Best Affordable Cheap Longboard in 2021

Are you a fan of longboarding but worried about those expensive longboards? Then, you are in the right spot. Longboarding is a passion that is too energetic and joyful. This exciting hobby is getting popular with every passing day. You might be feeling desperate to get started with your passion, but the expensive rates of longboards might be stopping you.  

Several beginners have this concept that they can’t begin with a longboard cheap or they can’t progress. Whereas, buying the best affordable longboard is a wise decision, especially for the newbies. 

It is good to consider buying a quality board for riding, but if we get a cool, affordable longboard, why dive into the variety of expensive ones? We are not talking about the disposable or plastic longboards that last for a few minutes. But we are here to guide all the serious longboarders with a great list of cheap but quality longboards. 

What Makes a Good Longboard? 

Before we dive into which cheap board is better, we should know about the factors that make a useful board. 

  • Its parts include the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape. 
  • Good quality  
  • Interaction between all the parts 
  • How are they assembled? 

These factors mentioned above tell us whether the board we are going to buy is good for us or not? Generally, the price of a good, but the best affordable longboard falls in the range of $40 to $60. For the sake of price, we are not asking you to buy those that sit in the corner of your room for the rest of your life. Instead, buy the best cheap longboards which serve as a thrilling skater.  

Best Affordable Cheap Longboard 2021: 

These best budget longboards might not be out of the world boards, but they are good enough to provide you with an incredible longboarding experience. We do not suggest you buy a poor-quality board, but a reasonable one to make your start much better and affordable. 

15. Quest Super Cruiser BambooLongboard 

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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With a fantastic design, a super cruiser is one of the best budget longboards. The secret behind its glossy texture and gorgeous design is the excellent combination of hardwood maple and bamboo. If you are searching for a cheap but professional longboard then, it is suitable for you. 


The longer length can be a benefit for the skaters, which is about 44 inches. It is excellent for the new skaters, as its size is more than the standard one. It is a balanced option that works well, even for a kid and a person of 230lbs. This shows how sturdy this exceptional longboard is. 

Optimum quality wheels and trucks are the best features of this longboard. Super cruiser not only helps to perform well but has a unique artisan deck with a shiny look. Even with a long time of usage, it stays the same. In this affordable range, it is a blessing to have this durable and well-designed longboard. 

This masterpiece is not a work of several parties, but only a quest, most of the time. What is so different when they are by inquiry mostly? The difference is the perfect handling and quality assurance when it is by quest only. Being a top performer, the quest super cruiser is suitable for all the beginners and pro riders because of the excellent turn response and smooth rides. 

The only drawback is the removal of trucks to get rid of the plastic covering.  

14. RetrospecZed Bamboo Longboard 

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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Retrospec is a name but a promise of providing the best longboards for sale for passionate skaters. It is now in Los Angles but originated in Hawaii. The brand knows how to satisfy the riders since the 1950s. In extremely reasonable price ranges, the brand provides the riders with the top-notch quality best affordable longboard. Among other exceptional boards by them, the Retrospec zed bamboo longboard is something worth trying. 


The attractive design touches the Californian heart and is one of the best affordable longboardsComfortable and smooth cruising is fun with this best cheap longboard. For speedy riders, it is the right choice. Made up of 8 ply maple wood and bamboo, the deck is so unique. 

The size of this fantastic longboard is 44 inches, which is the reason behind the perfect balance. ABEC 7 bearings, aluminum trucks of 7 inches are another most beneficial feature of these best cheap longboards. It is ready to go longboard, which is also easily maneuvered.  

It features fast riding but has a good grip so that the skater can enjoy every turn. It is excellent for beginners because of the smoother glides, speed accuracy, better turns, quality parts, etc. 

The truck may need some adjustments, which is the only drawback. Get your hands on this best affordable longboard now and enjoy longboarding 

13. Quest Tribes Pin Kick TailLongboard

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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What works well for the person weighing 250lbs? Quest tribes pin kicktail longboard is suitable for such individuals because of the reliable nature and construction. For adult skaters, the size of this board is accurate enough to provide them with balance,  


The cheap longboard package you receive is ready to use, which means it is all assembled; pick it out and ride freely. It has an excellent and smooth-riding feature with perfect turn response to not fall while turning. Your cruising experience will be much better with this longboard. 

You only have to perform a few things to get started, which is fantastic. Trucks come tight enough, so you might need to adjust them before you begin riding on the longboard 

The bearings are good enough for your faster skating, but if you face obstacles in the way you ride, then go for the red bearing to enter a whole new world with this fantastic quest tribes pin kicktail longboard. 

What about having no bite wheel? Yes, your favorite board has an anti-bite wheel because of the decent elevation. Don’t bend the deck too much on a single side to enjoy this feature for long. 

This best affordable longboard not only fulfills your riding requirements but saves enough of your money to get a good start for skating.  

Sturdy manufacturing, soft wheels, and durable board are the secrets behind its popularity. It also features a unique design and graphics. With the help of this board, you can quickly and smoothly ride whenever you want, even if you are a beginner. 

The problem that may irritate you is the need to remove trucks and spacers to remove the plastic wrap. 

12. SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Assembled CompleteLongboard 

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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Finding good quality best budget longboards set is one of the daunting tasks? SCSK8 natural black and the stained assembled complete longboard are the most suitable set for beginners and experts. Its unique features show how well it performs and looks at the same time. 


What if you love to have a longboard according to your gender? This longboard fits both genders because of its classic and elegant design.  

The 7-ply deck is what we look for in the best affordable longboard. The SCSK8 longboard deck is of maple wood, which is one of the best deck materials.  

Moreover, there are two available sizes, 40×9 inches and 44×10inches. ABEC 5 bearings and 70mm wheel make your rides smoother than before. It also has aluminum trucks so that the board remains durable.  

Its design is a kind of evergreen art, which never gets old so that you can use it for a long time. The reason behind its sturdy construction is the right quality hardware. 

The only drawback is that the longboard’s wheels may peel off. 

11. SkatroMini Cruiser Longboard

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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Skatro has so many fans, including me, for years. No doubt their best budget longboards are so attractive. The new limited longboard edition is also worth buying. Buying a mini-cruiser by Skatro is one of the most beneficial decision 


It is a valuable and best affordable longboard, but a quality product to give a try. Do you know about its gold trucks? They are lighter in weight to make your riding fun and comfortable. Skatro has the best thing, which is its flexy technology. 

It also features 59mm wheels, ABEC 7 bearing, and flexible trucks to make you ride differently. The board flex depends on the quality components and measurements. Hence, the Skatro board has all the factors to increase the value of it. 

To your surprise, you are not only getting a fantastic longboard but a warranty from the manufacturer and a matching color T-tool, so that you feel satisfied to buy this board. The T-tool costs around $10 only.  

Considering budget and passion simultaneously, it’s challenging but not impossible; you can still get a quality longboard. You can use it on the bus, train, subway, etc. Moreover, it can hold up to 220lbs. This longboarding is extremely compact because of its lighter weight and size. You will love to use it because of its quiet rides. 

The drawback of using this board is that you can’t find different colored wheels to satisfy your desires. Instead, you will need to look for other longboards for sale. Furthermore, the flex technology may disturb your balance sometimes. Don’t go for rocky surfaces while using a mini-cruiser, as you will not experience a smooth ride then. 

10. Volador42inch Freeride Longboard

Volador42inch Freeride Longboard

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Want to begin your freeriding with a simple beginner board? Try it with Volador freeride longboard, which is the best affordable longboard these days. Your particular freeriding can be done with this board quickly without any need to master the riding thrill. You don’t have to do anything to enjoy the best of this longboard 


Does moving from point A to B makes you feel scared as a newbie? It would then help if you tried using the Volador longboard because it knows how to help out a beginner. Your basic tricks can be much more fun with it. The perfect balance makes it easier for new learners to learn how to ride efficiently. With this best affordable longboard, you will not only move freely from one point to another, but you will also perform basic tricks excitedly. 

The deck is different from other best longboard brands because it features a shock-absorbent surface. The 8-ply hardwood maple wood is the right material for any incredible deck. The max capacity of weight over the deck is 250lbs, which is more than enough, so it doesn’t matter if you are healthy. 

This deck is highly durable and sturdy, which makes this longboard so unique and long-lasting.  

Unlike other standard longboardsVolador has a vibrant and attractive range of different designs that are too cool to ignore. 

The wheel size is standard, making this board suitable for all.  

Want to get the best grip and pace? Volador allows you to enjoy all this because of the 78A durometer. If you love to ride on the rocky surfaces and roads full of obstacles, then these boards are for you. You can tighten the trucks if you want; otherwise, it is all assembled, so you can start riding just after receiving it. 

It is the best and high-quality longboard at such an affordable price, especially for the beginner to ride smoothly and perfectly. Right wheel, truck quality, and turning response make it more demanding.  

It has an exceptional variety of various designs and is lightweight to be used as a fun piece.  

After so many unique features, it is hard to focus on the drawback, but its white wheels are the only drawback. If you are a cleanliness freak, then the dirty look after sometimes might make you upset. 

9. Atom Drop-DeckLongboard 

Atom Drop-DeckLongboard 

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Atom is the name of the brand, which is top-notch quality. The brand is not new but is well-known in the industry of best budget longboards. They are not only making longboards for fun and money; they know how to deliver quality and perfection. Their longboards are worth buying. 41inch drop deck modes longboard by the Atom is something unique among other standard longboards. These are durable enough to provide you with long-term fun. 


The look of this fantastic best affordable longboard is so satisfying, especially for the ones who have decent choices. This Atom drop deck longboard design is a balanced option as it’s not fancy and not dull. The elegant, simple look and sturdy construction make the experience of all the beginners thrilling but safe. 

To your surprise, the person with 220lbs can excitedly ride on this board, but even a 300lbs person can utilize it in a significant way because of the strong deck. Well, the official limit of weight is better to consider. It suits all the riders of different heights, be it tall or short.  

The performance of this longboard cheap is exceptional, so we can’t have any doubts. It is vital for newbies to get a board with fantastic grip, balance, tuning stability, and much more so that the new learners don’t face any mishaps. Atom drop deck board provides you with all. Grippy wheels, durability, and long-term usage is the best part of this board. 

You can debate some things, like bushing, trucks, wheels, but still, it is preferred to have this fantastic longboard to increase your fun while riding freely. As compared to Volador freeride, the Atom drop deck is the best affordable longboard option.  

8. Sector 9 ApertureLongboard 

Sector 9 ApertureLongboard 

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If you are seeking some sort of thrilling options for your new riding experience, then sector 9 Aperture longboard is the right choice for you.  


The length of this beauty is about 36×9 inches, which is good enough to provide comfort and ease to ride on it.  

Do you enjoy going downhill with a speedy ride? Sector 9 aperture longboard lets you enjoy your ride in whatever way you like. The balance remains the same, and you are stable even while going downhill, which is the best part of this affordable longboard. 

Keep your feet rooted and relaxed on the board and get the thrill of speedy rides. With this Sector 9 longboard, you are free to ride in the best possible way. Your tricky turns and fast skating will be much better.  

The measurements are stunning, too, like the wheels are of 69mm80A 9 balls, ABEC 5 bearings, and gullwing sidewinder trucks; what else you want at this fantastic price? 

This longboard lets you experience the fun and excitement of this hobby. The grippy wheels and smooth rides with a wise turn look so cool and attractive with the camera lens. Hence, what are you waiting for? Sector 9 is just there for you as a rider friend.  

If you are 13 or above, this best affordable longboard suits you well. Moreover, its impressive graphics and designs make you buy it without any doubt.  

Smooth carving while high speeding requires a flat aerodynamic structure, which is present in this longboard. If you want to enjoy long rides, try pumping as it is the best affordable longboard for both beginners and professionals.  

Some of its points are a bit disappointing. It has larger wheels, and the trucks are double-edged sword ones.  

7. YocaherSpeed Drop Down Longboard 

YocaherSpeed Drop Down Longboard

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Professional riders are a big fan of economical and worthy longboards. Hence Yocaher speed drop down longboard is something you can’t miss. This decent and quality board is suitable for all, be it a beginner or expert, anyone can enjoy his ride with it. Its flex and features are enough to easily convince any rider because Yocaher is one of the best longboard brands. 


The money you are spending on the Yocaher speed drop-down longboard will be your big win as this board is a long-lasting product. It features quality components and smooth-riding technology. The silent, fast speed skating is a blessing.  

There is a black grip tape over the front, showing how durable this longboard is. If you are thinking of this tape as a peel-off showcasing addition only, then you are wrong. This won’t come out quickly like other tapes. You will see this tape for a long, adding good durability to your board.  

The deck of this fantastic longboard is made up of 41inch, 9-ply maple wood so that the deck stays stronger. The stable and durable nature of the deck can easily hold 250lbs. If you are riding long-distance, then nothing is better than a Yocaher longboard, which is affordable and reliable at the same time.  

It doesn’t matter to whatever age group you belong to; this best affordable longboard is made for all because of its useful features. Small hills and rocky surfaces are even fun with this fantastic longboard. 

The turning response is worth appreciating because the grip is exceptional. The wheels are above our expectations and are of high-quality, which makes Yocaher longboard the best of all. Get any color of your choice to add an exciting look. Moreover, if it’s raining or snow falling in your area, no worries, you can still ride on this board, isn’t it surprising? 

It is assembled to save your energy, allowing you to be ready to ride anytime—all you need to loosen the trucks if you are planning for sharp turns. 

The only drawback is the bearing, which you might have to change. 

6. Minority Downhill MapleLongboard 

Minority Downhill MapleLongboard 

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It’s time for the best but inexpensive longboard purchase. Minority downhill maple longboard ensures quality and durability because of the perfect construction of it. It is the ultimate solution to all your problems about the start of your passion, skating. 


Have you ever heard of longboard engineering? If you want to see the masterpiece, then the minority downhill maple longboard is the one. The length of this board is about 40inches with a weight of almost 7.5 pounds.  

The Minority board is an outclass downhill drop model for various tricks, being different and unique from other best budget longboards. Going downhill on a longboard is quite challenging, especially when it comes to stability. This board is excellent for such moves. If you love going downhill and speedy rides, then this is for you. Its construction is low gravity and specially designed to make your rides thrilling.  

When it comes to looks, the Minority longboard is a unique and impressive product. The design is from Atlantic areas. It represents the talent with a vintage look.  

Do you want to know about the incredible deck of this longboard? Here is the surprising thing to know about. The deck of this longboard is of 8-ply maple hardwood, but what is so different? The workers cold press it at first to ensure strength and durability. It is suitable for a person weighing 220lbs.  

Not only the sturdy construction and making, but the symmetrical shape is also attractive. The shape is responsible for anti-bit wheels. Relax as there will be no wheel bites from any angle. The trucks are 7-inch, and for more benefits, it has a carbon steel axle to make it different and useful. You can adjust the angle of this longboard from 5 to 50 degrees so that you can enjoy versatile riding with your favorite longboard. 

The smoothness of this fantastic longboard is the result of 70×51mm wheels and ABEC-9 bearings. Within three power paddles, you are allowed to enjoy the faster ride with grippy responses. To make you feel more amazed, the Minority longboard consists of all eco-friendly components. Its wheels are soft but tough and sturdy to handle hardness. Hence, get ready for the powerful ride and have fun. 

The deck seems to be a bit disappointing because it is more comprehensive for some riders. 

5. KrownFreestyle Elite 

KrownFreestyle Elite 

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The purpose of Krwon’s beginning as a skateboard manufacturer was to provide the new learners and the pros with the best affordable longboard. This happened twenty years ago. For more than two decades, they are doing their best to serve passionate riders and newbies with cheap but quality longboards 


Under eighty dollars, you can get Krown freestyle elite with exceptional features. This is more than a blessing. The design and performance are worth every penny you spend on it. To master the skating skills, owning Krown freestyle elite is the best idea. The sturdy and elegant longboard can make your riding many times better, and if it’s your beginning, nothing can be more useful than this for you. 

The deck of this best affordable longboard is durable enough for any rider, be it a newbie or expert. All your requirements are fulfilled when you buy Krown longboard. Carving streets, racing downhill, and playing tricks is fun and exciting with this longboard. 

The freestyle wheel is the secret behind the smooth and speedy riding. This longboard has all the qualities you look for when buying the best affordable longboard. The deck is reliable and durable, plus it is shock absorbent. The board is always ready for the unexpected bumps and rocks on the road. Moreover, the design and wheels provide you with an incredible riding experience for eighty dollars; you are buying the best skateboard, which you can’t find anywhere else. Your longboarding passion will be an exciting hobby with this good longboard. The freestyle elite can cope with all the boarding issues so that you can get the best out of it. 

Not a big issue, but the bearings need some attention, and this is the only drawback. 

4. YocaherLowrider Longboard 

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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Yocaher is an old brand holding trust of a lot of skaters, even from the nineties. The brand is well-aware of making longboards and how to tackle the customer needs. This brand is in the hearts of skaters; hence they always try to create something new for the beginners and pros. 


Because Yocaher has no bricks or outlets for longboards on sale, they only make their products in the USA. They have worked hard on the digital revolution and the improvement of longboards. Their online working has made them different and easily reachable for all. 

This lowrider Yocaher can fit all the needs of skaters, be it downhill or speed racing. The 9-ply maple wood is the reason behind the stiffness and sturdiness of the drop deck. The longboard’s height is less than other longboards and is near the ground, which makes it easier for the skater to ride smoothly.  

Even after hitting mountain rocks and downhill obstacles, your favorite Yocaher lowrider will look completely fine. Isn’t it amazing? Your best affordable longboard will be going to last for so long that you will be amazed. Without even pausing for a minute, this longboard will do everything from strong carves to speedy races.  

Even the steepest slopes are fun when you ride on the Yocaher lowrider. Its aluminum trucks let you get all the benefits.  

This longboard is light and easily controllable. Low-rider lets the newbies learn faster and better. 

The price will surprise you because there are so many features to make all the skaters happy. Switching between roads and hills is more comfortable with this longboard. The rigid construction of lowrider will not let it leave you even for years.  

There is some work needed on the bearings. Moreover, it might be average for some of the severe and expert riders. 

3. Playshion39inch Freestyle Longboard 

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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A flexible and robust longboard is the secret behind enjoyable and thrilling riding. Playshion freestyle longboard has some useful features for all the skaters to enjoy their riding hobby. This versatile longboard is 39inch long and suitable for several riding ways like cruising, downhill, freestyle, freeride, curving, sliding, etc. 


The 8-ply flex maple hardwood deck is what makes it sturdy. The design of the deck is symmetrical and flat to provide you a smooth ride. While turning and sliding, you will not fall or lose your balance because this board’s deck is slightly concave from the middle. 

The trucks are also incredible as they are of 7inch reverse aluminum ones. It also features drop through technology to face any problem while pushing the board or trying to brake.  

What’s more? It can hold up to 250lbs, which is quite useful. Hence, a healthy or larger rider can also enjoy his ride with this best affordable longboard. It is the best longboard because it has all the qualities which a skater asks for. No matter whatever age you are, the board suits you very well. 

Polyurethane wheels of 70×50mm SHR 78A are the reason for its sturdiness and smoothness. Having control of it while riding is more comfortable because of the wider wheel size. 

The bearings are ABEC 7, which is appropriately oiled and is of good quality to amaze you more. They are of bearing steel instead of carbon steel, making it more rigid and rough for any ride. The ball cages are of nylon, which prevents friction, giving you the best way to enjoy your passion. 

This longboard weight is about 7 pounds, which is the most impressive part because dedicated skaters love to carry their board everywhere. Suitable for any skater and any style, the Playshion 39inch longboard is one of the best longboards in reasonable ranges these days. 

The stylish and durable deck makes your experience more comfortable. Maneuvering and controlling this board is fun and not challenging. When you get it, unbox it and enjoy your first ride on the spot. 

It is a bit risky for some beginners because of the flow control and oily components. 

2. MBS All-TerrainLongboard 

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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The name itself tells us how this longboard is suitable for all the skating situations. It is an all-rounder to meet the needs of all riders of different ages. It is more comfortable to ride with this longboard 

MBS all-terrain longboard is worth buying because of its affordable price and incredible features. For your comfortable and safe rides, a good longboard is a must, and this is what you might be looking for. 


Beginners start their journey of fulfilled riding with confusion about what to buy. They might be unable to control and ride well. Hence a right longboard is the only thing that helps them to ride freely. It makes the moves easier for new learners. Moving from one point to another is safe and exciting with this best affordable longboard. 

All-terrain wheels are the specialty of this longboard because, with them, you are free to ride even on the severe bumps, rocks, anything without any mishap. Switch a sharp lip; the wheels are about 100mm, which means enormous enough to safely and efficiently hold the skater. If you are trying a speedy ride, these wheels will not regret you. 

The wheel durometer is 78A, making it stable and balanced. It can carry 220lbs, but if you are more than it, no worries, you can still ride without any hassles. At this price, it is like a blessing for all the skaters, including beginners. It is the perfect pick for tricky and challenging rides. The secret behind its popularity and demand is its great gravity. Using this longboard is exciting and fun because you are safe and secure. 

The only drawback is its heavier weight but can be ignored if we think about its benefits. 

1. White Wave BambooLongboard 

Affordable Cheap Longboard

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If you are more into decent and durable choices for your longboard, then the White Wave Bamboo longboard is the wise option. Being the best affordable longboard, White Wave Bamboo never disappoints the skaters.  


The length of this beauty is 39.5 inches. To your surprise, the board is too light, which is such a blessing for any owner. You will love to buy this board, mostly if you never leave your board anywhere. Its weight is only 3.5 pounds so that the skater can take it everywhere. 

White Wave is an elegant longboard to make your cruising, swaying, speeding better, and fun. You are free to enjoy your rides without worrying about the speed and resistance because of the lighter board weight.  

With a quality plastic deck and 180mm trucks, the White Wave can make you ride smoothly. Don’t think that the plastic deck will decrease its value; instead, the Canadian maple plastic deck gives the board more power. Don’t worry about the lasting period as it will be your forever friend. 

The wheels are of polyurethane with 70×50mm, and the bearings are of a hellion. To make it more useful for the rider, there are built-in spacers too. 

This longboard’s length is not so small, but the weight makes it easier for you to carry it. Enjoy the ultra-high ride with your favorite white wave longboard.                   



Longboards are one of the best things to have fun with; hence it is vital to get the right one, especially when we are in love with riding. Longboarding is a good cardio sport and a fun-filled activity with some extra thrill. Getting started with longboarding is cool because you are going to fly all through the town. 

We all know riding is fun until you come across the not so durable and useless longboard. So, don’t invest your money on those expensive longboards but get the best affordable longboard as a beginner. We are not saying that investing in a good longboard is not a wise decision but at least don’t do this initially so that you don’t feel bad when you are bored of your hobby or the board doesn’t suit your cruising type.  

Moreover, a cheap longboard lets you buy several board types at the same price you buy a single expensive one. So, why not grab the most desirable? Check out our guide and decide about the most fantastic longboard for yourself.