Ninebot by Segway miniPRO Review 2021

A quick Glimpse segway minipro review

 Ninebot by Segway miniPRO

  • The dimensions of this product are 10.3 X 21.5 inches.
  • The tire size of this product is 10.5 inches
  • This segway ninebot can run with a speed of 20 kilometers at Max.
  • The charging time required for the battery to be fully charged is 4 hours.
  • The total weight of the Segway minipro 2021 is 28 pounds that is 13 kgs
  • It provides compatibility both with the Android as well as the Apple Macintosh operating system.
  • This does not provide complete waterproofing. But it does provide water resistance. The water resistance rating of this product is lP54.
  • the LED lights not only increase the beauty of the product but also improves the functionality of the product too.
  • The maximum weight this product can carry is 100 kgs.
  • The frame is made of magnesium. This magnesium is of the aircraft grade.
  • The storage temperature for this device should not be less than 15 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

segway minipro smart self balancing provides you the functionality and the ease of a hoverboard. But as far as the is concerned this is a lot better device as a personal transporter.

The price of hoverboard mini pro

If you are looking for or personal scooter that is more than 100 dollar segways then you are at the best place to buy one

segway minipro smart self balancing review

So you are thinking to buy one we will provide you with the best review on the internet. You feel that you are actually looking at one. Let’s start with speed.

The speed of ninebot by segway minipro

This mega scooter can run at a speed of 10 miles per hour. Isn’t this the speed of a giant? Yes, it is because it is fitted with two joint motors of 800 Watts each. 

The battery of the Sega mini scooter

The joint motors eat too much battery. You must be thinking about this. But do not worry the battery is fully capable to carry you for 14 miles in a single charging cycle. Quite an impressive distance to cover. 

Age and weight restrictions

Yap age and weight restrictions do apply here. The weight limit is a maximum of 220 pounds. It means that if you are 100 kg of weight you can easily ride on this like all quality scooters, it also has a minimum weight limit. The minimum weight limit for this scooter is 80 pounds. so anyone who is less than 80 pounds cannot be able to ride on it. 

The height of the rider does matter as well as the weight of the rider matters. if you are less than 3 feet and 11 inches in height we recommend you not to ride on this. Similarly, if you are more than 6 feet and 6 inches we request you not to ride on this. Not only this but the ride on any of the electric scooter is suitable for you.

 Ninebot by Segway miniPRO

The off-road capability of the scooter

if you are an off road rider do not worry much this scooter will not leave you in the way. The suspension of the scooter is of high quality and you can easily move on the of road surface. The death of the different hurdles while moving on the opposite surface if is more than one inch then this is very difficult for you to maintain the balance. All even then there you can move on the scooter but it may create problems while moving. 

Incline the surface movement

The Segway mini scooter carries you easily on an inclined surface. Although it will consume the battery. The battery consumption rate will be really high when you are on the inclined surface. Therefore for the sake of awareness of a readers we would like to mention it here that while we are calculating the battery life span and the maximum distance covered we are talking about the smooth surface. 

These readings will definitely be affected when you are on the inclined surface.

The safety

Safety is really an important issue needed to be concerned about. The days when we read the news of hoverboard burning in the newspaper are not very far away. This is the reason that whenever we buy a hoverboard we always think about its safety first. 

While buying this product you should not worry about the safety features. This product is completely safe this is the reason that this product is UL certified. It provides you protection against battery malfunction and even the overheating of the machinery. 

The Ease of the use

 Ninebot by Segway miniPROThe product is really helpful and easy to use. The product is fitted with two tires. The size of each tire is 10.5 inches. The wage of the product is only 28 pounds. This is the reason that a person with 80 lbs will not be able to ride it completely and accurately. 

Adjustable Height

The height of the Mini Pro scooter is adjustable. this is a very heavy feature and lets you ride on it easily. You can easily adjust it as per your height. 

Remote Control Functionality

Remote control functionality is available in this product and it is really very easy to use. 

Smartphone connectivity

connectivity both for the Android and IOS system. You can form the various functionalities. What’s the Bluetooth is connected with your power board you can perform the various functionalities with the help of your smartphone.

Various indications can be saved on your smartphone if you have Bluetooth connectivity. This includes the temperature of the hoverboard battery. The distance you have covered so far the remaining distance for which your battery can provide the energy to the smartphone.

The LED lights can also be controlled with this application. 

this is really a friendly product and this is really a friendly application so it will provide you with friends. your friends who are using the same machine and are around you are identified through this app.

Final words

You will never be short of choices as long as you are using this product. From the height to the color everything can be adjusted as per your own choice. The security features and the water resistance features enhance the usability of the product for the users. If you are thinking to buy this product this can be your number one choice.