Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Review

Product Name: Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer
Brand: Santa Cruz
Length: 43.5 inches
Bearings Rating: ABEC 3
Wheel Diameter: 65mm
Wheel Width: 44mm
Durometer Rating: 78A
Trucks: Bullet B150 Black Cutback Trucks
Kicktail: No
Shipping Weight: 9.0 pounds

The Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer is one of Santa Cruz’s best-selling cruzers/longboards/cruisers. It is a 43.25-inch pintail shaped board that is HIGHLY rated among skaters.  For those of you who are curious, the pintail shape longboard deck is a surf-inspired shape that you’ll find utilized on this Santa Cruz board and many other cruzers/cruisers. The Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer is designed to provide riders with a fluid, surf-like balance when carving because of its pintail deck shape. This Santa Cruz board is not only looks amazing, but they’re the perfect cruzer for the chill, island lifestyle. The Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer showcases many different unique features that make it one of the best longboards in the market today.

Key Features of the Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer

  • 100% North American Maple Deck. The Mahaka Rasta’s deck construction includes 100% North American maple wood which not only provides rigidity to the board, but also makes the board very durable.
  • They’re Cruzers! Santa Cruz’s product description emphasize that this is a “Cruzer” rather than a longboard. In fact, there are only minor differences between a cruiser and a longboard. Cruisers/Cruzers are typically designed for use on level terrain when compared to longboards which can be used riding on hills.
  • ABEC 3 Rated Bearings. This Santa Cruz cruzer comes with ABEC 3 rated Bullet bearings which are pre-lubricated for a smooth riding experience.
  • High Quality Trucks. The Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer comes with a pair of high quality Bullet Trucks Cutbacks B150. These trucks have an axle length of 9 inches and are designed for carving and to provide maximum stability. These trucks have a reverse kingpin configuration and retails at premium price.
  • 65mm Diameter Wheels. The 65mm Road Rider wheels included in the construction of this cruzer has a durometer rating of 78A. These wheels are translucent green which matches with the deck design, and has spray on grip for an added “soft” feeling.


  • Good and sturdy deck construction. This board supports weights of more than 250 pounds!
  • AMAZING looking board. This Santa Cruz board looks amazing and while riding on it, it gives you the feeling like you’re being on a surfboard!
  • Premium quality trucks for a smooth riding experience.
  • Great wheels for different terrains. If you’re using this board as a commuter board, the Road Rider wheels are fairly soft that it easily and smoothly rolls over gravel and other common surfaces you’ll find in the city.
  • Made by Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is undoubtedly one of the best longboard brands out there and have been in the skateboarding business for more than 40 years!
  • Perfectly designed for cruising around. Everything from the deck construction, to the truck and bearings selection in this board complement each other to provide an extremely satisfying riding experience.


  • This isn’t really a con, but be sure to have a skate tool when you purchase this board as a few individuals have reported finding the trucks to be too tight or too loose.

Insider Tips for the Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer

The Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer comes assembled and provides a very smooth riding experience straight out of the box. If you’re an enthusiast looking for an EVEN smoother ride, one thing to change out are the bearings. Most people who did change out the bearings for this board report an improved smoothness in their rides on this board.


We HIGHLY recommend the Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer as it is one of the best longboards out there (note that we had previously gone over some of the best longboards here and some of the best longboard brands here). This is reflected in the number of people who purchase this board every year as well as the overall great ratings it receives. This cruzer looks amazing and rides amazing given that Santa Cruz has done an excellent job in incorporating the components that were used in this board. This Santa Cruz board is probably one of the smoothest boards you’ll ever ride straight out of the box.

Our verdict? Buy it if you are going to be cruising around a lot or will be using this board as a means of transportation. Again, all in all, an excellent board by Santa Cruz.