The Best Scooter Helmets 2021

Scooters are becoming increasingly popular for personal use as an alternative mode of transportation.

This is primarily due to their affordability and ease of use. Moreover, insurance and licensing requirements are much easier and cheaper for scooters than for automobiles in most countries.

Nevertheless, as fun as riding a scooter is, it can also expose you to danger if you don’t give yourself adequate protection when riding.

The best form of protection, in this regard, comes in the form of a good helmet. In fact, it can protect you from traumatic brain injuries.

However, there are many helmet brands on the market today and selecting a good model can be quite difficult for you.

The good news is that I’ve conducted the necessary research and compiled a list of the best scooter helmets in 2021.

Continue reading below for the best scooter helmet review. You’ll also get a buyer’s guide to help you make a wise buying decision.

Review of the Best Scooter Helmets

1. TurboSke Skateboard Helmet

TurboSke Skateboard Helmet, BMX Helmet


Do you wish to buy a good helmet without blowing a hole through your pocket?

If yes, the TurboSke Helmet is the best scooter helmet for you. This headgear comes at a very affordable price and compares favorably with the other helmets in terms of quality.

To start with, it’s CPSC-compliant which makes it a popular choice among safety-conscious riders.

Another of its nice features is the ABS material used in making the shell which is harder than the normal Polycarbonate (PC) material used in other helmets.

In addition, the TurboSke has an expanding polystyrene foam liner which is glued to its inner side to provide more safety.

To be candid, a good helmet must ensure constant airflow around your head. It should have a proper ventilation system to always keep your head cool.

Luckily, this helmet has not less than 11 air vents to do the job.

Also, its air channels are uniquely designed to circulate natural air around your head and push stale air away.

Another good thing about the TurboSke Helmet is that it comes in 2 sizes to fit riders of different ages.

The first type is S/M (with head circumference of 20.5″ to 22.8″), while the second type is L/XL (with head circumference of 22.8″ to 24″).

So you’ve two good options to adjust the helmet for a good fit.

Above all, the TurboSke Helmet is a cool headgear for scooter riders with superb features. It’s a good option for you with little downside. With it on your head while riding, your safety is further enhanced.

KEY FEATURES OF TurboSke Skateboard Helmet :

  • Detachable adjustment system
  • Removable and washable inner liner
  • Durable ABS shell
  • Thickened EPS foam
  • 8 color options
  • 11 vents for airflow


  • Breathable and comfortable helmet
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy maintenance
  • Adjustable to get a snug fit
  • Multi-sports helmet
  • Multi-color options
  • Durable helmet due to ABS shell
  • Certified for safety by the CPSC and CE


  • Strap has no soft padding
2. Apusale Skateboard Helmet

 Roll over image to zoom in Apusale Skateboard Helmet,Kids Youth

Do you want to enjoy biking, cycling, and skating with greater safety? Well, Apusale’s helmet may just be what you need.

Apusale is a reliable name in helmet design and they don’t disappoint in this case. This scooter headgear comes with some outstanding features and advantages that make it a wise choice.

Firstly, the helmet has adjustable straps plus spin dial system for achieving a better fit. For the neat freaks who love to keep their helmets clean at all times, they can easily remove the inner lining and wash any sweat away.

Again, the helmet is fully certified as CPSC-compliant and meeting the ASTM standards. This means that it offers quality protection during accidents.

Additionally, its EPS inner shell and the ABS shell offer greater safety on impact.

Another cool feature of Apusale Helmet is the presence of 12 air vents which help minimize sweating considerably. They also keep your head cool even during rigorous body movement.

It must also be noted that Apusale Helmet is designed to fit different head sizes.

This is made possible by means of its side release buckles. These can be used to tighten or loosen the gear at any time.

In fact, this helmet is highly recommended for scooter riders with an eye for quality at an affordable price.

KEY FEATURES OF Apusale Skateboard Helmet:

  • Multi-color options
  • EPS inner foam and ABS outer shell
  • Multi-sports helmet
  • 12 vents for airflow
  • CPSC-compliant
  • ASTM safety standards


  • Affordable helmet
  • Lightweight helmet suitable for kids
  • Breathable and comfortable helmet
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Boring design
3. Segway Ninebot Bike Helmet

SEGWAY Ninebot Bike Helmet Off Road

Segway helmet is another quality headgear offering protection against crashes when riding your scooter. Sleek and trendy, this must-have safety equipment provides comfort and protection.

It has a one-piece molding structure that makes it a thick, uniform helmet with extra ability to absorb and reduce impacts.

The inner lining in this helmet is a breathable, soft, moisture-wicking material. This makes you comfortable even while wearing it for hours.

More so, the lining can be detached for cleaning or replaced by a new one.

In terms of strength, the Segway Helmet is definitely among the best. The outer shell is made up of PC which is hard to damage on pact.

On the inside, the helmet has an expanded polystyrene liner which is both odorless and non-toxic. Additionally, the material offers essential breathability and resistance to moisture.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all design, this helmet is ideal for different individuals with 22.8″ to 24.8″ head sizes. It has an adjustable spin-dial system and an adjustable on-and-off strap for a snug fit.

Most importantly, Segway’s helmet is CPSC-certified. It has also successfully passed peripheral vision and positional stability tests.

KEY FEATURES OF Segway Ninebot Bike Helmet:

  • Expanded polystyrene liner
  • Polycarbonates outer shell
  • Adjustable helmet
  • One-piece molded structure
  • CE and CPSC certified


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Removable paddings for washing
  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable helmet
  • Excellent shock absorbance
  • Spider web airflow technology
  • Suitable for travel adventures


  • No medium size
4. Outdoor Master Cycling Helmet

 OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

Outdoor Master offers a lightweight helmet designed for kids, teens, and adults alike. The protective headgear features a detachable liner that you can always remove and wash to get rid of dirt. It’s suitable for almost all cycling and skating adventures.

Speaking about cooling, this helmet comes with 12 air vents to cool your head even on hot days.

The gear is made in different sizes of small, medium, and large to fit heads ranging from 19.5″ to 23.6″. It has a double adjustment capability made possible by a skin-friendly adjustable strap plus a durable adjustment dial.

The helmet often provides a good fit on wearing and this can then be adjusted for better fit. Furthermore, the buckle and straps are top notch. Plus it also features a padded area to give maximum comfort.

For those who love beautiful headgears, it also features up to 11 different colors with diverse matte options and it’s suitable for head circumference sizes ranging from 19.5″ to 23.6″ which makes it ideal for both youths and adults.

On the cooling side, the helmet includes a moisture-wicking material to minimize sweat buildup. Its 12 air vents are uniquely arranged in a kind of flower petal shape across the crown. This is meant to circulate fresh air around the head and provide relief from heat.

Talking about safety standards, this Outdoor Master helmet complies fully with CPSC and ASTM safety standards.

With a shock-absorbing EPS core and a reinforced ABS outer shell, this model is definitely among the best scooter helmets on offer

KEY FEATURES OF Outdoor Master Cycling Helmet:

  • Thick EPS inner liner
  • Matte paint
  • Lightweight design
  • Multi-sport helmet
  • Extra removable lining
  • ASTM and CPSC certified
  • Double adjustment straps


  • Dual safety certification
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Improved shock absorbance
  • Awesome ventilation system
  • Durable adjustment dial


  • Boring design
5. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet

 Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Matte

Bell is a top name in the helmet manufacturing industry with over 50 years of experience and a solid reputation for excellence. Bell helmets are notable for their durability, sleekness, and strength.

This particular helmet is no exception: it’s an elegant and reliable headgear for all riders.

Basically, it’s available in different designs including gloss black finishes, matte black, matte gray finishes.

Also, the helmet features a unique aerodynamic outer shell design which allows you to enjoy a smooth ride devoid of wind interference.

Speaking about size, this helmet comes in 7 different sizes ranging from extra small to triple extra-large. This means that there is a fitting helmet for everybody regardless of their head’s size.

One other good thing about this helmet is its visor or face shield. The visor is anti-fog and photochromic which helps to reduce moisture collecting on the shield. This important feature will enable you to see clearly when riding even in foggy weather.

In terms of comfort and safety, the Bell Helmet also compares favorably with the best. The shell is made of PC which is relatively lightweight in size compared to EPS.

Unlike other helmets, the facial pressure it exerts is negligible. This makes it the best helmet for long journeys as you can wear it for hours without any problem.

In addition, its straps have a reliable D-ring lock which ensures that your helmet is tightly fastened to your head. This way it won’t casually drop off in case of any accident.

To ensure air circulation in this helmet, the makers designed it with various air vents positioned all around the frame. These tiny holes enable air ventilation using velocity-flow ventilation technology to cool your head.

A particularly nice feature of its inner lining is that it’s detachable and washable. Therefore it’s very easy to remove dirt build-up and maintain hygiene.

Considering the wonderful features associated with this helmet, I’ll always recommend it as one of the best.

KEY FEATURES OF Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet:

  • Quick-release shields
  • Velocity flow ventilation
  • Integrated speaker pockets
  • Padded wind collar
  • Anti-scratch face shield
  • Removable inner padding
  • Full face helmet
  • D-ring strap adjustment system


  • Interior padding for extra comfort
  • Anti-fog and anti-UV rays visit to boost versatility
  • Relatively affordable
  • Air vents for ventilation
  • Durable PC shell
  • Antibacterial liner
  • DOT approved and CARB certified


  • No chin guard
6. Vega Helmets Warrior Half Helmet

 Vega Helmets 7823-054 Unisex

Vega’s Warrior Half Helmet is another good helmet designed for both sexes and it’s available in different size options. Half helmets of this type are popular for their ability to keep riders cool especially during hot days.

Apart from this, the helmet can reduce rider fatigue and neck strain, due to its lightweight design. Additionally, the half helmet has a special drop-down sun shield to protect your head from flying debris and other elements.

However, it’s advisable not to wear the tinted sun shield at night. This can seriously affect visibility while riding at such a time.

For those who like their helmets to fit snugly, the half helmet is a good option. It offers cutting-edge size adjustment technology. This makes its adjustment dial easy to use for fastening or loosening the padding for a better fit.

Vega’s half helmet also has a liner made of an innovative moisture-wicking fabric. This material will cool your head by reducing sweat build-up.

In fact, helmets that have no moisture-wicking capacity are often discomforting in hot weather conditions. Moreover, the EPS foam used for the shell is very popular for its cooling and impact absorption properties.

Furthermore, the helmet is DOT-certified. It features a thick, dense, and fully-vented liner made of a durable EPS material.

Coupled with these innovative features is its quick-release strap. This tech enables you to fasten or remove your helmet in seconds. Honestly speaking, this is much better than the D-ring strap adjustment system used on other models.

KEY FEATURES OF Vega Helmets Warrior Half Helmet:

  • Size adjustment dial system
  • Multi-color options
  • EPS foam liner
  • Lightweight design
  • Padded quick-release strap
  • DOT safety standards
  • Optically-correct sun shield


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Tech-loaded design
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Quick-release system
  • Adjustable helmet
  • Moisture-wicking capability


  • Not ideal for new riders.
7. Fuel Helmets Open Face Helmet

Fuel Helmets SH-WS0014 Open Face Helmet with Shield, Gloss Black, Small

Although there are different options when it comes to selecting a good scooter helmet, I still believe that price should never limit your choices.

The truth is that you can get a very good helmet without breaking the bank.

One such quality model is the Fuel Helmets’ Open Face Helmet with shield. At an affordable price, you can get this helmet to protect yourself on the road.

The open face helmet is particularly designed for riders who enjoy to feel the wind blowing on their faces while riding on the highway. Its front-brow air vents ensure that fresh air is evenly circulated around your face to minimize heat and moisture build-up.

Besides, the helmet offers protection from environmental elements like dirt and debris.

Similarly, this helmet is DOT-certified, thus making it one of the safest brands available.

Also, it has a screw-on shield which allows faster removal and replacement of the face shield.

Another good thing about this gear is that it features a glossy black color. This makes it suitable for different sizes and styles.

Also, the helmet has an outer shell made up of a lightweight thermoplastic material. This material is strong enough to protect your head from unsavory road accidents.

More importantly, each helmet from Fuel Helmets is shipped in a kind of scratch-resistant helmet bag. This is to ensure the gear arrives in good shape.

Besides, it can be used as a snowmobile helmet due to its lightweight. This means you won’t have to buy different helmets for your fav sports.

KEY FEATURES OF Fuel Helmets Open Face Helmet:

  • Open-and-close helmet with shield
  • Sculpted vent system
  • Clear coated shell
  • Snap-on visor
  • Front brow vents
  • Screw-on shield kit
  • D-ring adjustment system


  • Available in different sizes
  • DOT approved for safety
  • Affordable price
  • Removable and washable cheek pads
  • Multipurpose helmet
  • Offers good ventilation


  • No night visor
8. ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet

 ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle Open

ILM is a leading brand in the scooter world and one with an enviable reputation for innovation. Their half helmet is one of the best on the market today as it’s loaded with some nice features.

Some of these features are the highly durable lightweight ABS shell and the high-density EPS foam. It also comes with a quick-release strap system which is much better than the ordinary D-ring strap system.

This model also features a dual-purpose visor for cycling in the bright sunlight during the day and in the dark at night. This shields your face from flying debris, windburn, dirt, bugs, and more.

Moreover, the visor is also useful in protecting your eyes from the Sun’s UV rays that can affect your vision.

The feature that I find most interesting about this helmet is its unique aerodynamic design. The design enables the air to freely circulate around your head while riding. With this, the helmet won’t drop off your head even at high speeds on the road.

Luckily, half helmet has an inner liner that is removable. This allows you to wash away any dirt on it after long use. The ability to remove and clean the liner is certainly a plus since this prevents mold growth on your helmet.

Above all, ILM’s half helmet is not only lightweight, but also strong enough with an impact-absorbing shell. This guarantees a high level of safety when riding your scooter on the road.

KEY FEATURES OF ILM Motorcycle Half Helme:

  • Detachable visor
  • Comfortable ear flap
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Durable ABS shell
  • High-density EPS foam


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Replaceable visor
  • Affordable price on
  • Tinted sun visor
  • Premium venting for cooling
  • Multi-sports helmet
  • Innovative design


  • High wind noise
9. GLX M14 Half Helmet

 GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter

The M14 Half Helmet is a rather new addition to the GLX helmet series. This helmet is lightweight which minimizes your load, while still offering protection.

The helmet features an innovative design with extensive fabrication and internal padding. It also makes use of a quality inner liner material to meet DOT safety standards.

In addition, the helmet incorporates an integrated sunshield system. This helps to fasten or loosen the helmet quickly. Overall, this minimizes time spent in adjustment and maximizes riding time.

The shield also protects your face from the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

I also noticed that the helmet has extra built-in components designed to house its audio enhancement system. This makes it a favorite among fashionable riders who can’t joke with music.

Another good feature on it is the micro-fiber inner liner which can be easily detached, washed, and replaced.

There is also a premium synthetic leather material along the bottom edge of the inner liner. It enhances its durability and makes the helmet appear fashionable.


  • Quick-release strap
  • Multi-color helmet
  • Multi-sports helmet
  • Lightweight design


  • Breathable and comfortable interior padding
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Meets CPSC standards
  • Adjustable strap for better fit
  • Suitable for kids and young adults


  • Poorly designed chin strap
10. Ouwoer Skateboard Helmet

 Skateboard Skate Scooter Bike Helme

The Ouwoer Helmet is another quality brand that makes the list of the best scooter helmets in the world. The reason for this is not far-fetched: it has excellent features and offers greater protection on the road.

This helmet comes with EPS foam and ABS shell for cozy wearing, without compromising your safety. It complies fully with the highest standards of EN 1078 and CPSC. This makes it a good choice for all safety-conscious riders.

What’s more, Ouwoer’s helmet comes in 3 different sizes with S for kids, M for the youths, and L for adults. So you don’t have to worry too much about whether or not the Ouwoer Helmet will fit your head.

Also, this popular helmet has 13 air vents that enable it to reduce excessive sweating.

Other interesting thing about the model is that it’s very easy to obtain a custom fit while wearing it. This is made possible by some trendy features such as: a crank adjustment dial, 2 sets of padding with different thickness, and length adjustable chin straps.

The chin straps and adjustment dial at the back are fully adjustable to obtain better fit from 360 degree.

Similarly, the chin pads and chin straps are soft and buckle easily. This allows you to fasten or release the helmet without scratching your skin.

KEY FEATURES OF Ouwoer Skateboard Helmet:

  • Interior padding system
  • Crank adjustment dial
  • DOT-certified
  • EPS impact-absorption foam
  • Quick-release strap
  • Injection molded PC
  • Gloss or matte black color


  • Removable and washable padding
  • Different sizes available for snug fit
  • Compatible with Bluetooth
  • 2-layer outer shell for extra protection
  • Integrated sunshades for protection against UV rays


  • Boring design
11. Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

 Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver

This certified version of sweatsaver helmet from Triple Eight is among the best in terms of comfort and protection. It’s widely recognized as the only helmet that offers features like plush sweatsaver fabric with a thick dual-density soft foam.

These fine features are combined with a quality impact-absorption EPS foam. Together, they deliver the ultimate experience in safety.

In addition, this model is very fashionable yet affordable compared to other cycling helmets. For instance, it has a more rounded shape instead of being pointed or oval. This means the visor won’t drop off easily from your head while riding.

Likewise, it has ventilation holes at the top instead of slits used in other helmets.

At the back, it has a neatly carved lip with a reflective logo printed on it. It also has a deep-dish design which enables it to fit snugly on your head. This prevents it from being casually knock off while riding.

Moreover, the model features two different sizes of liners (S and M) for better fit.

Another good thing about this helmet is that it’s extremely comfortable to wear for riders. In fact, its lightweight design makes it ideal for long commutes.

KEY FEATURES OF Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet:

  • Sweatsaver fabric
  • High-impact absorbance EPS foam
  • Deepdish design
  • Available in different sizes
  • Vents for airflow
  • Lightweight design
  • Multi-sport helmet
  • Thick dual-density tender foam


  • Dual-certified protection
  • Simple adjustment straps
  • Suitable for long journeys
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Removable and washable liners
  • Sweatsaver comfort EPS protection
  • Available in different sizes
  • Custom-fit helmet


  • No visor for extra protection
12. LERUJIFL Kids Helmet

 LERUJIFL Kids Helmet Adjustable from Toddler to Youth Size

Are you always worrying about your child whenever he/she is riding a scooter? Perhaps you’re just concerned about the possibility of head injuries in case of a crash.

The Lerujifl Kids Helmet could relieve your worry. This is the last helmet on my list of the best scooter helmets in 2021, but definitely not inferior.

Like the previous models above, this one also possesses excellent features that make it a must-have.

This CSPC-approved headgear is designed with your little kids in mind. This simply means that it can fit perfectly into heads of 18.9″ to 21.3″ in size. In addition, it’s made of a virile ABS thermoplastic material to ensure durability.

The design also incorporates a shock-absorbing EPS inner shell that could minimize head injuries on impact.

Because the Lerujifl helmet comes with adjustable straps, it’ll stay firmly on your child’s head, even during intense rides. Even the straps have a dial-fit adjustment system that maintains fitting as the child grows. Features like this make it the best scooter helmet for toddlers and young adults.

With exciting multiple color designs, it’ll definitely not be difficult for you to find a color that suits your child.

Are you always worrying about your child whenever he/she is riding a scooter? Perhaps you’re just concerned about the possibility of head injuries in case of a crash.

The Lerujifl Kids Helmet could relieve your worry. This is the last helmet on my list of the best scooter helmets in 2021, but definitely not inferior.

Like the previous models above, this one also possesses excellent features that make it a must-have.

This CSPC-approved headgear is designed with your little kids in mind. This simply means that it can fit perfectly into heads of 18.9″ to 21.3″ in size. In addition, it’s made of a virile ABS thermoplastic material to ensure durability.

The design also incorporates a shock-absorbing EPS inner shell that could minimize head injuries on impact.

Because the Lerujifl helmet comes with adjustable straps, it’ll stay firmly on your child’s head, even during intense rides. Even the straps have a dial-fit adjustment system that maintains fitting as the child grows. Features like this make it the best scooter helmet for toddlers and young adults.

With exciting multiple color designs, it’ll definitely not be difficult for you to find a color that suits your child.


  • Adjustable wheel ratchet
  • CSPC approved
  • Air vent holes for ventilation
  • Adjustable pads
  • Shock-absorbing inner EPS foam
  • Head-size adjustment system
  • Multi-color design
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Adjustable dial system
  • Thick EPS core + ABS shell for protection
  • Multipurpose helmet
  • Cost-effective rider protection
  • Extremely durable
  • Premium protection for kids
  • Removable and washable sponge foam


  • On the heavier side

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve a list of the best scooter helmets on the market, are you already thinking of making a purchase?

Wait a minute! Here are a few other tips to help you select the best.


It’s very important to consider the price of a scooter helmet before buying one. My advice for you is to select an affordable option, whilst not sacrificing quality.

To do this, you’ll need to first compare prices on online retail stores. After, you can go for the most cost-effective model on offer.

It’s also worth emphasizing that price and quality often go hand in hand. So don’t just purchase a helmet because it comes cheap. Check the quality as well!


Another factor worth your careful consideration is the brand of a helmet.

Like other consumer goods, helmets come in various brands and models. Some are very good and some are extremely bad. The caveat, however, is that those bad ones can be disguised as good to push sales.

Therefore, you should choose popular brands that come with best-rated accessories. Such helmets have greater likelihood of providing value for money.

In this regard, the best thing for you to do is to look at what other users are saying. Read expert reviews and pay attention to buyer ratings.

Next, ask yourself if a particular brand enjoy rave reviews to warrant you buying it.


Weight is also another important factor to consider before purchasing a helmet. Heavy scooter helmets may seem sturdy and strong. But they can turn out to be a bad choice especially if you’ve to wear the helmet for long hours.

Go for a model that is light in weight and easy to use. This won’t put a lot of load on your head and neck when riding.


Ventilation is another factor to put into consideration.

Full-face helmets can suffocate your head, especially when riding during hot weather conditions.

In this instance, a helmet with adequate ventilation is very important. It’ll prevent you from suffocating and sweating.


The major reason for buying a helmet is to safeguard your head when riding on the road. Therefore, safety should be your No.1 criteria for selecting a particular brand.

A good helmet should be able to absorb heavy impacts in order to minimize your injuries during a crash.


For helmet design, style and color often complement each other. For this reason, you may need to check if the helmet comes in a color you find pretty cool.

Otherwise, select a model that blends perfectly with your attire.

Basically speaking, black shiny helmets look good on almost any outfit.

Here, you’ve the list of the best scooter helmets 2021. You also have a buyer’s guide to help you select a good model for your riding pleasure.  So you’re already better informed about scooter helmets. Whether you want the best electric scooter helmet or a nice mechanical model, use these tips to select one that suits your needs. In retrospect, you know the importance of a quality helmet. A loose-fitting headgear, for instance, is very dangerous. It may cause discomfort, which in turn, could lead to distractions that could cause accidents on the road. Choose quality!