5 Best Long Boards For Kids 2021

The definition of “cool” has changed tremendously over the years for youngsters. With the passing by of each generation, the trend has also varied with what the new generation wants to use. Where supercool cars were the cause of popularity for the older generation, motorbikes became the next ruling vehicle for the young crowd. The journey from then to now has taken a sharp turn where the current generation loves bicycles and longboards. 

Longboarding might not have been the most famous option in older days when it came to skating. However, in today’s time, longboarding has become a popular and adventurous venture for the youth. Choosing the best longboard might be a difficult decision when a plethora of unique options are available. Skating is a personal luxury thus requirements for everyone differ. Longboards tend to come in various varieties for example colors, shapes, sizes and so you have to look at each one to select the best one for your child.

 Durability and sturdy materials such as maple are often selected for beginners as they are suitable for high speed. At a beginner level, support and balance are the two most important things to keep in mind. Many people have different goals when it comes to physical activities. For some, its health benefits, traveling, adventure, cruising and lost more. It is important to decide what your goal is while buying a longboard in order to get the best suitable one for yourself. One longboard while might be good for downhill and carving might not be good for regular use around the campus or on a rocky area. For children who are more interested in being active and are sporty then longboards are the best option for them. Longboards are fun yet challenging and can give a tough time to beginners while being an intimidating sport option. This might also be a fun yet a skill-based activity that your child could indulge in during their summer holidays. 

The way learning how to ride a longboard can be an overwhelming experience so is finding the ideal one with so many competitors in the market. If you are a busy parent and do not have much time to spare then our guidebook is the right place to look as it will provide you with the necessary details required while buying a longboard.

Here’s a list of the top 5 high quality and affordable longboards for kids:  

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

If you are looking for the topmost longboard for cruising and carving for your child, then the white wave bamboo longboard is one of the best options out there. The cruiser has a kicktail which helps in doing tricks and hopping curbs. The increased durability and exquisite designs on the top and bottom of the longboards make it a popular choice. The high-quality components used to assemble this longboard have been chosen specifically to enhance the riding experience of kids. 

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (Missile)


  1. The size of the compact cruiser is very appropriate for beginners. A short yet wide, spacious platform is provided to the rider by the 28 inches long and 8 inches wide longboard.
  2. The deck comes with a raw finish of multiple layers of bamboo mixed with Canadian maple
  3. The graphics on the top and bottom are quite simple and a clear grip is utilized so it shows through.
  4. The kicktail allows the rider to perform many tricks and also increases the maneuverability of the longboard.
  5. The rider can easily be saved from wheel bites because when turning fast or around a tight corner, the deck has wheel flares to prevent wheel bite.
  6. The longboard has aluminum trucks that are 5 inches with a polished finish and they have ultra-high rebound bushings.
  7. In the longboard, you can find rebound urethane wheels which are 60 mm tall and 45 mm wide.
  8. ABEC – 9 Hellion 2 bearings are constructed and also have built-in spacers.
  9. Small wheels and a narrow truck allow the longboard to be pushed easily, to take turns easily, and be maneuverable.
  10. The longboard is also lightweight which is an ideal feature for a child. 
  11. There is no looseness, the rider can easily carve.
  12. There is no resistance from the bearings and it is fast enough.
  13. The deck is very sturdy and is able to lift up to 300 lbs without snapping the deck.


  • The wood is of great quality and the designs are minimalistic, simple, and elegant.
  • The artisan bamboo provides a good finish on the deck (high-quality components).
  • The turning response of this longboard is very high.
  • The stability and grip are high and the control eases the learning.
  • Good truck. 
  • For kids, this is an ideal board as it is very lightweight.
  • The ride using this board will be very smooth.


  • An upgrade is required on the slow bearings

Kryptonics SpongeBob 36″ Longboard

Is your child ready for an amazing adventure with SpongeBob and his friends? For new riders especially kids, the 36-inch Kryptonics SpongeBob Longboard Skateboard is perfect for those who want to roll through Bikini Bottom on their own SpongeBob Square Pants Skateboard! This brand is a renowned brand which has always impressed its customers with the best of the best longboards. This longboard has been in demand since a long time and has gotten many high ratings due being the perfect and affordable longboard for children.  An excellent space is offered for sure footing and provides enough space for younger riders to grow.  This longboard is more eye catching for kids as it has one of children’s favorite cartoons drawn on the board. The best part is that this longboard comes fully assembled so you will not have to do any hard work to put all the components together. 

Kryptonics Spongebob 36


  1. 36 inches maple longboard which comes with all high quality components.
  2. The durability of this longboard is more because the deck is an 8ply maple wood deck which is thick it is very wide as it is 8.275 inches wide. This gives the rider ample and comfortable space to stand on. 
  3. You do not have to put in a lot of effort while moving this board around which makes this a suitable choice for kids and also provides a smooth ride due to being a longboard which is round pintail.
  4. The longboard is shiny and black in appearance with a yellow SpongeBob image sticker to make it more appealing and memorable for children. 
  5. The polyurethane poured wheels are 65mm x 40mm and also have ABEC – 5 bearings which are made of carbon steel and they aid in providing a smooth ride.
  6. The aluminum trucks are polished and are 4 inches with urethane brushings that are 88A and are soft.
  7. Rapid speed and more weight are supported by the angled riser pads which are 12mm.
  8. This longboard supports weight up to 220 lbs.
  9. Nice SpongeBob print on top and on the bottom it has the logo
  10. The longboard is suitable for children 8 years and above.


  • The longboard turns well.
  • It is safe and suitable for kids as it allows for a smooth ride.
  • The board is not too costly so it will not cost you a fortune to surprise your kids.
  • The deck is not easily breakable so you can still perform tricks and stunts. 
  • The design made on the longboard is exquisite and very eye catching.
  • The longboard allows riders to balance well which makes it an even more safer option for your kids.
  • The longboard is good and can easily be operated by both newbies and experts riders. 
  • The longboard rides well on the road as well as off road.
  • The bearing reduces the speed which allows beginners to be in control of the longboard
  • The durability and easy to ride and turn quality makes it worth the price factor.


  • This longboard discourages activities like carving etc.
  • The grip of this longboard is not too good as customers have complained that it is not so sticky.
  • Even after minimal use the material starts peeling.
  • The wheels are super tight to the extent that they do not even spin properly.
  • Drop down rides are not suitable with this longboard. 

Rimable drop through longboard

The drop-through longboard design is very speedy which is 41 inches. Keeping in mind balance, this model was designed in a way to provide steadiness and stability. The decks of this board are solid and usable. The longboard is beginner friendly and is capable of doing amazing tricks. In this price range, the longboard serves to be quite good. This longboard is suitable for all age groups especially children in particular because it is safer for them. 



  1. The Rimable longboard is a 9ply excellent quality board with all components which are remarkable. The deck is quite catchy due to the good looks of the deck. 
  2. The dimensions of this longboard are 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. 
  3. The stability provided by the reverse kingpins which are used for the 7-inch aluminum hanger trucks is great
  4.  The bearings of this longboard are ABEC 11 and they are highly lubricated making them fit well in wheels.
  5. It can carry up to 250 lbs which is great for heavy riders.
  6. The highest quality materials are used in this longboard to support the amount of weight it is supposed to bear. 
  7. Due to the great spinning PU wheels and lubricated bearings, the board is considered to be very speedy. 
  8. The bearings can be tightened to provide more stability and stiffness. 
  9. This model does not need to be adjusted a lot.
  10. It is an appropriate choice for cruising and going downhills.


  • There are a variety of colors available in this model of the rimable longboard. 
  • The longboard is very easy to turn and move to make it an appropriate choice for children.
  • Safety comes first and that’s why this option is suitable for your children as Wheel bites can be avoided.
  • This longboard is an excellent choice for beginners as all its features make it quite easy to use and safe at the same time.
  • The longboard has a Grippy grip tape.
  • The longboarded will be provided with a smooth and steady ride
  • The board is strong as it is able to carry a lot of weight and it will not break either.
  • For children looking for adventure, this is just for them as it is a fast longboard so speed will not be an issue.
  • The decks of the longboard are of solid quality.


  • The wheels of the longboard are hard.
  • Not ABEC 11 bearings and some customers have forged a complaint about the noise produced by the bearings. 

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Feel the flow by dropping this board low. This board is a great option for going downhill as it provides maximum stability. It is a perfect choice for your child to use while going to school/college as the longboard is great for covering long distances (ease of pushing). This board is 41 inches and had a variety of amazing features that make this board an exceptional one. The drop-through truck mounting system is featured which is a plus point for freeride skaters. Longboard can push their boards as much as they want when it comes to going down on slides swiftly and can drift around curves.

Atom Drop Through


  1. The board has the ability to carry 250 pounds making it suitable for heavy riders.
  2. It is more durable due to the solid maple construction.
  3. It offers a limited one year warranty.
  4. ABEC 9 bearings are used in this longboard which makes it very speedy. Ride more and push less. 
  5. The longboard provides superior control while Turning, riding, and doing tricks due to being mildly concave. 
  6. The best riding experience is gained due to the cast ivory white wheel which is 70mm by 51mm PU. 
  7. Riding the skateboard is extremely comfortable due to the polyurethane cushions. 
  8. It has an 80S grip tape on one side while the other has full-color graphics.
  9. The deck tends to crack even if you are not too heavy or use it less.
  10. While doing the downhill carving, stability is great due to its Ultra-low design.
  11. Even on rocky surfaces, the standard wheels are shock absorbent and extremely smooth.
  12. The deck allows the long border to avoid wheel bite as it has an exclusive perimeter shape. 
  13. More leverage is offered in deep turns due to the wheel cutouts and unique deck perimeter. 
  14. The hardwood deck will provide maximum flexion to young riders making them feel control over the board.
  15. Smooth and crisp ride with this atom drop deck longboard.


  • It is a lot easier for kids to push this longboard effortlessly. 
  • This longboard provides more stability for downhill rides.
  • Your child will not have to worry about wheel bites while carving.
  • The structure is long-lasting even when using it constantly or for a greater mileage
  • The bearings used for this longboard are excellent. 
  • The wheels and trucks of this longboard are solid.
  •  The atom drop deck longboard can carry a heavy load and can be driven on various terrains.


  • Unfortunately, the deck of this longboard is not fantastic. 
  • Some people have complained about the deck being breakable. 
  • The paintwork is also not the best out there. It is a little sloppy.

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser

The 39 inches Playshion Drop through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser is a multifunction longboard that allows cruising, sliding, downhill, carving, freeride, and freestyle. This longboard is best for children as it is beginner-friendly but we do suggest wearing a helmet at all times to prevent any injury while doing fun tricks. The brakes and push are more easily to apply due to the deck being close to the ground which is another reason why this Playshion drop through freestyle longboard is a solid option for kids. Now parents do not have to worry as your child will be safe will riding this longboard due to the many features will are beginner-friendly.

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser


  1. The Playshion drop through freestyle board is 39 inches long and 9.1 inches wide.
  2. The longboard has a clear grip spraying on the top.
  3.  The deck on the longboard is made from 2 ply bamboo and flexible 5 ply maple.
  4. The board is sturdy and flexible as well as it can hold up to 250 lbs of weight which is a plus point for heavy riders.
  5. The longboard consists of PU wheels which are big and soft. The dimensions of the wheels are 70x51mm 
  6. ABEC – 9 bearings along with big wheels provide more stability and give more control. 
  7. For comfortable longboarding Solid 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks are put inside the longboard which is well made and equipped with soft bushings. 
  8. High-quality components are used in this longboard which makes it suitable for both experts and beginners. 
  9. The board is perfect for those who want to do freestyle tricks so if your kids are interested in showcasing their skills then this longboard is a suitable option. 
  10. If you want to make adjustments then the skate tool which comes along with this is very handy. 


  • The longboard has a good grip tape 
  • It comes with a skate tool that allows adjustments to be made according to your own requirements. 
  • The Playshion longboard can lift a good amount of weight which makes this more suitable for heavy riders.
  • The longboard offers a more smooth and safe ride.
  • The longboard has many colors available for your child to pick and choose from. 
  • Excellent trucks and wheels 
  • The improved grips provide a safer ride as it is easier to control the longboard 
  • The brakes are easier to apply which makes this more beginner-friendly 


  • The longboard is not ideal for a lot of tricks


As you can see there are many best longboards for kids in the market but we have selected the best 5 for 2021 out of which you can choose which one is best for your child. When it comes to children, safety is the first and foremost concern of parents. Thus we have chosen longboards that have good and lightweight wheels so that wheel bite can be avoided and at the same time your child is able to do all the fun tricks they have been wanting to do. They do not have to compromise on showcasing their skills as they can easily do them now without any worries. 

Carving, downhill, drop-through, cruising all is possible now with these limited yet best choices in the market. In this buying guide, we have provided all the necessary details that you will be interested to look at while buying a longboard for your child. Perhaps you can gift them one on their birthday as well and surprise them with their favorite longboard. 

With so many versatile longboards available in the market it can be a quite hectic process to find the right one without ending regretting spending your money. Now you would not want to waste so much money, would you? Therefore we have made this process easy for you by already selecting the 5 best longboards for kids and you just have to see which one suits you the most. These longboards are favorites of the masses and are best reviewed amongst all so pick anyone you like without any worries. 

We would love to hear your feedback if you buy any one of these boards on our recommendation.