electric longboards, Phoenix ryders makes sure to offer the best electric longboard under $300 . The dual-motor feature makes it more useful and different from other electric longboards in the market. 


The 83mm brushless dual motor of these boards is the reason behind its popularity. Each motor has a power of about 350W; it means enough power to make your ride extreme. With this much power, you can reach up to a speed of 12mph. 29.4 lithium battery is used to operate the motors so that you can enjoy 12 miles of range.  

The dual-motor feature not only makes the board faster and better but also lets you enjoy climbing. You can have fun with the angles of about 15 degrees while climbing, isn’t it exciting? 

The board has a reliable and robust deck made up of 6-ply maple wood and a single layer of bamboo to provide you with the best and stiff board. The comfort and sturdiness level matters the most when it’s about serious longboarding. Hence you don’t have to ignore them when you are buying Alouette phoenix ryders electric longboard. 

When we talk about the Ryder weight, it can carry a person of 220lbs. Therefore, if you are a heavier rider, you still don’t have to worry about this board. If the rider is slightly heavier than the specific limit, the board can even manage to reach the expected speed level. 

Phoenix ryders have made this product to support both the beginners and the expert riders so that you can start and carry on your passion with a single board.  

Moreover, it also comes with a wireless remote control to adjust speed settings, directions, and braking to avoid inconvenience. 

The battery of this excellent longboard can charge in just two hours, which is not too much.  

The only complaint we have heard multiple times is that it doesn’t last long. However, it also depends on the usage. 

10. BlitZart Tornado 38” Electric Longboard 

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With the lucrative price tag and the incredible performance range, Blitzart tornado electric longboard has both. If you are looking for a comfortable, smoother, and durable best electric longboard under $300, this is for you. Thanks to Blitzart for making this board trendy and useful. 


The length of this classic and ideal longboard is about 38inches, which is the perfect length for any rider. 

Tornado has an incredible deck because it has six maple wood layers with two bottom and top bamboo layers to add more smoothness and durability. The deck is concave, so if you are a newbie, you don’t face slipping. 

There is an exceptional grip tape to avoid traction while longboarding. The tape doesn’t peel off easily. 

With various color choices, this reliable board is ready to hold 250lbs, so what are you waiting for? Grab your hands on this stunning longboard and enjoy longboarding 

The hub motor of the Blitzart tornado is of 360W with a lithium-ion battery of 36V and 4Ah. You can ride freely over 10 miles with a speed of about 17mph, and this is the thrilling speed you wanted. 

That’s not all! It also features a regenerative braking system and polyurethane wheels, which offer better and safe rides. Moreover, your skating is noiseless, so you are all happy and satisfied with the Blitzart tornado. 

The only problem is it’s not such an appealing design. 

Final Verdict 

Don’t waste your time and money on those expensive longboards when you don’t even know how to utilize them. An affordable but well-performing longboard can do wonders for you because price doesn’t dictate features. A suitable and best electric longboard under $300 is what you may need. Hence, get an idea with our helpful guide of great and fantastic electric longboards so that you can find the best according to your rider level and requirements.