Best Cheap Electric Longboard

Longboarding is an extremely popular sports activity. This is something that is also used by kids and young adults for traveling. Traveling is not the only purpose associated with the longboard. Different models are not starting to gain popularity.

Different models can be distinguished on the basis of different characteristics. Like some are extra big in size  This also depends on the power mob of the longboard. Electric longboard searches of the people can again be narrowed down.

Some are looking for a cheap electric longboard while some are looking for a simple

cheap longboard. The best way to search is to look for the best electric longboard.

Here we have some of the best electronic longboards. These electronic boards are also cheap in terms of the price.  This selection is specially made for the price conscious people. So if you are a professional then this article is perfectly written for you

The Historical Development

Longboarding has been in fashion for a long time. A historical move happened when this longboard had developed a slightly different version of this product; this version was the electronic hoverboard.

This all started in the decade of seventies of the 19th century. This may be surprising for most of you to know that the first longboard with the motor was banned in California. There were multiple reasons. The most significant was noise pollution. Due to the pollution it creates and the threat to the environment this product was banned from the market. This problem has remained there for the next 30 years since the year 2000 appeared.

The things were not the same. The reason was the improvement of technology. During this time of three decades, Technology has been exceptionally developed. Lots of products got better. This is the time for the Re-entry of the electronic hoverboards in the market.

This time this is the electronic motor that was powered through the electronic Motors. The electric motor has solved many problems.

  • First, it was not environmentally problematic.
  • Second, it provides a noiseless operation.
  • Thirdly it is more economical to use these motors as these are maintenance-free.

This is the reason that the longboards produced 30 years before cannot be compared with the modern day longboards. The modern day longboard has many significant features that were not even imagined 30 years before.

It was natural for the longboards to grow in popularity. Even though it is an expensive product, the products with the lower price tags are also available. As the economies of scale have been achieved for this product this is really possible to create a cheaper version of this product.

Even the relatively cheaper version of this product is highly capable to perform those tracks which one not possible by the highest standard and the quality longboard with an expensive price tag 30 years before. Therefore if you are looking for the best cheap electric longboard it is quite a possibility that you will get the best piece of Technology at a really very less price

Tornado II Electric Skateboard by SKATEBOLT

Tornado II Electric Skateboard by SKATEBOLT

Significant Features

  • This product is introduced by the house of SKATEBOLT.
  • Maple is used as a construction material for this product
  • It is available in black color
  • 90 mm is the size of the wheel
  • This product comes with an excellent weight bearing capacity that is 280 pounds
  • The top speed for this electronic longboard is 25 mph
  • The weight of this longboard is 19 pounds
  • This Longboard is 30 inches long and 11 inches wide
  • The range of the law board depends on a number of factors. Even though the range lies between 22 to 25 miles
  • It is installed with a motor that has a capacity of 700 watts
  • This quality product comes with a warranty of 6 months

Product Description and Features

Price against features

As far as the features are concerned. This is the best you can get at this price range. This product is perfect for two types of guys. The first one is the person who wants to get the maximum benefits at the lowest possible price. Second, this is an excellent choice for a person who is looking for a quality product. So no matter in which category you fall this is the best product for you to have.


The trucks are huge. These are made of steel and are highly reliable to use. It does not only effectively reduce the effect of speed but it also provides you with the necessary safety needed during the ride. This is really designed to provide you with the maximum comfort level during the ride even at the high speed it saves the rider from bumps and jumps.

The Adjustable speed and Braking Modes

This board comes with four different modes. This is associated with the speed and the Braking System. This means when you want to go slow you can select a mod.

To unlock the full power even then there is a mod. Even then there is a mod available for that. The installed braking system is adjustable; it means that the highly capable braking system is capable of adapting and adjusting as per different speeds.

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Heavy Weight

It is a fact that this longboard is relatively heavy. If you can ignore this then this is the best power board to have, available at the lowest possible price as compared to the features.

Pro W1 by Marui The Electric Skateboards

Pro W1 by Marui The Electric Skateboards

Significant Features

  • The top speed for this product is 25 mph
  • The weight of this product is 17.2 pounds.
  • It is 38 inches long and 9 inches wide.
  • The range lies between 9.5 to 12 miles.
  • The motor has a power of 500 watts.
  • It provided a warranty of 3 months

Product description and features

Reasonably priced

If you are looking for a product that can carry you with speed and still be economical and apprised then this product is certainly for you. You can buy this product for less than $400 whose Tomb still I can carry you with a speed of 25 mph.

Extraordinary battery

The battery is extraordinarily well and can be recharged in just three hours. The minimum range of this electric longboard is 9.5 miles while the maximum range recorded for this long range longboard is 12 Miles.

The wireless remote is full of information. This information is helpful in planning your journey. One of the Useful information provided by the wireless remote is the status of the battery. By knowing the remaining battery you can plan your journey according to time and distance.

Solid construction:

The construction of the longboard is really reliable. The PCB housing is installed on it. This is something which makes it waterproof. The bearings are made of ceramic and it helps the longbow to run daily on every surface. Especially in the water, it prevents the longBoard from being slipped or stopped. The weight of the board is 17 lb. It is really very well built and can weigh 265 pounds.

Bamboo and Maple both are used in the construction of the board. The composition of the Deck consists of eight layers 6 of them are of Apple while two of them are from bamboo.

The wheel is highly adjustable due to the fact that it is made of marble.

Hiboy S11 (Upgraded Version)

Hiboy S11 (Upgraded Version)

Salient Features

  • The Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote
  • Single Hub Motor operates the longboard
  • A Light Weight product with the weight of 7.94 LBS
  • The Top Speed is 12.4MPH
  • The Range of this longboard is 6.2 Miles
  • A perfect ride for Teens and especially for Students
  • The Brand name for this product is Hiboy
  • This longboard comes with the Deck Width of 8.3 Inches
  • The material used in the manufacturing is Wood and Aluminum
  • Longboards with the log Deck of 30 Inches
  • Hiboy S11 comes in the Black Color
  • 80A is the Durometer Hardness
  • Polyurethane is used as the Wheel Material
  • 3 Pounds is the weight of this item.
  • Load bearing capacity is excellent.
  • This is a perfect piece of technology for all age ranges including kids, youth, and adults.

Product description and features

Fun Seeking Device

This product is not originally designed for the fun-seeking people. This means that it is not a performance incentive machine. It doesn’t mean that it does not perform at all. Actually, it does but the optimal requirement from this product is fun. So this is actually a device for the people who seek fun by driving this beautiful, easy to use electric longboard.

Lightweight and stable

You may be surprised to know that this longboard is extremely stable too. Maybe you think, like the majority, that stability is something that is associated with a heavyweight. But this is not true in this case. Here you find an extremely lightweight longboard that is also really stable on the roads too. So this is a unique combination but you will find it practical on these pages while we are discussing the Hiboy S11 (Upgraded Version) of the longboard.

Fast and Furious

With a maximum speed of 12.4mph and a range of 6.2 miles. This is really an extraordinarily fast and furious type of longboard. That can run faster with a speed of 12.4 miles per hour. The good thing is that this speed can be maintained for a long range. This range is 6.2 miles. It means that on a single instant of charging this machine can run for such a long distance.

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4 Modes to Choose

To assist you and your writing activity this device offers for different types of driving modes. The brake adjustments Sare automatically made. So that the driving mode should not be complicated for you.

Wireless Control

Wireless control is available. Due to this many functions can be done with ease. The most important one of these is to adjust the speed of the longboard with the help of wireless control.

Mini Flash by Blitzart

Mini Flash by Blitzart

Salient Features

  • The best choice is available for under 200 dollars.
  • The top speed for this device is 10 mph.
  • The weight of this longboard is only 9 lbs
  • this board is 28 inches long and 8 inches wide
  • The maximum range of this electric long body is 8 miles.
  • The motor consumes 250watts of energy.
  • this product comes with a warranty of 3 monthsĺĺ
  • Due to the improved quality of the wifi remote. Now it is more fun to use it.

Product Description and Features

Updated version

This is really along with the improved quality. The remote is especially a preservative full stop you can see everywhere in this remote on your wrist. Moreover this remote is rechargeable.

Solid construction

This board is made of really solid construction. The construction of the board has been done layer by layer. Maplewood and bamboo wood layers have been used alternatively.

7 layers of multiple raw materials have been used to make this longboard. Two of these layers are of bamboo and three of these layers are of Maple wood. Other than this you can enjoy the grip of the premium tape.

Longboarding is flexible in nature. It means that it can save you from any bumps and jumps. It does not mean that its weight carrying capacity is low, it can carry the weight up to 270 pounds. In normal conditions and for the optimal performance we recommend that you should not put more than 250 Pounds on this longboard.

Brushless motor

The longboard is Installed with a brushless motor; it provides you with the quality of the journey with the assurance to complete it in time.  Although the manufacturer does not encourage you to do so, let me tell you a simple trick. If you turn off the motor you can use this as a regular simple Longboard. So whenever you want you can enjoy it as I have simple classical onboard and when you want you can enjoy it as an electric longboard.

Backfire Electric Skateboard G2

Backfire Electric Skateboard G2

Salient Features

  • This product is made by the famous brand backfire
  • It is made of plastic and is available in black colour
  • The top speed for this electric longboard is 23.5 mph.
  • The weight of this product is 14.5 LBs.
  • The dimensions of this product are 37 inches in length and 8.7 inches in width
  • On a single strand of full charging, it can run for 12 miles
  • The manufacturer is so sure about the quality of this product that it does not hesitate to offer a variety of 5 months

Product Description and Features

Entry Level LongBoard

If you are looking for an entry level longboard then this is the best product for you to have, and Easy to use a product that can be easily handled even by beginners. This is the reason that this is considered to be the first choice. Especially for the people who have just started to ride on the longboard.

Maxim Speed

This can run at a huge can cover a distance of 23.5 miles in just one hour. This is a fast-moving longboard that can make you reach the desired destination real soon.


If the battery is fully charged it means that you can cover a distance of 12.5 miles. Do remember that this is something that is dependent on multiple factors. This is the reason you cannot tell about the exact value of the range of the battery. So a range can be given in this range: the maximum value is 12.5 miles and the minimum value is 11 miles. If you want to calculate this value in the km/h then the minimum value is 18km/h and the maximum value of the range calculated in Km/h is 20 km/h.

New Improved Motor

400w V3 motors have been installed, this is the reason that you can be sure of the battery results. This is the reason you can write think about the higher performance

NG3 Electric Skateboard Swagskate

NG3 Electric Skateboard Swagskate

Salient Features

  • The brand name for this product is Swagtron
  • The material used in the building of this product is Aluminum and Plastic
  • The color of this longboard is BLACK
  • The material used in the manufacturing of the wheel is Polyurethane
  • Longboard has the Weight of 7.7 Pounds
  • This longboard is designed for the young adults

Product Description and Features

Kickless Drive

The maximum speed you can get on this longboard is around 9.3 miles in an hour. This means that you don’t need to kick too often while you are moving on the longboard.

Highly Intelligent Sensors

Highly intelligent sensors are installed in it. These are not only responsible but also really very powerful. They can intelligently detect different motions and the weight of the person who is riding on them. Therefore these stop automatically as soon as you step down from the longboard.

Wheels and the Deck

The wheels are made of polyurethane while the board is made of Polypropylene. Both of these provide stability in the ride, moreover, it provides you with the ability to judge the curves and the edges properly. It provides the rider with the necessary flexibility that is needed to drive at you through the roads.

Customer sport

If you feel any issue while riding on this longboard or in any case in any use do not worry. You have with yourself one of the best available teams of the profession in the world. This is the specialty of this brand named Swagtron.

Electric Skateboard Meepo V3

Electric Skateboard Meepo V3

Salient Features

  • The maximum speed for this longboard is 26 miles in an hour
  • The weight of the skateboard is 16 pounds
  • The Meepo V3 is 38 inches long and 9 inches wide
  • on a single instance of full charging Meepo V3 can run up to 11 miles
  • Meepo V3 is installed with the powerful motor of 1080 watt
  • Meepo V3 machine comes with a warranty of 6 months

Product Description and Features

Equipped with the ESC software

This is truly an intelligent machine. The reason is the presence of any software. The ESC software installed in this machine ensures that the user has a smooth reading experience. At the time of acceleration and the celebration, it provides smoothness.

It is a very intelligent longboard that can help you in maintaining balance. So if you are in danger on the longboard and thinking that you will not be able to maintain the balance then this is the best for you.

Let me tell you very clearly that this is not a budget friendly choice. So you should not buy this. This is the first thought that will automatically and naturally come to your mind. But in comparison to the features of the longboard, the price is not very high.


Performance wise this board is high on the scale. First, it is installed with a powerful motor of 1080 watts.

Secondly, it can run on a single instance of charging for 11 miles on the regular battery. If extended and have one extra battery then this can be doubled. Actually, there will be 20 miles so not exactly double but nearly almost double.

The top speed for this board is 26 mph. Do not worry about the hills in the way the board can easily handle the inclined surface which makes the angle around less than 30 degrees. If you have a V3 battery installed in this machine then the charging time will be 2.7 hours. Otherwise, if you have installed the normal battery on your board then the charging time will be about two hours.

Final Words

If you try to find it you will definitely get it. So if you are looking for a cheap and reasonably priced electric longboard you will definitely get these in this article we have introduced you to the various product that can be considered as cheap and reasonable priced longboards