Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop Down Through Longboard Review

Product Name: Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop Down Through Longboard
Brand: Yocaher
Length: 40.75 inches
Bearings Rating: ABEC 7
Wheel Diameter: 70mm
Wheel Width: 52mm
Durometer Rating: 78A
Trucks: HD7 Heavy Duty
Kicktail: No
Shipping Weight: 10.0 pounds
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The Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop Down Through longboard is an unique longboard in that it combines both the drop down and the drop through mounted deck configurations. This type of deck mounting configuration is also known as the double drop. This setup makes this Yocaher longboard extremely versatile in the sense that it can handle almost any type of riding style with the exception of freestyle/dancing as it does not have a kicktail.  More specifically, it is also designed to be able to provide great stability at high speeds, making it a great board if you’re getting into speedboarding. The Yocaher Punked Lowrider longboard comes in 29 different designs for you to choose from. Aside from its unique double drop deck configuration, this Yocaher longboard showcases 70mm by 52mm wheels with a durometer rating of 78A, HD7 heavy duty trucks, ABEC 7 chrome bearings as well as premium grade Black Widow grip tape.

The key features of this Yocaher longboard are discussed further below.

Key Features of the Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop Down Through Longboard Review

  • Double Drop Deck Configuration. This longboard’s deck is mounted in a hybrid configuration, incorporating the drop down and drop through configurations. For those of you who are curious, this is why it is named the “Lowrider.” For pre-assembled longboards that are currently in the market, this deck mounting configuration is quite unique in the sense that it is pretty uncommon. The nice thing about having a double drop deck configuration is that it feels super stable while riding on this longboard.
  • Huge Variety of Deck Designs. One of the key features that you’ll notice right off the bat when trying purchase this longboard is its huge selection of deck designs. All in all, there are 29 different designs to choose from!
  • Concaved deck.  The concavity incorporated in this deck, coupled with the double drop deck mount provides maximum stability, which is extremely crucial at high speeds.
  • ABEC 7 Chrome Bearings. The chrome bearings that come with this longboard are rated as ABEC 7, which means smaller tolerances.
  • Heavy Duty Trucks. The Yocaher longboard is equipped with 9.675-inch heavy duty trucks with which have 180mm hangers.
  • Premium Quality Grip Tape. This longboard’s top deck surface is equipped with Black Widow Premium Grade 80A grip tape to provide maximum traction between your feet and the board.
  • 70mm Q-Ball Wheels. This Yocaher longboard comes with 70mm wheels which have a contact patch (wheel width) of 52mm. The durometer rating on these wheels are 78A.

Let’s now take a look at some the pros and cons for the Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop Down Through longboard.


  • Double drop deck mounting configuration provides maximum stability for the rider, which is essential in downhill riding and speedboarding.
  • The deck is concaved for added stability.
  • Extremely flexible feeling longboard.
  • Durable, premium and long lasting grip tape. While most longboards come with generic types of grip tape that usually don’t “stick,” Yocaher ensures that the grip tape for this board will last you a long time.
  • Easily find a design that matches your preference. With 29 different deck graphic designs to choose from, everyone will certainly find one that suits his/her preferences.
  • Versatile board suited for individuals who want to cruise and carve, but are also looking to explore freeriding and downhilling in the near future.
  • Reasonably priced for the features this longboard showcases. This double drop longboard currently has a price tag which is certainly fairly inexpensive compared to higher end boards.


  • As in many stock bearings that come with pre-assembled longboards, the ABEC 7 chrome bearings that come with this longboard have been reported to demonstrate subpar performances.

Insider Tips for the Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop Down Through Longboard

Changing out the stock bearings with bearings as inexpensive as the Bones Bearings which are highly recommended. This swap in bearings translates to less friction between the longboard’s wheel and axle, and consequently, a smoother riding experience.


Overall the Yocaher Punked Lowrider Drop Down Through longboard is an awesome, versatile longboard that has a double drop deck mounting configuration. All of these, coupled with its relatively inexpensive price tag makes this longboard extremely attractive to beginners, intermediates and experts alike. The maximum stability you’ll experience while riding this longboard due to its double drop down deck configuration, deck concavity and premium quality grip tape makes it an ideal board for downhill riding and speedboarding. Overall, this is one of the most versatile yet inexpensive longboards around. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to purchase a longboard.