7 Best Urban Longboards Reviews 2021

Best Urban Longboards Reviews

A long board is another type of skateboard that tends to be longer and wider than your average skateboard. Longboards are used for various purposes, for example, just going out for a casual ride or in the more competitive environment such as Downhill racing. The longboard is commonly used for cruising and freestyle riding. Over … Read more

Top 10 pintail longboards for 2021

Top 10 pintail longboards for 2021

A longboard is a type of skate which is usually longer than the primitively designed skateboards and comes in a wide variety of shapes. This type of skateboard Is usually used for cruising and traveling for a longer distance as it is specifically designed to travel for longer distances with relatively more ease. It has … Read more

The 11 Best Quality Longboards in 2021 Reviews

long board buyers guide 2021

In the 1950s when the waves on the Hawaiian beaches weren’t good for surfing, surfers would take their longboards on the streets and cruise all across the town by simply improvising. This act was called “sidewalk surfing.” Longboarding is not just an activity that is fun and thrilling but has also started becoming an addictive … Read more

10 Best Longboard Brands in 2021

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As an outdoor physical activity longboarding is the most popular activity which is enjoyed by people of all age groups especially the younger generation as it is thrilling and fun. To make sure you are most comfortable you need to dig out some of the best longboard brands that off waterproof longboards, drop through longboards, … Read more

11 Best Longboard Bearings

Longboard bearings zealous built in spacer

Longboards – a powerful and fun way to commute! When you are cruising or performing stunts, nothing can beat thrill, adventure, and FREEDOM feelings. A longboard is indeed a package of enthusiasm and fun with the fast way of commuting to your local transport station or institute. Longboards consist of many essential components, and if … Read more

9 Best Longboards For Dancing In 2021

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Longboard riding is like a freedom ride – you can use it to commute to your office or your way to college. And this is not all; you can do many tricks on your skateboard enjoy the thrill and fun. There are many styles for riding, and among those so many styles, youngsters love longboard … Read more

Top 10 Best Inexpensive Longboard Reviews

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Longboarding has become one of the most famous outdoor activities that excite sports enthusiasts. It is not just something that can be referred to as sports but is also a passionate hobby for many people. From the very moment you step on a longboard the chances are very high that it will get you hooked … Read more

Best Longboard For Carving

Best Longboard For CARVING

Many times you have seen in the road some boys and girls running on their longboards in a flowy ride, retaining rhythm and accelerate without their paw even reaching the floor for shoving, glancing like their sense are out in far away proportions while they grab roll after twist in a limitless curve. This frequent … Read more

Top 20 Longboards For Beginners 2021

Top 20 longboards for beginners 2021

A longboard somehow resembles to skateboard but the main difference between a longboard and a skateboard is that a longboard is longer in length than a skateboard. It is used for transportation purposes for downhill racing as it allows the rider to move easily through the tires it has. The longboard contains a wider and … Read more

Best longboards for Sliding

Best longboards for Sliding

As the newer things keep getting introduced in the market, there is always a rising competition amongst youth to get their hands on the latest invention. However, not so long ago, a type of surfing board for land named longboard was introduced, which has been an apple of the eye for teens. So, it’s rising … Read more