Best Longboards For College

If you are looking for the best longboard for college, then you are in the right place where you learn all the basic information about longboards. Longboards help students to cover long-distance traveling in universities or colleges. Without spending enough money, you can travel around campus in shorter time than walking. 

College students also have fun while cruising. With thousands of products available in the market, this buying guide helps you to find the perfect longboard. 

Longboards are preferred over skateboards because longboards have larger deck which makes it easier for beginners to ride. The wheels of the longboard made the ride smooth and comfortable for longdistance. Students can ride on crack and jumps without any disruption. 

Longboards can be used to walk around the school and covers long-distance traveling in a short time. So, one can reach in class on time. It makes day by day travel easy and saves your energy.  

Through this review you can have the best longboard to ride to your classes, having a great time on the walkways and around the grounds. We have listed the best longboards below that are appropriate for college students. 

1. Atom Drop Through Longboard: 

Best Longboards For collegeAtom Drop has a high reputation in the market and it is quite affordable for college students. Because of its 40 inches length and 10 inches width, it has a large deck that is used by large feet. 

It has different colors that make it look cool. This longboard has ABEC bearings made of rubber that provide a lubrication effect and keeps the ride smooth and safe without any problem. 

 It comes with 7- inch aluminum hangers and a grade 8 reverse kingpin truck. The large wheels help to ride on the up and downs of the road and pass the cracks and jumps with great ease.  

Maple wood covered the deck and has a great design. It comes with a heat transfer feature. After making a few adjustments, it can give you effortless cruising. It has a durable 80 grid silicon carbide grip. 


Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • Comfortable and Smooth ride
  • Highly Durable
  • Atom Drop is lightweight
  • High recommended for beginners and intermediates.
  • High Traction
  • Perfect for Cruising


  • It has limited cons
  • Bearings Issue.
  • Trucks issue.

2. MBS All-Terrain longboard: 

longboardMBS is all made for college students because it is smooth and joyful to ride and opens a new door in the life of skaters. It has a low center of gravity as it comes along with 10 ply maple drop deck. 

If we talk about trucks, a 190 mm navigator drone helps the rider to make the cut and turns more precisely. This longboard comes with 100mm threaded wheels makes the ride comfortable and much easier. 

The All-Terrain wheels allow the impressive turning and roll over everything without any issue. It is perfect for beginners because of its lower deck and makes control much easier. Its impressive size and flawless features make it the best choice for college students. 

Its wood deck allows you to ride for a longer duration.  

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • Perfect balance 
  • Easier ride on cuts and jumps 
  • Easy pushing  
  • Low center of gravity 
  • 190mm drones truck 


  • It has zero cons. 

2. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard: 

 This longboard has a straight deck and solid wheels and its multifunctional features and impressive structure makes it worth buying for college students. Its deck is 27” long and 7.5” wide which is best for free-riders. 

This longboard has top quality material. This longboard has a tight turning radius. If you want to do the trick of weaving through people then what are you waiting for? Pick this longboard without any doubt. 

The longboard comes with 59mm 78A PU wheels that allow you an easier and comfortable ride. It has a high-speed lubricant and smooth bearings which offers high speed. If you like high-speed cruising then look no further buy RIMABLE drop through longboard today and enjoy the game. 

It is easily pushable as it has a low center of gravity deck. It offers a larger turning circle. 

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • Best free-rider deck 
  • Smooth ride 
  • High speed 


  •  Skills are needed to enjoy it fully. 

3. Sonoma State University Longboard 

If you are searching for a good college longboard then you are in the right place. This longboard has a presentation deck that guarantees a superior reaction. It additionally has an airborne quality that makes it durable.  

For the individuals who are searching for a longboard that is perfect and never compromises on quality then this longboard is the thing that you need. This item has an ideal appearance that lets you enjoy your riding.  

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • Complete response 
  •  No danger of falling
  •  Concave shape 
  •  Aerial street surf 


  • Not use for outside campus 
  •  Not best for children 
  • Needs some skils. 

4. Magento Longboards: 

This bamboo longboard offers you dancing, downhill, cruising, carving, and freestyle. For those riders who need high speed, this longboard is perfect. It has ABEC 7 bearings inside wheels which allow a comfortable ride. 

The board comes in a couple of different designs. All of the designs are cool. The deck has top quality materials which is a mixture of Canadian maple, bamboo and fiberglass, and carbon fiber. This material makes the longboard durable and comfortable. Magento is a premium quality longboard and is the perfect pick for most aggressive riders. 

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • Best for freestyle, dancing, downhill. 
  • Easy ride 


  •  Its bearings are not of good quality. 

5. Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard: 

If you need the best longboard for college, this is all you need! 

Its plastic deck, this is lightweight and very simple to ride. It has 3.15″ trucks with 90A orientation and 59mm delicate wheels with a 78A durometer. This Longboard is perfect to do insane stunts. Either you need to do some insane stunts this is the best choice for you. 

It is ideal for amateurs and cruisers who need to appreciate fun rides. This longboard is 22 x 6 inches long. This implies it can move you for quite a while with perfection and agreeable mobility. It gives joyful ride and easy for beginners. 

On the subsequent spot, It keeps the Vinyl Cruiser Plastic complete skateboard for its toughness as it accompanies a fortified material of infusion shaped hard plastic deck. You can feel the quality when you keep it in your grasp.  On the off chance that you are style mindful, this item encourages you out with a coordinating sound system shades free in the crate.  

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • Top-notch quality 
  • Durability 
  • For a long time ride  
  • Comfortable and smooth ride 


  •  It has zero cons. 

6. Volador Longboard: 

Volador is 42 inches long in length. This Longboard is absolutely remarkable. Valador comes with the best features which one person needs in the longboard. The deck of volador is covered with top material quality like Canadian maple It has 8 ply that makes it lightweight, strong, and durable. It can absorb shocks. The radius is small and the board comes up with various colors combination.  

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • Top-Notch quality. 
  • Cheap price 


  • Bearings are not reliable.

7. Sector 9 Complete lookout / Sector 9 Steady: 

 Sector 9 is free to ride a longboard, has the capacity of cruising crowds and downhill too. The 78 a wheel has ABEC grease ball bearings made it smooth and perfect for cruising. The deck of sector 9 is 42 inches long covered with 7 plies of Canadian maple. It’s the double kingpin and large deck with ERG integrated grip tape that provides high stability and traction. 

It is the perfect option if you can handle the size and perfect for beginners because it has enough space for foot placement. This is the best longboard for college students because of its maneuverability. It comes with a kicktail that helps you to get down and grab up the board. 

It has multiple functions because of its structure and parts. In the truck, 9.0 inches gulling sidewinder present that causes it sturdy and controllable. This longboard is good to go with for college students. 

It is quite an expensive pick, but once you purchase, you will never regret it. It is worth buying. This board is suitable for everyone as it has a smooth ride even at high speed. It has bamboo material.  

All skill riders can use this longboard for their college. It has sector 9 grip tape, Sector 9 hardware, and sector 9 risers. 

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  •  Fast and smooth ride. 
  • Top rate quality 


  •  Sector 9 complete comes with one color only. 

8. Globe Skateboards Sun City Complete Cruiser: 

This skateboard is stylish off all. It comes along 30 inches in length and 9 inches in width. It is best when you want to get to class on time and wins the race. Its grip tape is “leaf styled”. If we talk about trucks, it has Tensor Alloy trucks. 

This longboard consists of a Hawaiian pattern, nice graphics, and creative design. TKP trucks are light in weight. It has a unique feature tic-tac left or right and a kicktail feature to pick up from the ground. This cruiser has a small wheel which is its disadvantage. Still, it is worth buying because of its structure and truck quality. 

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • High-quality truck 
  • Creative design 
  • lightest 
  • Comfortable ride 


  • Small wheels 
  • Pricing 

9. Sola Longboard: 

Sola is an attractive yet stylish longboard. The important features make the ride stable and easier to push as the deck is dropped mounted because where a person is standing is lower than the truck attached to the deck. It helps the rider to push easily and foot brake.  

This longboard is used in long-distance and perfect for beginners because of its lower surface. It is covered with bamboo maple and clear grip tape. The wheels are 78a and help in road pavement and debris too. It is quite affordable. You can go with sola if you want a budget-friendly cruiser. 

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Easy to ride 


  • It has zero cons. 

10. Penny Cruiser: 

Penny cruiser is light-weight and required a little storage. It is adjustable under the desk in class too. The most important feature which makes it different from others is its deck style that is made of high-quality plastic. Because of this plastic penny is light-weight and flexible. 

Its flexibility makes the ride more easy and comfortable. It has grip tape which holds your feet in place and its deck feature provides a shock absorbers effect. 

What’s more, since its plastic, the deck doesn’t get harmed by water or warmth like normal decks. It additionally has a waffle design up top rather than grip tape to give your feet the grasp they need for support.  

This causes them flexible while cruising – so you can zigzag all around swarms. All things considered, they aren’t that agreeable to skate for a really long time, however, they are a decent decision if you need something only for the portability and transport viewpoint.  

The pricing is very costly. However, you get an excellent deck that can withstand a wide range of misuse. You can likewise utilize the downpour as well – if it’s all the same to you supplanting (or keeping up) your orientation occasionally. In case you’re skating in a wide range of conditions, it’s a decent longboard to get 

Have A Look At PROS & CONS


  • High-quality plastic 
  • Flexible and controllable


  • Expensive 

Things to consider before buying the best longboard : 

  • Size of the truck: Truck style (reverse kingpin and Traditional Kingpin) and its width/ angle must be checked. RKP is best for most cruising and TKP is best for downhill racing. 
  • Wheels: Over 65 mm wheels provide a smooth ride but large wheels are difficult to push. The softer wheel allows shock absorption.  
  • Deck Shape: The board will be more stable If the deck size is bigger and the wheelbase is longer. The higher the deck it is harder to push and the lower the deck is more stable/pushable. The deck should be flexible either rocker(downward curvature) or camber( Upward curvature). 
  • Budget: Everyone has not enough money to buy to meet their desires. There are some mid-ranged longboards, which you can keep eye on them before buying the best longboard for college. 
  • Appearance:  Keep in mind the while buying a longboard must be considered it looks stylish because it reflects your personality. when you are riding on campus, the board is appealing. The colors should never fade away after a few rides. 
  • Security: Must cover the face while the ride. Use a full helmet face when you are going downhill. No need to cover this full face while simple cruising uses a half faces helmet. Never ever compromise on safety measures.  

 Industrial standards certified these helmets. If you are a college student, your safety is very important. Helmets prevent injury because you didn’t skilled enough and chances of fall may also occur. 

After your safety, Longboard safety calls up. Maintain board of longboardKeep a tool kit with you and tight or lose it when required. 

Clean the bearings on intervals it keeps the wheels away from locking and gives you a smooth ride. 


We hope all the above information gives you details which you have to consider before buying the longboard for college students. There are multiple benefits if you have your own longboard. 

Buying a longboard is a good decision, as it releases great stress from a student’s life. Moreover, it helps to increase your productivity; you went to class on time and fell less tired. On the other hand, Cruising is joyful in college. You can get any of the abovementioned longboards for your college as all of them are durable and affordable.  

If you have experience then sector 9 steady is a top pick. It is easy for newbies and they can easily ride longboard because it has wide space Longboard boosts up your confidence as you communicate with more skaters and riders in schools or packs. It helps you to keep active. 

It converts a short distance campus. Size, wheel, deck size, cost, and materials must be considered before buying the best longboards. 

You just have the right information before buying the longboard and make your life easy by the top pick.