Top 20 Longboards For Beginners 2021

A longboard somehow resembles to skateboard but the main difference between a longboard and a skateboard is that a longboard is longer in length than a skateboard. It is used for transportation purposes for downhill racing as it allows the rider to move easily through the tires it has. The longboard contains a wider and a longer space so that the rider can control and balance himself on the board. Longboards are also known as snowboards to some extent.

Longboarding is full of fun and challenges. There are varieties of longboards that beginners can opt for their convenience and fun activities. They are the type of skateboards that are often used for skating. These longboards for beginners also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are used for skating and cruising even on rough and uneven roads


The first longboard was made by Preston Nichols in the early 1940s. Early longboards have metal wheels later they have clay wheels and after sometimes they start making wheels of urethane. Modern longboards are made up of fine materials like the deck of the modern longboards are made up of aluminum carbon fiber and bamboo. After a variation of time longboards also get many premium values starting from their size to their material.

How to choose longboard for beginner:
To get a perfect longboard for beginner you should keep in mind characteristics its shape, parts of longboards, styles of longboard, flexibility, price and many other this kind of specifications as well.

The following specifications help us to choose the best freestyle longboards for beginners as well.

  1. Parts of longboard:

There are different parts of longboards that you should keep in mind during purchase for beginners. Each and every part of the longboard has its own unique characteristics that change its specifications completely. A longboard should have wheels, the longboard its self, bearings, deck, truck, and hardware.


The most important part of the longboard is a deck. The deck is made up of two different things either the material used in the making of decks are maple or bamboo, carbon fiber.

  • Maple:

Maple is a durable material. It uses multi-layers of timber in the manufacturing of decks.

  • Bamboo:

Bamboo offers a slight flex in making a deck of the longboards. Flex is used for turning and curving. It must be lightweight or thinner. Bamboo is also very environment friendly that’s why it is preferred to use bamboo in making decks

  • Carbon fiber:

It is the most expensive thing that uses in deck making. Today most companies are using carbon fiber with other materials for the making of decks.

  • Deck size:

Deck size varies from person to person due to their feet size. But more often deck size of length 35 inches and width of 7 inches is used that gives you plenty of space for our feet to push ahead.

  • Grip tape:

It is a kind of tape or glue that is used on the top of the deck for controlling grip purposes. In short words, in order to get strong grips on uneven rough surfaces, we use this tape on our beginner longboards.


Trucks in longboards decide the flex and the flatness of the board. Not only this it decides the speed of our longboard.

Dropdown truck and drop through trucks are two mostly used trucks in freestyle longboards.

But mostly we preferred to drop through trucks due to because it gives you better height and speed.

Base plates:

Base plates are generally located on the decks of the board. That has many angles on it that decides the intensity and finishing of the curves and speed.


Longboards are not able to work without wheels. The wheel enhances the beauty and speed of our freestyle longboards. For buying a freestyle longboard you must make sure about the working ability of wheels as they must have the correct size and hardness.

The size of wheels must be measured in mm and we recommend an average size of 70mm which provides you the best speed even in rough and uneven roads.

The hardness of wheels considers being important as they decide the turning curves with speed. Usually, it measures in A. Soft wheels are more preferable than rough ones as they carry more grip.


The bearings of the longboard are usually measured in ABEC. That grading starts to form 1 and ends at 9.9. In between 3.5 and 7 are also used.  We also used the bearing of skate rate also.


If you are going to buy an expensive and high-efficiency longboard make sure you should have a warranty card along with it for better use.

  1. Style of longboard:

Longboards are used for many purposes so, in order to choose them, we need some basic information about the type of longboard.  Cruising, freestyle, free ride, downhill and longboard for beginners are some types of longboard. The freestyle longboard is used for doing tricks and old-style skating.

  1. The shape of the longboard:

Different longboard comes in a different size in the market. So, for every style, you get different shapes and sizes of longboards.

  1. The flexibility of longboard:

This determines the shock absorbers in longboards. Most of the longboards for starters have a flat deck. For beginner longboard, we need flexible shock absorbers that are soft or medium that can good absorb shocks, and have a stable speed ability, and can feel like spring. For the free ride, we use stiff and medium shock absorbers that are most stable and less moderate than beginner longboards. Downhill longboards have stiff shock absorbers that contain stability greater than free ride and freestyle longboards and that can enhance their board feels

  1. Kick tail on longboards:

Kick tails are important for longboards as they are used to take a turn and curve easily and sharply. You can use or choose kick tails with regards to different styles of the longboard.

Longboards with no kick tail should have maximized wheelbase, intermediates, and more stabilization.

Longboards with kick tails can turn and take curves smoothly and easily, you get more fun with this and used by beginners to advance.

  1. Size of longboards:

For choosing the best longboard it is most important to keep in mind the width of the longboard than the length of a longboard. As we know that we place our foot perpendicularly on the board so choose the longboard with cording to our foot size. The loaded decks of the longer board are probably 7 inches to 10 inches wide.

  1. Trucks for longboard:

Basically, trucks of longboards are connected with the wheels. They are found in 2 hanger sizes approximately 150mm and 180mm. 180mm one is used most commonly.

  1. Wheels for longboards:

The most important point for choosing a longboard is through their wheels. Wheels with bigger sizes are more suitable as they allow us to increase the speed. However smaller size wheels can accelerate slowly. Mostly wheels of 65mm and 75mm are used for longboards for the best speed. For choosing a longboard for a beginner you should keep in mind the size and geometry of the wheel.

Top 20 longboard for beginners:

Following we discuss the top 20 longboards that a beginner should select while purchasing.

1. Ripper landychtz longboard:

Ripper landychtz longboard:

This longboard is for sure the best choice for beginners.  If the deck of the longboard is made up of maple then it will be the most durable product in the longboard deck. It has relatively flat standing platform with a suitable wheelbase. This longboard is also suitable for beginner girls as they contain wide trucks and tail to keep stability and gives us plenty of space for foot placement.


  • Best for turning and carving
  • Slight flex
  • Best balancing ability


  • Wheels are less soft.

2. Quest super cruiser longboard:

2. Quest super cruiser longboard:


If you are looking for the best beginner longboard for girls then this must be a good option to avail. It appears 44 inches long in length which gives you a smart platform.

The structure of this longboard gives you better space for foot placement. It contains a maple deck with the bottom board of bamboo as bamboo is durable and most continent in longboards. Measurement of its wheels are 70mm long with a hardness of 80A.

Also if you are looking for a cheap longboard with a variety of features so ahead with this one.

It gives cool graphics that look so attractive. For sure this longboard is the best longboard for the beginner to skate across the city.


  • Well-constructed
  • Durable
  • Cool graphics design
  • Low price


  • Heavy truck

3. Classic complete skateboard for beginners:

3. Classic complete skateboard for beginners:


The best longboard for beginners with a variety of sizes and shapes is this classic complete skateboard. It has 22 inches long deck. This longboard contain giant varieties of trucks that give you a sharp and smooth turn. It is a perfect size for new comers.

It contains large wheels with 59mm and has the hardness of 78A. Thus it gives you better performance with a high capacity to grab your attention.


  • Various size
  • Different colors
  • Large wheels
  • Controllable deck.


  • no grip tape
  • tricks are limited
  • paint maybe fade away

4. Professional speed drop down for beginner:

4. Professional speed drop down for beginner:


This longboard act like a pro due to its various activities and functions.  It contains a maple deck with a little flex. It lowers our center of gravity due to its 42 inches long deck.

Moreover, it offers you good balancing stability with high speed that is a treat for beginner’s kids as well. Its wheels are 70mm height with 52mm contact patch with the hardness of 78A. IT gives you better sliding advantages on uneven roads and rough surfaces. It comes in 22 different graphics styles and colors.


  • You experience tireless riding on rough surfaces.
  • Easy to handle
  • Manageable for balance
  • Supports smooth turns
  • Comes in 22 different styles
  • Safe for downhill skating


  • Have stiff bearing
  • Less flexible structure

5. Atom pin-tail freestyle longboard:



The smooth and hassle-free cruising is done by atom pin-tail longboard for beginners.  It is a classical pintail board that is perfect for speed skating. It is 39 inches in length and 9.5 inches in width.  This freestyle longboard for new comers is very comfortable and eco-friendly.

The deck table of this beginner longboard contains 5 bearing and 9.5 wide decks. Wheels are 65mm with a hardness of 78A.

This longboard is funky, comfortable, and minimal can be used for every age.


  • good balance
  • proper constructed
  • faster in speed


  • not applicable on slopes
  • Can damage with moisture.

6. Ten toes emporium longboard for starters:

Ten toes emporium longboard for starters


This longboard is stunningly design because of its great features for the newcomer skaters.

Its deck contain the combination of bamboo and maple both. This gives the new strength to beginner’s longboard. This longboard is 44 inches long in length with 80AB grip tape. We have 6 marvelous style in this type of longboard which gives you best speed with smooth curves. It contains 7 ABEC bearings which slow down its speed when you want to. It contains suitable riders which gives you better riding abilities.


  • Have 6 pickup style
  • easy riding
  • control able on bumps


  • have sluggish bearing
  • trucks are not so good in quality

7. Dimmable freestyle top mount longboard:

Dimmable freestyle top mount longboard


The next one is rimmed able freestyle top mount longboard. One of the most suitable longboards for beginners. This longboard is more suitable for those people who use it like funkier at high speed.  Coming towards the features of this longboard you come to know that it has a 9.5-inch wide deck board and 42-inch long in length which gives you more stability and good balance. It also has an aluminum truck through which you can get more space to balance our bodies. The wheel of rim able freestyle top mount longboard are 70mm in length and 51mm wide makes them suitable for the rough surface as well.  This longboard is more suitable for those people who just starting using longboards.


  • A good check on the balance
  • Have good width and roomy
  • Slight flex
  • Constructed properly
  • Have much good weight limit


  • Not suitable for downhill transport
  • Not a good-quality board tends to snap

8. Violator basic cruiser freestyle longboard:

Violator basic cruiser freestyle longboard


This longboard comes in the category of most popular and most well-rated boards for everyone and considers the best beginner longboard for girls as well. Coming towards the features of this board has a 40-degree base that gives you a great space for curving flex, and has 180mm hangers that have aluminum trucks.  They have 78A hardness that means they are soft and offers more tackiness and can give you good gripping power.


  • Can give us good balancing
  • Constructed properly
  • Slight flex
  • Faster than other longboards
  • Have a warranty of 6 months


  • Can do the better performance with bearing

9. Arbor catalyst freestyle longboard:

Arbor catalyst freestyle longboard


The best longboard in the beginner category with the best features is arbor catalyst which is definitely worth buying. The popular company among freestyle beginner longboard is definitely Arbor Company.  It the worth buying a freestyle longboard with a fiberglass deck. The maple is a little bit concave in nature to give us smooth and well speed cruising.

Best beginner longboard decks contain 42 inches in length and 9 inches in width. These deck measurements give you the best leg space for balancing. Not only this, this type of longboard contains 180 trucks with 5 bearings of ABEC.

It gives us freestyle cruising with perfect carving and turning. Its wheels are 700mm large in diameter that gives us high-speed coverage. Its wheels have a hardness of 78A that means it is perfectly made for rough and uneven surfaces and roads.

To grab our attention these longboards come in different eye-catchy looks and colors for beginner man too. Moreover, this longboard comes in two different sizes that make us choose between our convenient sizes.


  • high weight limit
  • fast in speed on uneven surfaces too
  • high weight-bearing limit
  • slightly flex ability


  • null

10. Dropdown complete beginner longboard:



This longboard is among the speediest longboards for beginner as it contains 9 bearings and wheels. It allows fast riding even on the rough surface too. It remains steady even when you skating downhills due to its resilient aluminum truck.

It has marvelous qualities which include high-speed good quality of material used as well as through price point of you. This board has small hand tools with it too that are easy to manage.


  • High speed with manageable tiers.
  • Have stents of aluminum for extra stability
  • Deck having 9 piles of maple
  • Have hand tools with it


  • Have cheap grip tape

11.Atom drop through longboard for beginner:

Atom drop through longboard for beginner


Another best longboard for beginner which provides you temperature concaveness. This is most suitable for the beginner’s manbecause it comes in various varieties and color combinations that are loved by men.

Its size varies from 36 inches short to 41 inches long. It provides multi task abilities from jumping to dancing. Its deck contain complete 9 layers of maple which is laminated that gives you smooth curve.

For the beginners we recommended you to have this longboard that provides you best speed with smooth curve. With durable property this board make any beginner feels like a pro because of its 245mm aluminum trucks. Its wheels are 70mm long with the hardness of 78A. Moreover it contains 5 bearings of ABEC which are sufficient for beginners.


  • High quality grip tape
  • Can do all kinds of surfs
  • Stable balance
  • Wide trucks.


  • Tuck mounting is required to upgrade
  • Find bearing slow

12. Quest Rorshack bamboo longboard for beginners:

12. Quest Rorshack bamboo longboard for beginners:


Due to its long length of 34 inches it become a perfect ride for beginner. It contains deck of 7ply bamboo with the combination of maple with it. That gives a sharp and smooth curve. Its durable deck made any beginner a smooth and carving skating.

Its wheel contains 65 by 51 mm with the hardness of 80A. Its durable wheel gives you different experience of speed.  Its bearing contains 5 speed ABEC. It comes in cool graphic of different types that make it cool longboard for beginners.


  • It is durable
  • Well-constructed.
  • Smooth wheels
  • Decent bearings


  • Grip tape is not so strong
  • Need to adjust truck

13. Blunt cruiser longboard for beginners:

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This longboard is made of durable materials that make it best and manageable longboard for beginners. It comes with 9 inches width with 42 inches length of deck.

It gives smooth and sharp curve due to its strong deck. This unique longboard contains 70mm with hardness of 83A wheels that make is super-fast and balancing. It has 9 faster bearing of ABEC. This ability makes beginner feels like a pro.


  • Fast bearings
  • Smooth wheels
  • Fast in speed
  • Have good grip tape


  • Slightly lose trucks
  • Grip tape is looselyattached.

14. Slendro longboard for beginners:

14. Slendrolongboard for beginners:


This board is a perfect choice for those people who wants to get all the quality and benefits of the best beginner’s longboards with a tighter turning radius. It has 70mm smooth-riding wheels that give this longboard a high speed and helps to take the turn smoothly and easily. Its freestyle decks provide smooth stability and balance when traveling to downhills. This type of beginner longboard has shock absorber rings in it that have the ability to absorb shocks.


  • Perfect freestyling due to chamber concave decks.
  • Have shock absorber rings in it.
  • Smooth riding wheels of 70mm


  • Need to tights its truck manually.

15. Magneto longboard for beginner cruiser:

Magneto longboard for beginner cruiser


Magneto longboard is made up of bamboo. So, if you are looking for an ideal longboard for dancing for starters and new comers then you can choose this one. Itsloaded decks have a high quality of bamboo with measurements of 46inches and 9 inches. These free-style loaded decks help to feel firm and you can take turns easily with fewer efforts.

This beginner longboard looks amazing in its appearance. The bamboo finishing looks too natural and gives a classical look and authentic finishing to longboards. This smooth finishing also does not let the longboard to rub with your clothes when you are carrying them.  It gives you the same amount of grip that other freestyle longboards give. A more interesting thing about this longboard is that it has the same right and upside downside.


  • Perfect for dancing
  • Carving and cutting is amazing due to the high deck
  • Attractive bamboo deck with clear grip
  • The logo remains the same


  • You can prefer the board for freestyle having more longer kick tail

16. Yocaher wolf longboard for beginners:

Yocaher wolf longboard for beginners


This wood constructed longboard provides you better speed and smooth curve with a reasonable price. Its wheels gives you better movement and smooth response because they are larger than other longboards and has hardness of 78A. The length of this board is 41 inches and the deck is made up of natural wood. ITS aluminum decks made this longboard to curve smoothly even on rough surfaces.


  • It is light in weight
  • Cheap longboard for beginners
  • Good stability
  • Durable in nature


  • Graphics are not so good

17. Stained Assembled Complete Skateboard for beginners:

Stained Assembled Complete Skateboard for beginners


This longboard is known as a basic and straightforward longboard among beginners that comes in the category of the best longboards. The width of the board is 8inches and has 7-inch wide aluminum trucks. This balanced weight helps you to stable and controls your body while taking turns. Moreover, it is made of 7 piles of maple wood, which help you to make this longboard durable and strong.

It can bear weight up to 220 pounds. You can have this longboard in many colors and styles too.


  • Good balancing and stabilization
  • Proper contracted
  • Can bear the good weight
  • It is fast


  • It is not so suitable for downhill transport
  • It tends to snap after some time because it is a low-quality board

18. Playshion longboard skateboard for beginners:

18. Playshion longboard skateboard for beginners:


This longboard is consider as anall-rounder longboard that are useable for gliding, skating, and cruising downhill’s. The perfect longboard for smooth turns and curves as well. This longboard has some flex in it and contains 7 bearings of ABEC.

The length of this longboard is 39 inches which carry the weight balance of250lb.moreover its truck contains 7 inch aluminum.


  • Comes different size
  • Has beautiful design
  • Responsible turns


  • Bearings are not so good

19. Toes emporium zed longboard for beginners:

Toes emporium zed longboard for beginners:


The most stylish longboard that comes with reasonable price. It contains a strong deck made pf bamboo and maple. This deck contains 44 inches long deck which provide rider a flexibility during turns.

This board contains the bearing of ABEC7. That is responsible for its smooth turns and balance the body.


  • Comes in a variety of 14 colors
  • Have more than 10 design style


  • Not adequate packaging
  • Wheels need to be tighten

20. Loaded board longboard for new comers:

Loaded board longboard for new comers


This longboard is easy to handle and a well-rated longboard. Its deck board is 42.8 inches in length and 9 inches in width. Due to this length, it gives you good leg space for suitable skating. It is also made up of bamboo. It contains a bearing of a 180mm longboard truck.

It is available in many colors with more flex sizes.


  • good balance
  • properly constructed
  • slightly flexed
  • fast in nature


  • low weight-bearing/limit
  • Cheap transport:

Using a longboard as a transport gives you less time consuming with a cheaper one. It is a hundred times less costly than other transport like bicycle, bike, and car, etc. if you are expert in using a freestyle longboard it is then a great advantage for you to use this almost free of cost transport.

  • Fast speed transport:

If you are finding the best transport with the fastest speed even on uneven surfaces and in uneven roads or downhills areas then you should buy this freestyle longboards so that you can enjoy a speed transport in less time and less money. It is faster in nature due to its small size and weight. Moreover, the most interesting advantage is that you can go where ever we want to go even in traffic through this small transport called longboards.

  • Environmentally friendly:

If you are among those people who are environmentally friendly then came to choose transport like longboards because they work fast without any fuel, gas, oil, and anything. Emitting every bad fuel you can use these eco-friendly longboards with little maintenance for a long time.

  • Workout:

By using longboard as a means of transport it keeps our body and active too. Longboards make your muscles to move ahead so it therefore if you use longboards it will exercise your body without going to the gym and elsewhere. Moreover you get better air and sunlight without consuming a lot of gases fuel and other toxic things.


With this, we finish our article on the 20 best longboards for beginners 2021. Finding the best longboard by using the above guidelines and types you can enjoy a healthy, profitable, and most affordable ride anywhere. By using these guidelines and types you can now have a perfect longboard with fits our personality either you are an adult, kid, beginner, girl, or a man. Because we have varieties of freestyle longboards for our requirements and needs.