List of 5 Best Hover board Bluetooth apps

List of 5 Best Hover board Bluetooth Apps – Hover boards Guide

Hoover boards are self-balancing boards and popular as cool transport means from one place to another. Hoover boards are sturdy scooters that provide their user easy, stylish, and fun transport. Hoover boards are trendy, and with the help of Bluetooth apps, they are easy to control and loved by all age group of people. 

Bluetooth apps are not only easy to use and trendy; they also offer numerous features that make the whole experience super fun and entertaining. A durable Bluetooth application helps to control all features and control every activity with the help of your smart phone. 

You can travel in every direction easily with twisting pads and roam freely with flexible options for every user. Not only this you can also check and maintain your speed with the help of Bluetooth applications. Pairing the trendy Hover board with a Bluetooth application will provide you perfect journey with fun and comfort.

Hover boards are available in different colors and styles, and with many features; likewise, Bluetooth applications are also available with hundreds of versatility. It becomes sometimes challenging to select from these numerous apps. Consider it your lucky day you will find the list of 5 best Hover Board Bluetooth apps with a guide here. It will make your selection easy and quick. So let’s get started.

Hover – 1 eagle Bluetooth

Hover – 1 Eagle Bluetooth

It is exclusively made for the Hoover 1 boards. Right after you connect your Hover board with Bluetooth, you will find features on your screen. It will show many things like:

  • Speed of scoter, battery life, and last but not the least LED lights.
  • You can easily access manuals and customer support.
  • You can monitor the temperature, power, and speed of Hover board with it.
  • With the help of the powerful application Hover -1, you know the current TIP, ODO, and much more.
  • You can also control the sensitivity and steering power along with switch machine features.
  • Track recording was never that easy before Hover – 1 eagle Bluetooth App.
  • Track your trips, mileage & use GPS for better navigations.
  • It allows for changing the color of light.
  • In case of any trouble hover -1 eagle Bluetooth application will try to help you diagnose the issue.
  • You can also opt for change into skill level, tripometer, and record routes.
  • The only drawback of this app is; when you connect with the board and use the GPS feature phone battery will drain out very quickly.
Chic hover board app
  • Chic hover board app is also considered among the best Bluetooth applications for Hover boards. It is mainly designed in the Chinese language to help them with a better understanding. Soon after you connect the app with your scooter, it will tell you all the necessary details. Like; battery life manuals, guides, and customer support.  The drawback of Chic app is that it is designed in the Chinese language that makes it exclusive for those who know Chinese. .
TaoTao hover board app

TaoTao Hover Board App

  • TaoTao hover board app is compatible with all types of self-balancing scooters and hover boards. It comes with never-ending features. You name it and find the features in the TaoTao Hover Board app. You can monitor the scooter, configure settings of board, record, and challenge your friends. Some of its excellent features are:
  • You can customize and configure the Hover board and then save it with the password.
  • It will instantly diagnose the Hover board, and you will get all details on your screen like speed, driving force, skill level, distance, battery sensitivity of steering, etc.; by this riding Hover board becomes more safe and comfortable.
  • One of its prominent features is recording the track while riding.
  • Want some fun while riding? TaoTao is providing you with all the fun you need. You can add friends through email and name search then challenge them with different tasks like weekly total distance challenge, 100 meters challenges, 30-second challenges, etc.
  • You will need a good smart mobile phone to run this application. TaoTao occupies only M 40 in a device and requires 4.0.3 or higher version of Android.
GoTrax hover board app

GoTrax Hover Board App

GoTrax is one of the best Hover board and scooters for travel. They are stylish and chic and robust in their feature; only a few hover board apps were compatible with them, and that was causing the problems. Soon GoTrax became available on Apple Store & Google Play Store. Now you can easily control your fleet and get ready to fly. Who said that hover boards are bond to some boring speed and riding modes? Now you can easily select riding modes and tracking capabilities for your hover board model Hoverfly Plus and Hoverfly XL only by using GoTrax hover board app. People who are a fan of space cruising are in love with GoTrax hover board app. You will find many exclusive and interactive features with GoTrax app, like:

  • Now you can shift your fun of hover board gliding into hyper drive with new features and expanded capabilities that are now unlocked by GoTrax Galaxy app.
  • You can control your speed and enjoy the complete galaxy fun with Built-in Bluetooth speaker.
  • Check your speed, battery life, and activate any skill level, including expert riding levels of space travel.
  • GoTrax is on a special mission to make electric Hover & scooter rides more fun, interactive, and boost imaginations & possibilities for personal transportation. 

So what are you waiting for now? If you have GoTrax scooter start your entire journey through the space-time continuum at interstellar like speed.

Lamborghini hover board app

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Lamborghini Hover Board App

If you are looking for a perfect Lamborghini hover board app, then consider yourself lucky. Glyboard Corse – by TwoDots technology is exclusively designed for Lamborghini hover boards and scooters. It’s a super fun app, and it makes the use of hover boards so easy that everyone loves to use it. Some of its exclusive and fun features are:

  • Easy to control and user friendly interface. 
  • After connecting with Bluetooth, you will find numerous things on your screen like, its battery time, track records, track and monitor the speed.
  • Connecting Hover board with Bluetooth app is very convenient. All you have to do is switch on the Bluetooth icon and pair it with the device.
  • You can also set the highest speed level and acceleration. 
  • Monitor and chose the riding skill level
  • It has an excellent steering sensitivity which makes it safe to ride.
  • Connect the Bluetooth and enjoy the music along with your fun transport.
  • Challenge yourself or your friends with daily weekly or instant challenges.
  • You can check your performance, share and track the records with best results.

Let’s put it together:

Hover boards are an incredible way to commute between different places, and the use of Bluetooth apps have made them more convenient and easy to use. Download the best Bluetooth app, which is compatible with your board, and enjoy the fun and look stylish.