Revised Segway Review: Swagway X1 Genuine Review In 2021

Hover boards are the trendiest gadgets accessible today. Even though hoverboards got banned in many countries back in twenty nineteen, people who have loved to ride them never left the side of them and kept looking for better versions. As technology advanced and competition increased, various brands are catering hover boards, and it has become a challenge to select the best.

The Swagway X2 hoverboards are getting the highest ratings from all the hoverboards enthusiasts due to their price range and features. The manufacturer has used state of the art technology to make Swagway X2, which provides the best safety measures.

Now, let’s discuss Swagway X2 review to see why Swagway X2 is getting so much attention and is voted the best amongst other hoverboards.

Details of SwagwayX2 Hoverboard

The brand which launched Swagway X2 is Swagtron. The company has made the body of SwagwayX1 of an aluminum alloy frame, and it weighs twenty-four pounds. The size of the wheels is sixteen centimeters.

Key Features


  1. Distance: 20 miles approx.
  2. Segway Hover Board Speed: 10 mph
  3. Charge Time: 1-2 hours
  4. Battery: High-quality lithium battery
  5. Max Load: 250 lbs.
  6. Weight: 26.5 lbs.
  7. Bluetooth enabled – Change modes and play music during rides via the app & speakers
  8. Powerful performance – 150W dual motors
  9. Suitable for all riders- carries riders between 44 – 220 lbs.
  10. Durability – UL-approved materials & 6.5″ hard rubber tires ensure smooth rides

Colors of Swagway X2Hover board

The colors in which SwagwayX1 is available in White, Red, Pink, Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Dark Red.

What Is the Weight Limit of SwagwayX1 Hover board?

The weight limit of SwagwayX1 is 222lbs. Along with the weight limit, it also depends on where you drive the SwagwayX1. Riders of SwagwayX1 should strictly follow the weight guidelines to avoid any accidents.

What Is the Range of SwagwayX1 Hoverboard?

The average range of a fully charged SwagwayX1 is twenty miles, but it depends on the track.

What Is the Maximum Speed of SwagwayX1 Hoverboard?

The maximum speed of fully charged SwagwayX1 is Sixteen kilometers per hour.

Battery of SwagwayX1

The SwagwayX1 comes with a high power lithium battery. The hoverboard SwagwayX1 has LED lights on it to show the percentage of charge left.

What accessories come with the SwagwayX1 Hoverboard?

The neat SwagwayX1 hover board box contains a hover board. It includes an AC charging adaptor, protection strips for the hover board’s wheels to protect them from scratches, and a manual that explains all the features of the SwagwayX1. There is a DVD in the box too, which explains everything step-by-step. 

Does SwagwayX1 Hover Board Have a Warranty?

The SwagwayX1 hover board of Swagtron comes with one to two years’ warranty from the date of purchase.

What Makes SwagwayX1 Hover Board Safe?

The recent explosions of hover boards from different companies have made hover board riders fearful of the blast. But the SwagwayX1 hover board from Swagtron is entirely safe. The SwagwayX1 hoverboard went through multiple experiments before its final release. The promise of safety for hoverboard riders from Swagway is not just words but truth because of its advanced technology. It is safe to use as the SwagwayX1 comes with a UL certified charger, which excludes the explosion risk. The hover board has a built-in SentrySheid UL 2271 Battery. The SwagwayX1 hover board also has multiple layers to protect it from catching fire and exploding. The purpose of UL battery solves all doubts regarding the explosion as UL is a certification that verifies that the company has made this hover board to be safe from explosion.


Swagway X1


How helpful is SwagwayHover board manual?

The Swagwayhover board manual describes every safety measure, along with rules and features, to follow for a safe and memorable ride. The best hover board in the market is SwagwayX1 and SwagwayX2 by Swagtron because of the easy-to-understand manual and safety features.

How to Ride SwagwayX1 Hover board?

The manual has all the details to ride the hover board. The hover board SwagwayX1 has this fantastic feature in which new riders can turn on the learning mode to decrease the risk of accidents and more safety. This learning model feature helps kids to ride the SwagwayX1 hover board easily too.

Is SwagwayX1 Hover Board Worth the Price?

Multiple companies are selling a vast range of hover boards. But when it comes to the SwagwayX1 hover board, it is worth every penny because it comes with safety measures and is extremely safe to ride with no danger of explosion. When we look around the market, the features SwagwayX1 have come under the affordable range with outstanding features in this range. SwagwayX1 is the only hover board in the market with all the latest features at the best rates. 

Due to its worth and unique features, it has got so much popularity that everyone wants to own a hover board from the brand Swagtron. All the other multiple featured hover boards are quite expensive except the wonderful SwagwayX1. Every penny spent on this brand is worth it. If you cannot afford to pay full price, then wait for the sales to get your hands on SwagwayX1 instead of buying cheap hover boards, which can be life-threatening. The affordable SwagwayX1 hover board beats all the high-end brands and is the best value for your hard-earned money.

Best Features of SwagwayX1 Hover board.

  1. The weight of the Swagway X1 hover board by Swagtron is very appropriate according to its use that young hover board riders can drive it quickly on any track without any fear of falling.
  2. The Swagway X1 hover board has all amusing features like any other high-end brand hover board, so it’s the best investment. The SwagwayX1 is exclusive in its way. It is affordable that one can buy three hover boards at the price of one high-end hover board.
  3. The SwagwayX1 hover board comes with a year or two years’ warranty from the date of purchase. It keeps the hover board owner relaxed while riding as all damages can be recovered from the company. The company can cover any defect or accident within the warranty dates.
  4. The best thing about the Swagtron company is that it also allows the customer to buy extended warranty years of the product, which keeps the customer at ease for maintaining the product. It also marks the product’s worth, and the resale of the product is good, too, without much loss.
  5. The SwagwayX1 hover boards are UL certified, so it does not risk explosions and catching fire, which keeps the rider carefree and makes him enjoy the ride.
  6. The SwagwayX1 hover board comes with a high-end battery to maintain its exclusivity of being explosion-free.

What Are the Disadvantages of SwagwayX1 Hover Board?

There are no such disadvantages of the SwagwayX1 hover board, which are reviewed by any customer until now. But the only complaint is that it goes out of stock very quickly due to high demand and all colors are not available everywhere. Also, not every website keeps the inventory of these hover boards.

Now that you reached till the end of the Swagway X2 Review, you must know how great this Swagway X1 and 2 hover boards are! Why are you waiting? We have given you the idea of where to spend your savings for a memorable ride and experience!