Best Longboard Surfboards 2021

If you think that it will happen automatically you are not right. This is something that is not going to happen if you pick the longboard, put it on the waves, and enjoy the longboard surfing. You need to know about the nature of the longboard.

There are many different kinds of longboards that are available in the market. These Longboards are different from each other in sense of material and shape. So you will be happy only if you buy the longboard that is according to your needs.

A bad Longboard will not only make you sad but this will be a restriction on your passion for longboard surfing. If you buy a bad long for you. You will surely be going to pay a certain amount of money which will be completely or partially wasted. Therefore we advise that you should look at the longboard guide and the products that we have introduced you here so that you can buy the best longboard which is according to your need.

LongBoard Buying Guide

Following are the longboard buying parameters that are really important and are needed to be considered.

Let’s discuss this in detail

The length of the longboard

The most visually prominent element of a longboard is its length, which means that the area it covers decides many things, first how it will handle the water waves and secondly the speed of the board on the water waves.

Longboards are known to be slower and length on the Waves. This is really good for a person who has just started longbow surfing. If you are new to this then this is a good condition for you. Anyhow if you want to do fast surfing and take sharp turns then you should choose a board that is not so long and not so wide either.

The Shape of the longboard

The next item in the list is the shape of the longboard. Longboards come in many shapes that are slightly different from each other.  This site difference brings a change in the functionality of the longboard. This slight difference is suitable for different users as per their needs. So it is of utmost importance to consider this difference. 

Some of these are for fast movers while some are for small movers. Some are helpful in making the dance on the waves. So decide about my style, shape, and design of the longboard as per your needs.


Rails are available in the longboard. Two types of rails are available. One rial is hard while the other one is soft. Both have their advantages and disadvantages if you want to move in a separate line then the better to rise with the top rail.

The second type is the hardtail. Hardtail really makes it easy to drive the board smoothly. You can use it on the board with the hardtail. It is not always easy with the hardtail to keep it on track. On the other hand, it really makes the turn sharp and fast.


Longboards have 5 different types of tails These five types are

  1. Pintails
  2. Round tails
  3. Squash tails
  4. Fish/swallow tails 
  5. Square tails.

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This provides you with stability. Therefore it is really very difficult to change the direction of the board. This tale is preferred with the boats that are big in size and the Rider want to maintain the direction of the board

Round tails

If you want to change the direction of the board again and again this is the perfect tale type for you. But you should remember that it is really hard to maintain the balance of the board with this type of tale

Squash tails

This is the type of tale that provides you with the maximum surface area. This means the area which remains in touch with the water is of the maximum size. This is the easiest one to turn the longboard.

Fish / Swallowtails 

If you are the type of person who wants to enjoy the soft waves. Then this fishtail is for you. It will provide you with maximum stability on the lower front of the water.

Square tails.

This is also another type of tail with the difference in style and functionality.

Rocker of the Longboard

This provides you with a special type of functionality and this is to save you from the digging.

The Fin Type of the Longboard

Longboard comes with four basic types of fins these are 

  1. Single fin
  2. Thruster
  3. Twin fin
  4. Quad fin.

A simple rule is that the larger fins are fitted with the larger boards. The same is the case with the smaller fins. The smaller boards are fitted with smaller fins. But this is not necessary. A board can have a different number of fins. The maximum number of fins a board can have is up to five fins.

Single fin 

Traditionally Single fins are fitted on longboards. This will make the turn relatively slower. This will take more time to take the turn and also the rider has to take a  longer turn.

With a single fin, turning is relatively a little harder to take the turn but it really supports you in maintaining your line.

Thruster fin

This is a fine arrangement set up. Fins are fitted with three sides. The board is fitted with two side fins. The third side is also fitted with a fin and this is the middle fin one. This is very. These fins are smaller and provide you with a maneuverable setup. This makes the board more responsive. If you are the type of person who is involved in turning, that is of the aggressive type. If you are involved in the intense carving then the Thruster fin is perfect for you.

Twin fin

If you have the swallow or fishtail then the twin fin set up is for you. The twin fin type arrangement does not require a middle fin.  The thruster fin setup provided with the V shape cuts. 

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Quad fin 

The loosest ride is provided through the Quad fin setup. The composition of this is the two smaller fins. These smaller fins are placed on both sides of the tail at the end. These fins are the smallest of all. This is the reason that they made the board a really responsive one. But if you think that you are going to tackle some big waves then this is really hard to tackle. This is the reason that it is really difficult to maintain the balance of the board. The good thing is that the minimum effort is required to turn the board. 

How to ride on the LongBoard

This is important to learn to ride on the longboard. This is the reason we have provided our readers with the best guide. This is especially important for those who are beginners. Although this is the best guideline for those who want to improve their board bidding skills. 

Start the Journey

The first thing is to choose the board. We recommend you choose a wide board. Following are some boards we recommend you to buy. These are the best ones to start the boarding activities for the new persons.

  1. Pinline Surfboard Wavestorm 8′ Classic 

Pinline Surfboard Wavestorm 8′ Classic



       2. Premium Foam Surfboards South Bay Board Co

Premium Foam Surfboards South Bay Board Co



These two boards are recommended by us but if you think that these are not suitable as per your needs. You may choose the one that is most suitable for you. For this, you may take professional advice. Consulting a professional life really helps to solve the problem in the best way. 

The Paddle Timing

The timing of the paddling is really very important. If you do the paddling early then you will miss the energy of the wave. This means that the rider will not be able to get the benefit from the wave energy. 

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If you do the paddling late. Then you will miss the wave and chances are that you may be drowned. Therefore it is important to know the actual time of the paddling. 

This is something that needs to be considered and you should look for guidance. If you do not want to take the professional consultancy then you should ask a senior. But please don’t ignore this advice at all otherwise this is really difficult for you to carry on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Longboard

Advantages and disadvantages are associated with all the things. The same is true for the longboard. Longboards too have some advantages and disadvantages of using it. 

Let’s see the advantages first and then the disadvantages of the longboard. 

  • It is really very easy to get the longboard into the Waves.
  • You do not need much pedal power to make it move in a speedy way in the water.
  • In comparison to the shot board, it is really very fast to get into the Waves. 
  • In terms of stability and balance, it is better than the shortboard.
  • If you are a beginner then you should try the long road. 
  • Longboarding is always better if you want to swim on the smaller waves.
  •  it sports you as it requires less pedal power in comparison to the shortboard.

Now look at some of the disadvantages of the longboard

  • Transportation of these boards are really very difficult
  • These boards are really difficult in terms of storing
  • This is really difficult to put these in the cars
  • Turning of these boards are really very difficult
Top 15 Surf Boards

These are some of the best available boards in the market. This list does not only include the boards but also the accessories related to the board. You will get a complete package here.

1. Surfboard by the Southbay

Surfboard by the Southbay


If you are looking for a board that is suitable for beginners. Then this must be your right choice. This is a wax freeboard that helps you a lot to maintain the balance on the board. A special bamboo body armor is installed to save the rider during the ride.

These dimensions  84″ x 22″ x 2.85″ are ideal for the rider. The weight of the board is 15 lbs. This also includes the weight of the surfboard fins. 

The tails are helpful not only in maintaining the balance but are extremely helpful in maintaining the balance during the turn. This really makes surfing not only more enjoyable for you but this brings more adventure for you while you are on the surfboard.

Nose diving is a problem while you are on the surfboard. To keep you safe from this special arrangements have been made and you can easily prevent yourself from nose diving while riding on this board. 

This firm is great at providing customer services even after they have sold the product to you. In case you are suffering from any problem after the purchase of the product. Don’t worry you will get the most rapid response from customer services. 

2. Surfboard Protector

Surfboard Protector


The next product is not a surfboard itself but this is a longboard protector. The protection of the longboard is also very necessary. This is the reason that you require a surfboard protector. To provide you with the utmost care and protection this cover is made with a combination of multiple materials. 

These include two types of materials the one is silver-grey toupee material and the second is 600D polyester material. The first is used in the manufacturing of the nose. The other one is used in the manufacturing of the body.

The 5mm padding protects the longboard from the water. It keeps the board safe as well as it makes you curry the board easily. Moreover, the heavy zip installed easily makes you open the bag and put it in or out easily.

This not only makes transportation easy but also makes storage more convenient.

3. Surfboard Inflatable SUP by DZLONG

Surfboard Inflatable SUP by DZLONG



Available in the wooden color this is really a treat to watch. Easily balanced, this board has dimensions that make it balanced easily. These dimensions are the length of 125.98″. Width is  32″. The thickness of the board is 6″. As a beginner, it is really easy to maintain the balance on the board due to the larger surface area provided by this board. So if you are looking for a board that can make the rider move easily. 

Rationally designed it has all the capabilities that make surfing easy. The nose is specially designed so that the rider can take narrow turns. This also makes the board more stable and you can easily save yourself from slipping down.

In the product package, you will be provided with the following equipment. 

  • Paddle
  • Pump
  • Carry bag
  • Repair kit
  • Center fin

All of these products are available in a single piece.

4. Paddle Board for Stand Up Surfing by Goosehill

Paddle Board for Stand Up Surfing by Goosehill


This is the best selling product on Amazon. The reason is that the board has multiple options that make it customizable. This is an ultra-lightweight board. The dimensions of this board is 10’6” * 32” * 6”. The weight of this board is 20.5 LBS. No matter where you want to enjoy your board. 

This is the best partner for you. Even if you want to do racing or cruising. No matter. This can be in a quiet lake, the ocean, or in a calm river. 

The good news for the surfers is that this particular firm is willing to offer the best to its customers

Even they provide you with the most customizable options. If you want the professional and the designated research and development team is happy to provide you with all the functionalities and the changes in the design you want. 

This means that you can surf the water in a unique fashion and with your own complete the desired requirements.

The manufacturer has an excellent response time. The maximum time the firm responds to its customers is 12 hours. The three year professional and service qualities after sale services are provided by the manufacturer. So that you can buy this product with complete peace of mind.

5. Hydro-force by Bestway

Hydro-force by Bestway


It has tremendous weight bearing capacity. It can easily carry a weight of 200 kgs. For better understanding, if you want to convert it into Pounds then it will be 220 lbs. This is truly an ideal board for adults. The material used in it provides you with durability. It is equipped with a long step strap. 

It possesses the quality of the non-stick pad and it is also equipped with non-stick Technology. Moreover, the solid board keeps you stable on the board.

It comes with a travel bag and it makes it handy to carry the board with you. In the package, you will get lots of other things. These are near all the things that can be needed by the person who wants to ride on the board.

  • paddleboard
  • Paddle
  • hand pump
  • Backpack
  • surf leash
  • Fin
  • Repair kit

The Dimensions of this board are quite appropriate. The length of the board is 274cm (108”), the width of the board is 76cm (30”) and the height of the board is x 12cm (5”).

6. Inflatable Paddle Board by Caroma

Caroma SUP Board


Made with highly durable fabric. It has dual sided fabric on the board. Both sides remain protected due to the high quality fabric used in the manufacturing of the board. It comes with lots of accessories that include different ropes and frames. 

This is a perfect board that can easily make you ride in reservoirs, lakes, and even in the calm sea. The manufacturer is really willing to help you in case of any problem you should call the customer care department and they will certainly reply to you in a timely manner.

If you are the type of person who is adventurous and loves to travel. 

That this board is perfectly designed for you. The product package comes with the lots of accessories that are needed during the ride of the board.

7. Paddle Board by Tooluck

Paddle Board by Tooluck

If you want to move like a sea creature in water then this board is perfectly designed for you. The triple fins available on the board make it possible that you can drive the board even in the standing position. This board is designed for all types of Riders no matter if you are a beginner or expert you can enjoy the board. 

The dimensions of this board are highly suitable for all types of riders. The length of this board is 10 feet and the width of the board is 28 inches. Multiple accessories are included in the product package to serve you in the best possible manner. 

These accessories are 

  • Board itself
  • Adjustable paddle
  • Ankle straps
  • Manual air pump
  • Storage bag
  • Safety Rope
  • Hand Pump
  • Repair Tube

Once you buy this product and have any problem. Feel free to contact the customer care department. They will be really happy to provide you with the necessary assistance.

8. Adults and Kids Paddle Board by GOSEASUP

Adults and Kids Paddle Board by GOSEASUP


Available in the beautiful and eye-catching Colour. The color is Orange and the size is really appropriate. The Size of the board in length is 330, width is 80 and height is 15. All of these measurements have been taken in the cm. 

The Brand name for this product is GOSEASUP. The dimensions of this product are 12 centimeters in length, 10 centimeters in width, and  2 centimeters in height. 

This is an excellent board for maintaining balance. You can easily avail the extra width to maintain the balance of the board. This board can easily be managed with the extra width. The board provides you with extra stability and durability. PVC is used on the outer skin of the board. The non slip EVA material used on the board helps you to maintain the balance on the board. 

This board provides you with the complete package. This package contains multiple accessories. These multiple accessories help you to enjoy the ride on the board in a batter fashion. These accessories include the following items


You can pack all the products that you need in the bag with the product package. This makes the packing and unpacking effortless. Really a handy product to carry all accessories with you. This product comes with a warranty of one year. 

So if you have any problem during the use of the product you can easily contact the customer care department. The customer care department will certainly try its level best to resolve the issues.

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9. SUP Board by Caroma

Caroma 10feet Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


This is really easy to maintain the balance on the board as it is equipped with anti-slip PVC technology. The EVA traction pad is provided to make them stay on the board more stable. This board has the capacity to hold a tremendous amount of weight. In the water, it has the capability to support 250 lbs of the weight. 

Provided with all the necessary requirements for the boarding. Your board is ready to move in less than 10 minutes.

10. Sup Board by Bluniza

Sup Board by Bluniza


Buy this product from us and you will certainly save 19% of the amount. This makes around £70.00. If you have decided to buy this product. Do it on a priority basis. Maybe the link may not be available for the concession. So buy this product as soon as possible. 

Moreover, this concession may not be available by all the sellers. So we advise you to buy this product from this link. 

The product package is available with all the necessary equipment necessary to assist you in the process of riding. 

  • Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (PVC)
  • Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • High Pressure Dual Action Manual Air Pump
  • Removable Bottom Panel Fins
  • Coiled Leash
  • Carry Backpack
  • Repair Kit
  • User Manual

The manufacturer is happy to provide you with the 12 months warranty period. So you can buy this product with that piece of mind.

11. Paddle Board by Tidal King

Paddle Board by Tidal King


Comes with a warranty of two years. It provides complete protection to the benefits of the consumers. Available with a backpack so it is really very easy to carry it from one place to another. 

The rapid pump makes you able to fill it with the air real soon. This is a non flip deck and the person riding on the board can easily stand on it. 

The product package provides you nearly everything you require for smooth riding. It includes 

  • Board
  • Adjustable Aluminium Paddle 4-Piece 
  • GoPro Holder
  • Dual Action Air Pump
  • Removable Seat
  • Removable Bottom Panel Fin 
  • Waterproof Phone Holder
  • Coiled Leash
  • 600D Polyester Storage Carry Backpack
  • Tool Kit
12. Paddle Board by IBATMS

Paddle Board by IBATMS


Really convenient, safe, and wide design The board is adequately thick and wide. Both the parameters are perfect for the rider to have a safe and smooth ride. The friction is provided through the EVA mat. It saves the person from falling down. This is an 8 kg board and is really easy to carry and store. 

The carriage is really easy due to the backpack provided with the product package. If you don’t like the product you can return it within 30 days of purchase. 

In case if you experience any problem at the latter stage while using the product you can simply avail the warranty provided with the product.

13. Paddle Board Kit by Houssem

Paddle Board Kit by Houssem


Provided more comfort than other available seats in the market. This is truly designed for long term use in the water supports. The material used in the manufacturing of the seat really makes it a comfortable seat. It provided you with due comfort during the journey.

It provides comfort if you are suffering from back pain. In fact, it provides you with relief if you are suffering from any kind of problem like that. Then this will be your best companion during the ride. 

The setas dimensions 50 * 48 * 4 are ideal to be used by men and women, even for children. Do remember that all the measurements are given in centimeters. Hooks installed in this seat are generally more corrosion resistant than the ordinary and generally available hooks in the market. 

14. Paddle Board by JOOLOOG

Paddle Board by JOOLOOG


The dimensions 320 x 80 x 15 of the board made it suitable for all types of riders starting from the beginner up to the level of advanced rider. Due to the dimensions, design, and the style this is the perfect board to handle the multiple riders as well as the tall riders. 

The product package has multiple instruments in it. All of this equipment is necessary to provide you with a smooth ride. This includes

  • Inflatable standup paddleboard
  • Adjustable sup paddle
  • Coil leash
  • Detachable center fin
  • Backpack
  • Hand pump
  • Repair kit
15. Paddle Board by Caroma

Paddle Board by JOOLOOG


The board is made with double sided fabric, it is of high density and provided with high quality material. Military grade technology to make the board anti-slip has been used in the manufacturing of the board. Although this is an ultra lightweight product it has the capability to keep you stable in the water. 

This may not be a very suitable ride for people who are heavier in weight. On the other hand, this is quite an effective product for the people who are lighter in weight. This is a multi purpose board that can be used for multiple water sports like fishing and yoga. Sea, canal, river, and lake In case if you have any problem feel free to contact the customer care services. 

Final Words

This article covers the multiple products related to the best longboard, best surfboards longboard surfboards, the best longboard surfboard brands, and the best longboard surfboard.