Best Scooters for 9-year-olds

When compiling the best scooter for 9-year-olds, we found that it will be difficult to put the document together. The main reason for this is because we considered the safety of your 9-year-olds. However, they would also want to have fun while trying to be safe. So we had to make our list a mixture of modern-day scooter features and safety. This way you get to make an easy choice when shopping for a scooter for 9-year-olds.

The list of scooters we put together is easy and effective in selecting the best scooter for the girl and boy child. We have scanned all available products and come up with products with fantastic quality and top ratings by users. Our list is made of products for all budgets at quality standards and has been structured to be quick and informative to the reader.

Review of the Beast Scooter for 9-year-olds

1. Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up - Quick-Release Folding System - Front Suspension System

 Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

Lascoota Scooters Details

The Lascoote Scooter for kids 8 years and up is the first scoter on our list. It is the perfect scooter for kids as it offers a mixture of modern features and safety that ensures you the parent have peace of mind whenever your kids are riding their scooter.

This scooter come already assembled so you don’t have to put any parts together before you use this scooter although it has a push up folding mechanism which makes it easy to move around as it’s not too heavy in weight. The design of this scooter for 9 year old boys is made such that the kid can have an effortless ride made possible from wear-resistant wheels which also acts as a shock absorber and help your kids move around smoothly without any hitches.

With this scooter, you need not change scooters as the child grows as the handlebar is adjustable so it can also be used by a teen and an adult.


  • Robust Aluminum & Steel Construction
  • Non-slip, weight absorbing, and extra-wide deck
  • Comfortable rubber handle grip
  • Heat Treated Back Foot Brake
  • Front suspension
  • Push up folding mechanism
  • High-quality wear-resistant PU wheels


  • Requires no assembly
  • Comes with shock-absorbing tires to give kids a smooth ride
  • A reliable brake system that’s easy to use


  • The push up button can be a bit rigid sometimes
  • Can be quite expensive than the razor scooter
  • May not be perfect for players who want to do tricks
2. Albott Pro Scooters Trick Scooter

 Albott Pro Scooters Trick Scoote

Albott Pro Scooters Details

Stunt scooters are one of the most amazing things you’ll see in skate parks. The incredible tricks and sick moves are something you’ll enjoy watching. However, when you have a child who is keenly interested in such activities, you wouldn’t leave them to go try such risky tricks with an ordinary scooter. You need to get them something strong enough to cover for your safety concerns. This is where the Albott Pro Scooters trick scooter comes into play.

The Albott Pro Scooters Trick scooter is quite husky in nature but that hasn’t stopped it from being lightweight in nature due to its sturdy yet lightweight components.  The Albott Pro Scooter has a high-quality steel and aluminum alloy deck and handlebar. The sturdy deck is designed to allow the user perfectly balance themselves while riding the scooter. The deck also comes with well-designed graphics that is quite eye-catching to boost the enthusiasm of your kids

The scooter wheels are made of a PU+PC combination and come with a 7-spoke design which enables users to have safe landings. Asides this, the gestalt has been designed with different profile hardness, dimensions, and cores to enable the wheels have the optimal strength. The wheels have ABEC 7 bearings that provide the riders with smoother trick rides.



  • Requires no assembly
  • Comes with shock-absorbing tires to give kids a smooth ride
  • A reliable brake system that’s easy to use


  • The push up button can be a bit rigid sometimes
  • Can be quite expensive than the razor scooter
  • May not be perfect for players who want to do tricks
3. Hikole Scooter for Kids with 3 LED Wheels

 Hikole Scooter for Kids with 3 LED Wheels

Hikole Scooter Details

The Hikole Scooter for 9 year old girls is another great scooter for kids. It is part of the most secured scooter for kids and toddlers because it is produced with sturdy, high-quality materials to offer a widened pedal, sturdy pedal, or reinforced nylon bass pedal that gives users better durability. The extended deck of this scooter is designed to accommodate kids with a maximum weight of 50kg.

One lovely attribute of this scooter for girl is its smooth LED wheel that comes with flashing mechanisms. This mechanism flashes various colors of lights through the scooter’s three big wheels when in motion. This is such an amazing technology as it also helps the rider ride better and smoothly at the park or night.

This three to twelve-year-old kid’s scooter also comes with adjustable handlebars that are removable. They are quite comfortable to grip that your kid can control their ride easily. Also, the steering has an integrated gravity mechanism that aids in controlling the directions and enabling the safety of your girl while they ride.


  • High-Quality scooter Deck
  • Led Lighting PU wheels
  • Foldable Scooter parts
  • Wide rear brake


  • Three-level adjustable handlebar
  • Led Lighting for night ride
  • Produced with hardened materials to ensure durability
  • Perfect for toddlers and kids


  • No straps to carry parts after removing the parts but it’s still easy to carry
4. 67i Scooters for Kids Scooters 3 Wheel for Toddler Scooter

 67i Scooters for Kids Scooters 3 Wheel for

67i Scooter Details

The 67i scooter offers a different structure compared to the normal scooter for 9 year olds we know. The 3 wheeler comes with two wheels in from and one rear wheel. This structure enables the designer to attach a foot brake on the rear.

The 67i kid’s scooter has a sturdy and durable frame. It has quite a large deck that’s low. The height of the deck makes kids only get to enjoy rides on smooth surfaces and with the height, your kids can easily jump off the scooter in case of an emergency which is quite a nice touch as it aims at ensuring the safety of your kids.

The scooter can carry a maximum weight of 120lbs plus it has a 4 height-adjustable handlebar that allows the 67i scooter for kids to be ridden by kids from 3 to 12 years. This scooter features PU wheels that come with colored LED lighting that power while the wheels are in motion so there’s no need for a battery feature.


  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Lean-to steer gravity steering mechanism
  • PU LED flashlight wheels
  • Wide and durable deck


  • Lightweight, this makes it easy to carry
  • Wide and durable deck
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Colored LED light PU wheels


  • Best used only on smooth surfaces
5. Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean 'N Glide Scooter

 Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean 'N Glide Scooter

Allek Kick Scooter Details

The Allek Kick Scooter B02 gives the user an exceptional experience as it lights up its wheels while they ride on it. This scooter comes with large extra wide front wheels that aid the stability of your kids while they ride and aids them to ride across various surfaces. The thickness of the decker will support your kids even as they grow into their teens.

To disassemble this best scooter for girl and boy are easy and only requires the push of a disassembly button to remove the steering without the use of tools. The wheel of the scooter for 9-year-old has a binding screw that holds the front wheel firmly and prevents it from loosening up or falling out. Its dual rear wheels provide the necessary traction needed to ride this scooter on slippery surfaces.

This traction also prevents the scooter from scratching indoor surfaces while riding. There is a transparent fender brake covers on the rear wheel that aids the rear wheel to stop immediately after the brakes are applied. Your kids can enjoy a smooth ride on the go with better control courtesy of the comfortable nonslip handlebars.


  • Aluminum Alloy T-bar that features nonslip handlebars that is 4 times adjustable
  • Twists stem lock to ensure kids are safe and scooter durability
  • Lean-to steer mechanism to improve coordination and balancing
  • PU LED wheels bright up while the scooter rolls


  • Fender brake system
  • Extra-large wheels
  • Enhanced traction
  • Perfectly safe for kids


  • Lots of plastic materials used
  • Built poorly
6. Razor A Kick Scooter

 Razor A Kick Scooter for Kids - Lightweight,

Razor A Kick Scooter Details

The Razor A Kick scooter is one of Razor’s most popular scooters in their line of production. This model is the first model from the company and what gave birth to the numerous other models out there today. The model is so highly rated in the market that it has achieved legendary classic status.

The design of the model is of high-grade aircraft aluminum and comes with urethane wheels. This classic scooter design is very sturdy and gives riders a comfortable experience while they move around. Regardless of your height, the scooter handlebar is adjustable and features foam grips that enable users to ride comfortably.

To enable the convenience of the user, the Razor A has a t-tube design and patented deck that is easy to carry about. This scooter is the best scooter for 9 years old.


  • Top-quality aircraft aluminum construction
  • Features Razor original folding mechanism for easy and quick carry access, storage, and transport between rides
  • Easily adjustable handlebars
  • Rear fender brakes
  • Urethane wheels


  • Great quality build and large comfortable wheels
  • Can carry as much as 143lbs maximum load weight
  • Patent rear fender brake
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • If used on rough terrain, the wheels may start to disintegrate over a period
7. Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

 Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter - Large 8

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

The Razor A5 Lux is the perfect stunt scooter for kids and teens. The scooter is good looking and highly durable to travel any distance due to its strong aluminum structure. Even your older kids could use this scooter for kids with their younger ones.

The design of this scooter has an aluminum frame with a white body and red and black colored accessories. The different colors mix up nicely to give a smooth Razor A5 LUX scooter. The Razor A5 is highly safe and kids and their older siblings who want a ride on this scooter for 9 year old boys as it has been put through numerous testing phases.

The scooter features a perfectly adjustable handlebar for the age difference in kids. The grip of the handle remains comfortable and easy to grasp while going for a ride, the large deck is big enough to carry as much as 220lbs. Even people with size 12 feet won’t find it hard to properly fit into this scooter.


  • Urethane wheels for an extra smooth ride
  • Easy to fold parts
  • Super strong adjustable T-tube bar and deck
  • Anodized finish featuring bold colors and eye-catching graphics
  • East to adjust handlebars with soft foam grips


  • Extra-large urethane wheels for easy rides
  • Durable and wide decks to nice fit all sizes of riders
  • No assembly required


  • The joints make a little rattling noise
  • The handlebars can be a bit loose
8. WeSkate Scooter for Kids with LED Light Up Wheels

 WeSkate Scooter for Kids with LED Light

WeSkate Scooter Details

Are you looking for a flashy and fun scooter that’s highly effective and won’t cost so much, then you should consider the WeSkate Scooter for Kids. This scooter has LED lights on its wheels that are powered by motion. The Bulbs of the lighting won’t also run out of power as they’re LED lights.

The scooter was built with the safety of the rider in mind.  Its structure is made from aluminum with a natural resistance to corrosion and rust. This scooter is made with quite a slim deck and two-wheel design which makes it the best scooter for 9 year old  to enhance their riding experience.

This two-wheel scooter is designed for kids from ages 3-12 years and quite affordable so they don’t miss out on the fun. You can fold the scooter compactly and keep it safe in your store or carry it along easily. While this scooter offers reasonable value to the rider, its wheels are pretty small.  With these wheels, it can be tricky to gain balance on the move but this doesn’t stop your kids from achieving top speed.


  • LED Light PU wheels
  • Lightweight aluminum t-tube and kickboard
  • Rear fender brake
  • Soft sponge handle grip
  • ABEC-5 High-performance bearings


  • Budget-friendly scooter
  • Easily folds into half
  • Comes with LED PU lights


  • Some reviewers complained about the quality of the product
9. Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

 Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

Lascoota Scooters Details

The Lascoota Scooters for kids is another fantastic scooter from the Lascoota brand.  It is quite a perfect fit for kids from 8 years and above because it comes with ergonomic handlebars designed for hassle-free carrying and steering in the right direction.

This fantastic scooter for girl and boy comes with an adjustable handlebar that enables your kids to use this machine over time. As for longevity, you can be sure that you’re getting value for your money as it is designed with a solid frame which makes the scooter more durable and provides added strength. The scooter designers ensured that they made this machine safe so your kids can get a comfortable riding experience.

The scooter comes with wear-resistant wheels that absorb any kind of shock. There is an expansive deck with a non-slip surface to ensure the stability and grip of the rider. The scooter comes with wide rear brakes that respond fast to halt the scooter. The product is also portable due to the use of robust and light materials to design its frames.


  • Easy steering system
  • Wide rear brakes
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Light and sturdy materials


  • Adjustable height handlebars
  • Can carry enough weight than the ordinary scooter


  • The Aluminum parts may make it louder than other scooters
  • Wheels may scratch indoor surfaces as it has no special nonmarking wheels
  • Maybe a bit heavy
10. Hikole Scooter for Kids

 Hikole Scooter for Kids | Scooters Foldable

Hikole Scooter Details

The Hikole brand is another strong brand in scooter production history that they’ve put out different products in the market. Another one of their products is the Hikole Scooter for kids and toddlers. This scooter for 9 year old helps expands your kid’s athletic skills while building their confidence for more challenging rides ahead.

The body of this piece is made from high-quality aircraft aluminum while its deck is designed with full deck grip tape. Its handlebars are covered with soft rubber hand grips that aid in controlling the movement of the scooter. With this, you can develop new skills and control the scooter’s balance while riding.

The advanced braking system used on this scooter for 9 year old girls makes it quite efficient to handle the rider’s safety while living up to its high standards. The system comes with an anti-rust brake that has high-quality control mechanism which helps to stop the ride smoothly. You can also find a 100mm LED flashlight on its wheels which light up while in motion.


  • Adjustable telescoping handlebar
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Smooth LED wheels
  • Easy foldable mechanism for easy storage and transportation n
  • Rear fender brake


  • Perfect for toddlers and kids between 4 – 10 years
  • Smooth handlebars with padded rubber grip
  • Can carry a 50kg rider
  • LED light for night ride
  • Has a sturdy aircraft aluminum frame that ensures the rider’s stability


  • Don’t have a proper kickstand
11. Razor DeltaWing Scooter

Razor DeltaWing Scooter

Razor DeltaWing Scooter Details

Razor has earned a reputation for creativity with their newest line of scooters. The DeltaWing is part of this new set of Razor’s scooter for 9 year old introduced to the market recently. This scooter redefines the three-wheel scooter and takes it to a whole new level. This scooter is self-propelled so it can easily help your kid become a pro.

This line of scooters offers excellent balance to the rider. The low angle pneumatic front tire and the drop frame allow the rider a smooth trip on a range of surfaces.  To increase its durability and stability, the designers added a steel frame that comes with polymer wings. If your kid enjoys drifting and spinning with a scooter, then this is what they should get as its 125mm wheels give them enough leverage. You also don’t need to worry about the weight reach as this scooter can carry up to 150lbs.

This three-wheeler offers a clean side to side ride and can be used on almost all surfaces. The rider also has absolute control of the wheels so there’s little chance of an accident to occur.


  • 16” pneumatic front wheel
  • Hand operated rubber grips and brake
  • Two low angle casters
  • 2 piece Y drop handlebars and steel frame


  • Offers rider smooth trip
  • The scooter is perfectly safe to ride on
  • Riders would enjoy time spent riding this wheel
  • Assembly doesn’t take much time


  • You have to learn body control or you would fall over easily whenever you go fast
12. Greentest Scooter Foldable Adjustable Height Easy Turning 3 Wheel Scooter

 Greentest Scooter Foldable Adjustable

Greentest Scooter Details

The Greentest scooter comes with three large LED wheels that ensure your kids have a smooth trip when on this scooter.  Asides from this, this three-wheel scooter for girl comes with a sleek foldable design and beat the bar in terms of storage and portability.

Users can fold the scooter into a smaller compact shape by releasing the fastener. This would leave you with the scooter deck which you can carry along or keep in a safe place. The two front wheels of the scooter flashlights when the scooter is in action. This is a feature your kids would enjoy as that can serve as a motivation for them to keep riding.  The wheel’s lighting is not battery powered rather they use magnetic steel.

Besides the sleek design and fun experience, Greentest is quite safe and easy for your kids to use. The design is sturdy and the producers used anti-slip glass fiber strips on the board deck so your kids can’t slip off while in motion. The handlebar is also comfortable to hold without it slipping away from your hands.


  • 120mm LED slashing wheels
  • Anti-Slip Handlebars
  • 4 adjustable height
  • Extra-White fiberglass Zebra stripes pedal
  • Sleek foldable design


  • Quick and easy folding
  • Anti-slip handlebars
  • Battery-free light wheels
  • Good brake system
  • Reliable lock system for the adjustable handlebar


  • The handlebar can be a bit shaky
13. Hikole Scooter for Kids

 Hikole Scooter for Kids, 3 Wheel

Hikole Scooter Details

The Hikole Scooter for kids and toddler girls are among the best and most secure scooter for toddlers. This three-wheel scooter for 9 year old girls is designed with the very best sturdy materials to set up any type of pedal. The extended deck of this scooter can carry as much as 50kg in weight.

Come and purchase this scooter as it offers one of the best awe-inspiring attributes of scooter design in LED light wheels. This feature will become your kid’s favorite part of this system as this light tends to attract kids who always want it on thereby making them ride more.

The scooter offers a removable adjustable handlebar that comes with comfy hand grips which help the rider in controlling their ride. The handlebar has a three height-adjustable level so you can change the heights of this bar to any range that suits you. Get more control of your ride with the help of the integrated gravity steering mechanism which helps in controlling the direction of the scooter.


  • Height Adjustable
  • 4 smooth LED flash wheels
  • Lean-to-steer balancing
  • Removable handlebars
  • High-quality accessories


  • Three-level height adjustable
  • LED flashlight for night ride
  • Perfect ride for toddler girls and kids
  • Designed with tough materials to ensure durability


  • Comes with no strap so may be difficult to carry.
14. Banne Scooter Height Adjustable Lean to Steer

 Banne Scooter Height Adjustable

Banne Scooter Details

The Banne kick scooter is the perfect scooter for your 3-12 years old. As with many of the other scooters on this list, this three-wheel scooter for boy has a height-adjustable feature which is to the advantage of your kid as they use it as they grow older.  One stand out feature of this scooter is its slip-resistant deck. It is not talked about much but this scooter deck goes out of its way to prevent any slipping.

This scooter joins the three-wheel category because of its transitional features which make it perfect for adults and kids. If your kids are not yet sure if they want a two-wheeler or not, then this is the perfect option as it would help them go pro and help their transition stage.

The only part of this scooter that doesn’t give it a good image is its total weight capacity which is 134 pounds. This weight limit is perfect for an average kid but some kids go above that weight limit. To complete the scooter is the lean-to-steer balancing mechanism that ensures control of the scooter and a rear brake system. Ensure to practice safe riding tips when using this scooter.


  • Height adjustable
  • Highly durable aluminum structure
  • Slip-resistant deck
  • Rear brake
  • Lean-to-steer control system
  • Foldable handlebar


  • Colorful wheels
  • Comfy handle grip
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Not perfect for kids with a weight limit that exceeds 134 pounds
15. Hurtle Renegade scooter for Kids and teenagers

 Scooter – Scooter for Teenager

Hurtle Renegade Scooter Details

Are you looking for the perfect two-wheels for your adventurous kids? The Hurtle Renegade two-wheel scooter is perfect for your teenagers. This best scooter for 9 year old comes in different colors and adjustable sizes to make the scooter the best option for your teens and kids.

The scooter comes with a lightweight alloy non-slip deck that comes with shock-absorbing high rebound PU wheels which aid the rider to have a smooth ride. This non-slip deck can carry a weight of 220lbs and offers balance to the rider by accommodating both feet when riding. The PU wheels have a durable ABEC-7 bearing which aids in controlling your ride through the handle. There are protective brake units in the wheels to cut the speed of the scooter when necessary.

There is a lean-to-steer technology that makes sure the rider enjoys smooth and silky maneuvering, stability, and control in any surface as well as urban terrain. Its T-bar handlebar comes with comfy rubber grips to aid the comfort of the user and ensure a quiet, smooth ride.  There are three adjustable heights to this handlebar so it can be used by your older kids.

Asides the above, this scooter feature modern accessories which makes the scooter exciting to use, You can find a front suspension, mudguard protection, foot stand, folding button and reinforced fork features that makes this scooter attractive to riders.


  • Easily foldable mechanism
  • Smooth gliding wheels
  • Lightweight alloy deck
  • Durable ABEC-7 bearings
  • High-quality rear brakes with reflection
  • Lean-to-steer technology
  • Adjustable T-bar handlebar
  • Rubber handle
  • Front suspension
  • Carry strap
  • Non-slip wide deck and foot stand


  • Three variations of adjustable height
  • T-bar handlebars
  • Durable ABEC-7 bearings
  • Extra-wide nonslip deck
  • Shock absorbing PU wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Available in many colors
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Carries as much as 220 pounds


  • Hard to find any cons

Buyers Guide for the best scooters for 9-year-olds

When you want to get any of the best scooters for a girl or boy child you have to consider certain factors because there are many types and different brands of scooters in the market. So what do you look out for?


You need to check the standard of materials used to make the scooter. It is of utmost priority that you confirm the types of material used in making the scooter you’re considering. Ensure that you get scooters made of aluminum frames and thick deck board. Also, consider the environment the scooter would be used on as that contributes to the durability of the scooter.


What type of material is the scooter made of? This should be of concern to you to ensure the safety of your kids. The materials should be durable and strong enough to carry a little above their weight capacity. For such scooters as mentioned above, the materials need to be made for, aluminum alloys or aircraft-grade aluminum or steel. These materials are strong enough to ride on any type of surface and to do stunts.

Weight Limit

The weight limit is another factor that you have to consider. You don’t want to buy a scooter with a lower weight capacity limit than your child’s weight. Therefore you have to make sure of the weight capacity limit and size of the scooter because the higher the weight capacity limit, the better it will be for your kids.


Ensure that the wheels of the scooter are not flimsy and cheap as this would not be helpful for your kids.  The wheels of the scooter have to be firm and solid as they ensure the ride is fun for your kids and also they don’t get into any sort of accident. Wheels are essential parts of a scooter so ensure you avoid low quality or cheap wheels instead go for scooters with wheels that have grip and durability.


You have to consider if the scooter you’re buying has a quick and fast-fold feature so your kid or teenager can take the scooter around with them. The reason why you need to consider portability is that it’s convenient for teenagers to carry around or for a walking distance. The portability of the scooter also makes it easy to move around quickly or for easy transportation or to toss away when not in use.

Frame & Deck Size

The size of the frame and deck of the scooter is also important. Some of the kids are smaller while some are bigger so you have to ensure that the frame and deck size is perfect for your kid so it doesn’t affect their riding experience. You can also get those scooters with big enough deck space to accommodate both legs of your kids when they ride as that can boost their confidence and push them to become a pro as fast as possible.


Safety should be the first factor you should consider when getting any scooter on our list. You should not compromise on this because of any reason. Always ensure the parts of the scooter are firm and sturdy and not shaky. Make sure you look at the quality of your scooter tires, the sturdiness of the material, the quality of the handle, and the stability of the handles.

Outside going over this you need to also get some protective gear for your kids in case of an accident. You need to get stuff like a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and riding boots. You can also ask the store attendant for more protective gear

Age recommendation

The scooters listed above are for kids from 3 – 12 years and above. So make sure you buy the one that fits within your child’s age range so you can minimize the chance of them getting injured.

Adjustable Handlebar

A Handlebar is an important feature of the scooter as it helps riders direct their ride. It only gets better when it has the adjustability feature added to it as it allows your kids to set the handlebar to whatever height they deem fit. So also lookout for this feature if you intend for your kid to use the scooter for a while.

Folding Mechanism

The scooter you want should have a folding mechanism as it is important for the portability of the scooter. This folding mechanism allows the rider to fold the scooter when not in use so they can store it easily. This mechanism also makes the transportation of the scooter easier.

Tips to ride the best scooter for 9 year old

Asides what you look out for when buying a scooter, you need to apply several scooter riding tips to enable your child find riding easy and for them to stay protected.

Always ride with protective gear

The kick scooter is a vehicle that’s totally accessible. Therefore the riders need to wear protective gear to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays or any mishap.

Perform a pre-riding scooter inspection

Don’t just allow your child to ride the scooter immediately it’s delivered. Since scooters are shipped unassembled, some assembly may not be intact. Therefore you have to inspect the sturdiness of these scooters.

Check out their tires

As part of your pre-ride inspection, make sure the tires of the scooter are correctly installed. Make sure to test the tires before your child begins their ride because tire are where the riders receive the most support.

Selecting the best scooter for your kid may not look hard from the outside but I can tell you it’s a lot more than imagined. The best way to select the best scooter for kids is to narrow down the models to the best manufacturer before look at the features and other factors. You can also search by your kid’s needs so you make them happy and keep them safe enough. I believe our buying guide will help you make the right choice when selecting the best scooter for your kids and teenagers.