Affiliate Disclosure

Disclosure Of Affiliate Links

Rules by FTC for Disclosure Compliance 

The federal trade commission announced new rules regarding disclosure compliance in 2015.

The purpose of setting these rules was to save the readers. Moreover, make them aware of the blogger or publisher, whether it is sponsored or have any partnership with the selling brand.

It is readers right to know that the content, a blogger or website is publishing is for a social cause. Or the publisher is making some money out of it by sharing particular product links.

For that purpose in compliance with FTC rules we request you to read further in order to know about the links and information posted on this site:

Any link published on is paid. Our website gets a small remuneration from the sale of said items.

Note: We try our level best to present you with those products which are best in our reader’s interest.

A Bit About Affiliate Links

When you click for a purchase Link from Amazon we don’t provide you the product you actually get the real product from the seller. We just guide you toward the seller so you can make a purchase.

And for that service Amazon pays a small remuneration or commission to the blogger. As the website or blogger is helping them to bring the customers.

In the case of affiliate links, we never add on any extra money or charge any commission from the consumer. Our website doesn’t affect consumer purchase prices. Either they click an affiliate or non-affiliate link the price remains the same for them.

What are Amazon affiliate links?

Longboard is a member of the amazon services LLC program. In this way, Amazon helps us to cope up with our website running charges. We can still provide you with the best information in guiding you toward the best products with Amazon affiliate links.

Note: We are definitely getting remuneration from Amazon but they don’t limit us or hire us for promoting any particular product. So the product choice is entirely e merit based and to provide our readers with the best. As our reader is our asset.