Skywalker Hoverboard Review 2021

If you are from Australia then this must not be a new name for you. The Skywalker is a renowned name of Australia.

After the huge success in the home country Australia. The Skywalker has started to find international markets. If you are an international buyer. Then this is the best time to look for the Skywalker review.

Let’s see and find out how this skywalker hoverboard performed in our review.

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Skywalker is a renowned name in personal electronics transportation. Its repetition is based on three different pillars.

  • The skywalker is known to make eco-friendly products.
  • They are also known to use the best quality material in their products
  • They’re also known to provide the longest warranty time period with their products

The skywalker product range is not limited to our boats; they also produce electric bikes and cars.

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The first look and impression of the skywalker Hoverboards is really impressive.

  • S4s the power of the power board is concerned this can easily beat many of its competitors very well
  • as for as the security of the hoverboard is concerned this is a waterproof Hoverboard board
  • The charging time is also great among competitors. Condamine of charging time it again beats its multiple competitors.
  • No doubt the price is high. In comparison to the features, this is truly not an expensive deal to make.

The Product Package

The product package is quite standard and is not full of surprises for you. It contains quite standard products for the hoverboard product package.

The product package contains

  • The hoverboard itself
  • A charging cable and adaptor for the charging purposes
  • The user manual to use the product as per the instructions.

Product features and descriptions for skywalker hoverboard


This skywalker board is completely equipped with modern day technology for the batteries. The battery is advanced and is a 36 volt lithium ion battery.

The charging is not time taking. It will only take 120 minutes to charge the battery fully. This is the reason that it will not bother you much to charge the battery.

In terms of the battery and the charging, this is completely a safe product to use.

Weight carrying capacity

As far as the weight carrying capacity is concerned this skywalker board can easily beat its competitors. Maybe not from a very big margin even then it is quite aggressive. The exact weight carrying capacity is 240 pounds.

The weight of the hoverboard

Some visitors may think that as the weight carrying capacity of the board is quite impressive it must be a heavy board itself. Quite surprisingly this is not true. The weight of this hoverboard is only 12kgs.

Top speed

The top speed of the board is quite impressive. I must say that this is not only impressive but also quite dangerous.

The rider can easily ride on this board with a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

This is really a dangerous speed. Therefore while you are riding on this board you should wear proper safety gadgets.

Distance range

The distance range for this sky water scooter easily builds its competitors. While you are on this board and it is fully charged you can easily ride on this board for 20 kilometers.

But be informed that the range of the distance directly depends on the speed of the board. The faster you drive your board more battery will be consumed and less distance will be covered.

Warranty period

The warranty brings peace of mind to the customers. This piece of mind is associated with this product. The total time period of the warranty is 365 days. This means that for a complete one year you can use this product risk free.

The availability of the variety

It provides multiple varieties in terms of this board. This is the reason that the user is not limited to buy only the standard product offered by the company. The user can buy the product as per his own choice. This product is available in multiple colours. This is good news for you as you can easily choose the colour which you like the most.

Colour is not the only thing you can choose as per your own choice. The second thank you can select while purchasing this board is the size of the board. This hoverboard comes into different variants as far as the size of the board is concerned. The one is 6.5 inches and the second is 8.5 inches.

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  • The quality of the product is exceptionally well
  • The top speed is very impressive
  • the distance it can cover is also very impressive
  • The charging time is very low
  • You can buy as per your own choice in terms of the size
  • Charges are higher that the product is available in your desired colour
  • This can run even on the of road surfaces
  • The product is safe to ride
  • It has a safety certification
  • It comes with the warranty of one year


  • If you want to control the board with your mobile then this is not possible.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is not available
Final Words
The only drawback in this product is that it lacks Bluetooth connectivity. As far as the other things are concerned. This is really an impressive product to have. This is really a second to none product in terms of all other parameters. Like if we consider the top speed it is really very impressive. If we consider the charging time this is surprisingly low. If we consider the distance of this product to Canterbury city again this is impressive. If you are looking for an entry level hoverboard then this product must be in your consideration list.