What are the Best Longboards? Everything to Know About Longboarding

List of 5 Best Hover board Bluetooth apps

bluetooth app

List of 5 Best Hover board Bluetooth Apps – Hover boards Guide Hoover boards are self-balancing boards and popular as cool transport means from one place to another. Hoover boards are sturdy scooters that provide their user easy, stylish, and fun transport. Hoover boards are trendy, and with the help of Bluetooth apps, they are … Read more

Best Longboard Trucks Review 2021

Best Longboard Trucks Review 2021

Longboarding has seen quite a rise in popularity in recent years. Like skateboarding, it is a more modern and refined version of the sport in fashion in the early and late 2000s. Suppose you’re someone who has dappled in longboarding or is interested in doing so. In that case, you’re probably aware of the fact … Read more

7 Best Urban Longboards Reviews 2021

Best Urban Longboards Reviews

A long board is another type of skateboard that tends to be longer and wider than your average skateboard. Longboards are used for various purposes, for example, just going out for a casual ride or in the more competitive environment such as Downhill racing. The longboard is commonly used for cruising and freestyle riding. Over … Read more

Best Reviewed Coolest Electric Scooters in 2021

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These are plug-in hybrid vehicles with two or three wheels. The electricity is stored in a rechargeable battery, which drives one or more electric motors. Electric scooters are affordable, comfortable, and enjoyable transport options, and the benefits are numerous. You can go anywhere; you can enjoy making local errands enjoyable, fast, and simple on roads … Read more

Kaabo Mantis Electric Scooter Review

kaabo mantis electric scooter review

The streets talk of 2021, the Kaabo Mantis is the choice favorite of people of all ages and class. It is perfect for commuting, outstanding for off-road terrains. Given a number of choices to choose from in the Kaabo series, the Mantis stands out because of its multiple jaw opening features. The Kaabo Electric Scooter … Read more

The Best Scooter Helmets 2021

Best Scooter Helmets

Scooters are becoming increasingly popular for personal use as an alternative mode of transportation. This is primarily due to their affordability and ease of use. Moreover, insurance and licensing requirements are much easier and cheaper for scooters than for automobiles in most countries. Nevertheless, as fun as riding a scooter is, it can also expose … Read more

Best Scooters for 9-year-olds

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When compiling the best scooter for 9-year-olds, we found that it will be difficult to put the document together. The main reason for this is because we considered the safety of your 9-year-olds. However, they would also want to have fun while trying to be safe. So we had to make our list a mixture … Read more

MegaWheel S5 Electric Scooter Review

MegaWheel S5 Electric Scooter

The MegaWheel brand has honed their name in the market in the production of user friendly, top quality, affordable and competition worthy scooters. Little wonder their recently released S5 electric scooter has gained the attention of so many in the world today leaving behind the previously reigning S1MegaWheel electric scooter. We decided to do my … Read more

Top 10 pintail longboards for 2021

Top 10 pintail longboards for 2021

A longboard is a type of skate which is usually longer than the primitively designed skateboards and comes in a wide variety of shapes. This type of skateboard Is usually used for cruising and traveling for a longer distance as it is specifically designed to travel for longer distances with relatively more ease. It has … Read more

The 11 Best Quality Longboards in 2021 Reviews

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In the 1950s when the waves on the Hawaiian beaches weren’t good for surfing, surfers would take their longboards on the streets and cruise all across the town by simply improvising. This act was called “sidewalk surfing.” Longboarding is not just an activity that is fun and thrilling but has also started becoming an addictive … Read more