Best longboard for tricks

The longboard is mainly designed for downhill, freestyle riding, tricks, and speed.

Longboard ride is fun, thrilling, exciting, and much more. When you are cruising downhill on your longboard, you will feel the breeze of freedom and adventure immersing all your body. Longboard riding is not only a fun journey; it is one of the great ways of commuting. Traveling to public stops is fast and exciting with the help of longboards. Freestyle ride will give you control over any riding style – cruise curve or do tricks along on streets; it is all about your choice. Skateboard tricks are a popular way of having fun, and there are many exclusively designed longboards for tricks.

We usually roll on our longboards to go from one place to another; where is the fun when there are no tricks involved. Tricks are technical stunts people perform on the skateboards besides classic rolling. One can perform numerous tricks on the longboard; it all depends on what the trick is, how easy or difficult it is, and who is acting it, a beginner or a pro. Most importantly, not all longboards are helpful in tricks.

You can perform many tricks on longboards, simple freestyle skateboards to dancing tricks, and transition stunts to street performance. You may need the right amount of skill and expertise to perform all these tricks on any longboard. But when you are a beginner, make sure to take start with one trick and choose the best particular longboard. Different types of skateboards work best for different styles of tricks.

When you prefer a particular style, choose the longboard accordingly. You can select different decks like hybrid, nimble and smaller decks or go from smaller to medium balanced drop-through decks that come with slide-able wheels and functional kicks. Want to have more fun? Then go for a significant dancing type of deck and fun with cross-stepping and board walking while carving.

Whether you are a beginner or you are a pro in longboard rolling, you may all have the secret wish of performing tricks on your favorite longboard. To do stunts on longboards, you may need the best longboard for tricks; also, you need to practice and become an expert to do these tricks. When you are an expert in tricks, you can perform it on any longboard; until then, make sure you selected one of the best longboards for tricks.

The question is, how do you select the best longboard for tricks? Mostly, freestyle longboards are the best choice for tricks, but you can trick on type of longboard with time and experience. The longboards come in various sizes and have many features; these features can help you decide which longboard is best for tricks. Freestyle longboards are usually long, and that is why people prefer freestyle longboards. The shape of the longboard and the wheels’ size also let you determine which one is best and which can be left out. There are three popular types of tricks, and you might need different longboards for them until you are expert and brave enough to take some risks. Here are those three styles:

  • Hardcore style of skating and street riding tricks the longboards with the hybrid size is ideal for these tricks.
  • Are you looking for something with freestyle tricks? Try twin kick drop thoroughly balanced longboards and get started with your fun.
  • We all love dancing and flatland tricks on the longboard; go for some top mount longboard to allow yourself in a world of zest and fun.

Where to buy these longboards for tricks?

There are always two places to buy a virtual market that includes Amazon and a local longboard shop nearby. You can go to a local shop and buy the one which makes you most comfortable. Remember that comfort is the first step to learn tricks on longboards. Buying from Amazon gives you privileges like buying the best one after regarding reviews and analyzing among different. Moreover, you will find branded longboards with high quality at very reasonable prices. Please ensure that you have bought it after looking out for return and exchange policies (if you do not feel comfortable, you might need to replace or return it).   

Best longboards for tricks

So what are you waiting for now? Here is the list of the best longboards available on Amazon.

1. Slendor longboard skateboard for Freeriding and tricks

1. Slendor longboard skateboard for Freeriding and tricks

Slendor longboard is an ideal choice for all who want to get all typical drop-through features with a tighter turning radius. The whole structure, make and made of the longboard is perfect for everyone. If you love cruising or rolling downhill in speed or do some turns and curves with style and do street skating – everything is possible with Slendor Freeride longboard.

The deck of Freeride longboard is made of high-quality maple. It is 42 inches long and 9 inches wide. The rolling tires are high rebound PU wheels 70mm and provide you ultra rolling resistance. It is a beautiful and elegant drop through longboard with unmatchable features. Every material is the top-notch quality, like aluminum trucks, carbon steel bolts, and ABEC 11 high-speed chrome steel bearings. Now you can enjoy the fast, smooth, speedy rides without any hindrance.

The color design and pattern of the longboard are unbeatably good. Wheels are also colored to contrast and match with the skateboard design and color patterns. When you have everything excellent in your longboard, then you can explore the longboard features at best. The drop-through skateboard provides extra stability and makes it perfect for downhill, and it is easier to push less for longer distances. You can also kick it around your campus and enjoy the whole day.


  • The deck is an essential part of the longboard the make and made; its structure helps determine the riding style. It has nine-ply Hardrock maple in the cold press and epoxy glue and environmentally friendly. It will ensure flexibility and stability.
  • The longboard deck is a drop-through cambered deck. It provides you excellent flexibility and shock absorption – so now you can ride with ease even on minor bumps.
  • The longboard is mainly designed for downhill, freestyle riding, tricks, and speed. The longboard turns, and curves are convenient with its excellent trucks and adjustable options. The longboard is suitable for those who love thrilling sports.
  • A smooth ride is possible with the right wheels and good quality trucks along with deck durability. The wheels are PU 70x51mm 85A with a strong rock finish. The material absorbs the shock and provides excellent cushioning, and adds comfort to your ride downhill.
  • The Trucks and bearings are high quality – the truck structure is good quality alloy aluminum that can adjust to 45 and 50 degrees. Forty-five degrees are most compatible with smooth turns, and 50 ensure good speed. ABEC 11bearings of high-speed chrome speed ensure the excellent rate, and all these factors help for better control over your longboard.


  • Wheels are tight, and you might need to grease them.
  • Avoid riding it on steep hills.

2.Freeride longboard for cruising longboard by Volador:

Freeride longboard for cruising longboard by Volador

Looking for something with excellent engineering features, Volador longboard can be one of your choices. It will provide you smooth and joyful ride with good speed and ease to do tricks. The deck is strong and durable. It has a cambered drop-through 42-inch extended deck. The structure consists of cold-pressed 8-ply maple wood. It has superb features of physical performance like it is flexible, shock-absorbent, and unmatchable strength.

Typically a skateboard has a wheelbite problem, but this longboard is designed in such symmetrical shape to avoid it from any angle. Now what is left is full control over your longboard best turns and curves, have fun with extraordinary power over your skateboard, and do the tricks you want.

An excellent longboard is a combination of top suitable quality materials. All of the hardware material is of top quality. It has aluminum trucks (genuine) steel bolts of carbon and ABEC-9 steel bearings. The wheels’ structure is high-quality PU material, so they are going to stand with your longboard for a long time. The longboard is made to enjoy the environment, fresh air, and immerses in the beauty of nature. So we make sure that the material used in the making process is environmentally friendly. It is made of sustainable maple wood using methenal-free glue. Now you can enjoy nature without damaging its beauty.

The longboard design is a piece of art itself – the Volador has strived to bring the best designs inspired by different cultures, and there are more than 15 designs available that may suit everyone’s taste. You will find the longboards suitable for all – girls, boys, kids and teenagers. The artistic designs do not fade quickly so that you can enjoy the aesthetic of skateboard for a long time.


  • The longboard has a durable and robust structure. It has a 42-inch longboard deck, which makes it spacious to place your feet and do tricks. The deck is camber drop through – made of maple wood cold-pressed in 8-ply. All of these features provide it excellent flexibility and shock absorption features alongside durability and stability.
  • The wheels are made of high-quality PU material to let you enjoy an unsuppressed smooth ride. Wheels are large in size and durable.
  • Trucks are made of original aluminum 7 inches with reverse kingpin type and adjustable 45 and 50 degrees that help you provide extra control over your longboard. The Bearings ABEC 9 ensures a smooth and fast ride.
  • There are varieties of artistically designed longboards available in the Volador skateboard Freeride longboard collection.


  • You might need to replace the bearings sooner than expected due to their slightly low quality.

3. Longboard for tricks and freestyle riding by SHIJING:

3. Longboard for tricks and freestyle riding by SHIJING:

SHIJING longboard is an excellent choice for every adult user. It is a complete longboard that comes with anti-skid straps at your service. You can roam in the city, do some tricks and dancing or go to your work and the public train station. Wherever you go or whatever you do, all you will have is fun and enjoyment with this exciting longboard.

The longboard deck comprises nine layers of Canadian maple wood that makes it extra healthy and exceptionally fit for stunts, tricks, and dancing on your skateboard. It is one of the safer and secure longboards for tricks. Due to heavy construction, it is suitable for a weight of around 440 pounds. It has high tech sinusoidal braking system that helps to slow down and slip with safety.

The longboard is highly resistant to sand, waterproof, and water non-slip. The wheels are made of high-quality PU material. The genuine leather is used to make wheels that ensure their quality; it also halves the cost of repeatedly changing.

The longboard is an excellent choice for adults and kids. The size is perfect for adults and experts, whereas the brake helps control the speed, which is a good option for beginners.


  • The longboard provides you extra stability and durability. The nine-ply of northeast maple wood makes it the perfect choice for tricks and dancing on your skateboard. It also makes it withstand heavyweight up to 200 kg.  
  • The wheels are made of good quality leather that makes them more durable, and you may not need to change them sooner. The trucks are made of alloy aluminum, bearings ABEC 11 so that you can roll downhill smoothly and at fast speed.
  • The shape and size are equally helpful to all age groups, so now you can gift it to your kids or use it for yourself while going to your work or public transport stations.
  • The longboard comes with brakes, so you slow the speed and then stop. It is a good option for those who are new and still in the phase of learning tricks and longboarding.
  • The longboard is a durable and stylish choice; you will love to ride and do tricks on this longboard at the beach or in the rain as it is a highly water-resistant and sand resistant choice.


  • The longboard bearings might need a quick change.

4. YVX Longboards – Complete Skateboard for all:

4. YVX Longboards - Complete Skateboard for all

Best longboarders know one thing for sure there is no fun in riding without any joy involved in the process. YVX longboards in 42 inches are among those longboards which provide you fun, action, and amusement with features favorable for dancing, cruising, and downhill rolling.

The construction of the longboard is eight layers of Canadian maple wood. That ensures its durability and also makes it the right choice for tricks and dancing on the longboards. When we are talking about stunts, tricks, and dancing, it means you need extra grip on your longboard. The longboard surface has sandpaper that provides its non-slip features and firm hold on the board to ensure safety. The longboard deck is 42 inches, and the skateboard can withstand weight up to 150 kg. That eventually means it is the right choice for both youngsters and adults. However, the style and design of the longboard make it an attractive option among teenagers.

A longboard is nothing without the right wheel, and YVX aims to provide the best solution for longboarders. It has high elastic good quality PU material wheel in large size 80A. The trucks are made of alloy aluminum, and it has silent bearings ABEC 11 that makes it super fast.

The longboard is suitable for action riding skills like fancy brush street, sliding, Carving, flat flower, dancing, street riding, sport, fitness, and the list never going to end. So when you are looking forward to fun riding, why not chose this complete longboard. It is the right choice for beginners and experts.

The design of the longboard is elegant, modern, and sleek. You will instantly fall in love with its modern artistic graphic designs on a black surface base.


  • The longboard has a cambered drop through 42-inches extended deck that comes in 8-ply hard Maplewood. The size makes it suitable enough for all types of riders. The eight-ply wood is ideal for action rides, and the drop-through feature provides its stability and shock absorption. It is the right choice for long-distance riding.
  • The wheels are big and come in high elastic matte. They provide a good grip on your performances and highly durable with better stability and right balance when you are doing high-speed stunts.
  • The longboard is remarkably best in performance with ABEC 11 chrome steel bearings, and all features together make it withstand heavy weight up to 220 pounds.
  • It is a safe and secure choice for everyone, from beginners to experts and from kids to adults.


  • The longboard is not water-resistant.


There is no fun without tricks on longboards, and now you can choose the best from the list to start your fun-filled journey at once.