Best Electric Longboard for Commuting:

Technology has affected everything around us. Our living style, cooking standards, transport, everything has transformed very quickly. Just take the example of hoverboards and skateboards. A skateboard is a simple board we push or drag by our feet to perform a stunt. They are turned into electric longboard! Technology has evolved everything and implementation on skateboards has made its push toward excellence and incredible changes. Shuffle the memories of your teen ages and remember the sound of big electric motors that make terrible sound – now these motors have turned in to very small size that easily fits into the skateboard. The motors work with a powered battery and now a simple skateboard is turned into an electric high-tech skateboard. Yeah, you are hearing right now you have an electric longboard for commuting!  It is indeed a stylish way to commute from one place to another and enjoy the fun ride.  

Best Electric Longboard for commuting: 

Technology has affected everything around us. Our living style, cooking standards, transport, everything has transformed very quickly. Just take the example of hoverboards and skateboards. A skateboard is not a simple board we push or drag by our feet to perform a stunt. They are turned into electric longboard! Technology has evolved everything, and implementation on skateboards has made its push toward excellence and incredible changes. Shuffle the memories of your teen ages and remember the sound of big electric motors that produce a terrible sound – now these motors have turned in to very small size that easily fits into the skateboard. The engines work with a powered battery, and now a simple skateboard is turned into a high-tech electric skateboard. Yeah, you hear right now you have an electric longboard for commuting! It is indeed a stylish way to commute from one place to another and enjoy the fun ride. 

What is an electric skateboard? 

An electric skateboard is a personal transporter – it is an evolved shape of skateboards. You can easily control the speed by a wireless hand throttle/remote control. Also, you can control the speed and motion by body weight-shifting between the front of the board with motion and rear for barking. Electric longboards are a new form of affordable and fast transportation. These boards are making a magnificent entry in 2 categories – electric vehicle and skateboard. Electric skateboards or electric longboards are fast, fun and more comfortable to ride. 

There are many electric skateboards available in the market but finding something that matches every unique need of the rider is not so easy. I have gathered down a list of the five best electric longboards that would meet the needs and requirements of the majority of riders. You will fell in love with these longboards at first glance for sure. But before getting started here are a few elements that will help to select the best electric longboard for you and your loved ones. 

Features of best electric longboards: 

Wheels are an essential part of electric longboards. In reality, wheels define the actual quality of your longboard, so it is one of the critical components. There are two types of wheels used in longboards: 

Generic wheels mean the original branded wheels, whereas, the clone wheels mean the duplicate or unbranded wheels. 

Clone wheels cannot provide the same sound quality as generic ones. Clone wheels are cheap and available everywhere, but it will affect overall board quality and performance, and you may need to change them often. The clone wheels reduce the mileage, they can easily flake and chip, and most importantly, they can disintegrate which can be dangerous in the long run. 

Whereas, the electric boards with generic wheels give you a better speed, mileage, and are more durable. They will not flicker or get damage quickly that guarantees their long life span. Of course, it cost higher, but it proves to be economical in the long run. 

Battery Cell: 

The battery cell quality is paramount as your longboard speed, and mileage depends on the battery quality. The good thing is when you are going to buy it from some good brand they will disclose the details of battery cell they use in their electric longboards. Do not get confused by the name of the brand battery cell. It is the same as generic and clone wheels. The generic wheel is durable, trustworthy, and long-lasting. On the other hand, a low-quality cell is not reliable, and you will not get the same speed and mileage as it should. 

Once the company discloses the brand, it also elaborates its specs and details. You will eventually get an idea of the quality of battery cells. The low cells should be avoided for many reasons like they can leave a negative impact on motor and smooth-running operation. So, it is not saving a few dollars it is causing permanent damage to your expensive electric skateboard. 

Better connectivity: 

It’s not possible that electric skateboard never faces the connectivity issue even once in their lifetime. It is an unrealistic claim that electric skateboard has 0% communication issue – no matter it is a significant issue or minor one. But that does not mean you should not focus on the connectivity issue – and if you face any issue pay attention to it and check out the customer reviews who use these skateboards. 

Before purchasing, join a group or community forum where you may find the real buyers of the product. There you can post a question about connection issues for the relevant skateboard you are planning to buy. It will also help to get a better idea of skateboards, and you can choose the one with the best connectivity solutions. Moreover, use your judgment skills –opinions can vary from person to person, so be your decision-maker. 

Stability and control: 

Control, stability, and connectivity are interlinked all of these factors make an electric longboard the best quality skateboard. What can be much better than buying an electric longboard with control and quality products? When you have complete access and full control over your electric skateboard – you will have the best life experience. You can analyze different skateboard reviews and read the details of the product but once again be your judge. 

Quality of components: 

Steel is known as the best quality component, but not all type of steel is of the same sound quality. Like, wheels, motors and cells can vary in quality. If everything is best in quality and up to the mark then that makes an electric skateboard the best electric longboard. A longboard price varies according to its quality – so once you buy a cheap electric longboard that means you are purchasing an overall affordable quality product. A longboard is once in long time investment, so it is better to buy something which fits your need and not carry a scrappy bottom useless product. Many longboards are still hitting the market as super hit due to its smooth quality, unmatchable speed, and best wheels. In short, they are famous because they are a composition of the best quality products. 


Brand reputation also states the quality of good electric longboard. 


It is evident that you must buy a skateboard with electric features which is water-resistant. Electrical products need covering from water as it can seriously damage the motor and electric components. But surprisingly most of these boards do not have water-resistant features. It is not possible that you ride an electric panel and jump off every water puddle or walk through places where water is all around. Now think of sprinklers what will you do then? If your longboard is not water-resistant, it will not hurt the board, but you can still have many problems like connectivity and speed issues. 

Portability issues and weight: 

Electric skateboard means to commute. It is expected that people carry longboards along with them while going to the office and up till the public transport station. It eventually means you may need to pick your skateboard in your hands, and it is part of your daily routine. It can be your only way to transport through the city and catch the train. That is why the portability and weight of skateboard are very crucial – it must fit your lifestyle; otherwise, you will have a tough time. A big longboard weighs more, so try to get some medium size boards. An ideal skateboard weighs around 7kg and 27.’’ 

Five Best Electric longboards: 

Here is the list of best electric longboards available on Amazon that fulfills the requirements of the majority of riders: 

1. Electric longboard Hurricane; by Blitzart: 

Electric longboard Hurricane; by Blitzart: 

It is an incredible choice for a fantastic electric longboard. Many features make it prominent and exceptionally unique, like speed and range. The longboard speed rate is about 17mph, and it ranges from ten mph when the battery is full charges. It requires 4.4 Ah batteries, and once it is entirely charged, you can use the longboard for two and a half hours. 

A longboard is stylish and elegant – the deck is premium and smart, and you will instantly notice it at first look. It is durable and robust; the deck comprises six layers of maple wood and two bamboo deck layers with a grip tape. Combining all these materials makes it one of the best electric longboards and ensures the flexibility and durability of the product. The grip tape helps your feet to stay on board, and you may not slip from it. For controls, it comes with a high-tech wireless remote. The remote itself is beautifully designed, and you will find it very easy to hold it. One of the unique features of the longboard is that it can run on the reverse. 

If you are looking for flexibility, nothing can beat Blitzart longboard. There are two modes to choose from speed. You can start without any stress, and it does not matter that you are an expert or a beginner. The longboard also has a function that easily lets you ride on and ride off from the skateboard. Moreover, it has an integrated 350-watt motor running on brushless hub technology. It is high-tech technology which is much better than the belt-driven motor. It offers you a smooth and comfortable ride. 


  • Are you excited about your new board? You must be, but soon after you receive the box, you may have to assemble the board. Worry not; Blitzart skateboard is fully assembled when you receive it. So all that is left is order, receive, open, and ride.
  • The strong motor and other features ensure a smooth ride and speed you never expected before. 
  • Not only are the components high-tech, but the construction of the skateboard is also sturdy and durable. It ensures its extended-lasting attribute. 
  • The wireless remote control, better connectivity, and stylish design make it one of the perfect choices. The remote control is easy to hold – you can conveniently accelerate and decelerate the skateboard with reverse features. 
  • Two-speed modes are quite helpful for beginners and expert riders. It is also one of the best electric longboards off-road. 


  • The remote control is prone to stop working at any time.

2. Electric skateboard with Dual Motor and wireless remote by Teemgee 

Electric skateboard with Dual Motor and wireless remote by Teemgee 

Electric skateboard by Teemgee is an exceptionally stylish and lightweight skateboard. Teemgee claims that this electric longboard is the thinnest and smartest one found in the market today. And it is true – it is one of the most delicate and lightweight electric longboards. The lightweight and small size ensure extra flexibility to the board. 

Not only is this, but the motor of the skateboard also one of the best features of this smart skateboard. If you are in love with powerful engines, it can be your choice. It has two motors with 380 watts of power. The longboard motor enables your skateboard to run at a speed of 22 M per hour maximum. An engine alone is nothing without a high-tech, fully functional battery. Usually, the skateboard batteries are quickly drained when you are riding them at a fast speed. But not this one; it is a smart and efficient skateboard with long-lasting battery power. The technical specification from the company’ guide the skateboard consists of thirty-six v. lithium-ion power battery. That eventually means the battery will keep you running for two hours when it is fully charged. 

Not to mention the structure of the skateboard is firm and robust. It is extra speed, extra smart, and it is not wrong to say that it will be your partner in all types of hard and soft times. It is a combination of both functionality and form. The ply-board of the longboard is made of Canadian maple wood and fiberglass. It can easily withstand a weight of more than 200 lbs. 


  • The skateboard is a durable and sturdy construction and will be your company for a long time. 
  • It has a smart and ultra-thin skateboard. 
  • The extra thin feature provides its elegant flexibility, and it is easy to carry along all day due to its lightweight. 
  • The wireless remote is stylish and provides you with more control; it comes with the LCD Screen. The screen helps to change the speed, reversing, and directions with convenience. 
  • The Teenage electric longboard is a fantastic gift for Christmas and birthdays. Give your kids, friends, and teenagers this unique skateboard and be a part of their happy memories forever. 


  • The skateboard might not stop after you have dropped the remote.

3. Outlaw Swagboard by Swagtron: 

Are you in love with the longboards, which are tough and offer a strong and robust look? Of yes, the Swagtron hoverboard suits you the best. It is one of the best skateboards that fit the majority of riders. It does not matter you are an expert or just starting your riding journey. The hoverboard can withstand a weight of around 420lbs. It means it is best for people with a heavyweight. 

The longboard is designed for all types of users. While structuring, it has been considered that the board withstands harshness. It has large gigantic tires that suit the durable construction of the board. While riding this rough and tough electric skateboard, you can easily pass through challenging passages, and you can easily handle it. Moreover, you will be as comfortable as you are on a smooth road. 

How can a board excel in the ride without a strong battery? When your hoverboard battery is fully charged, the board’s range can be more than twelve miles. Additionally, your skateboard will able to run at speed around twelve mph. The hoverboard makes every terrain easy, and it can also rise to 12 degrees that make it excellent for many applications. 

The intense electric longboard is not complete without a robust motor – Swagtron board has three hundred watt engine. 


  • It is a hoverboard for all riders and easily withstands a weight of around 420 lbs.  
  • Best for all shapes and sizes – also, it is fun for both pro and beginners. 
  • An electric skateboard structure is strong and durable, and it has large best quality tires, which ensure a bumpfree ride.
  • The intense electric longboard comes with dual motors for extra mileage and smooth speed. 
  • It is one of the best electric longboards off-road. The hoverboard can incline up to 12 degrees and provide you smooth and bump-free ride. 
  • It is a self-balancing ride, and you can play music via Bluetooth to rock and ride every day. 


  • The battery takes time to charge, but you will enjoy one of the best rides once it is set.

4. Electric Skateboard Cruiser V1 by VOKUL: 

Electric Skateboard Cruiser V1 by VOKUL

It is an incredible skateboard that offers perfect seed and range. When your hoverboard is fully set, it can range for more than ten miles. The maximum speed of this incredible hoverboard is more than 13 mph. The electric skateboard requires 4.4 Ah lithium batteries, and it can work for around two hours when it is completely charged. 

The electric longboard price is affordable, and nothing is comprised of quality. 

VOKUL electric longboard is unmatchable for its strength and durability; the deck’s construction has seven layers of maple wood. The skateboard easily withstands 200 lbs weight. The wheels of the board are built on innovative technology and materials. Wheels ensure a bump-free ride and stability.   


  • Skateboard quality and durability is unmatched. 
  • Hoverboards with good quality are famous for high prices – but this skateboard is cheap and best quality. 
  • The electric longboard motor is based on high –tech hub technology with 350 w. It means the range of your board can be a little higher than others.  
  • You can gift this incredible hoverboard to kids and teenagers. 
  • The battery can withstand up to 2 hrs. 


  • The reception of signals is not reliable and gets weaker often in remote locations. 

5. Electric longboards by RazorX: 

Electric longboards by RazorX

It is one of the most affordable models of hoverboard on our list. If electric longboard price is your issue, then worry not – RazorX Cruiser is available as electric longboard for sale price. Now you can buy a hoverboard in the range of 250 USD. Amazingly, the quality is quite good as compare to many Hoverboards.  

The budget-friendly hoverboard runs on a 125w motor, and the battery can last for more than forty minutes. 


  • RazorX electric longboard is durable and long-lasting. 
  • It has high-grip wheels that make it a safe hoverboard off the road, and there are rare chances of any trip or fall.
  • It is an incredible gift for kids and teenagers who are starting their journey as a beginner rider. 
  • The skateboard can withstand 220 lbs weight. 
  • This budget-friendly electric longboard has stability features – the wheels are high-grips and made on innovative technology. 


  • There are no options of running in reverse with this electric longboard.


The electric longboards are not the best transportation option through hills, but they are one of the best electric vehicles for towns and cities.