Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard Review

Product Name: Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard
Brand: Yocaher
Length: 27 inches
Bearings Rating: ABEC 5
Wheel Diameter: 62mm
Wheel Width: N/A
Durometer Rating: 78A
Trucks: 5-inch Two Tune Black Trucks
Kicktail: Yes
Shipping Weight: 7.0 pounds; Item Weight: 7.0 pounds

The Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard aka Banana Cruiser has been around for a while now and is still one of the best rated mini cruiser longboards around. This mini cruiser longboard is suitable for those who are looking for a commuter board for transportation as well as for cruising. The Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard comes in1 5 different colors – red, black, blue, green and brown (natural wood) and measures 27 inches in length by 8 inches in width. Because of its shorter deck length when compared to other longboards, the Yocaher Mini Cruiser is extremely lightweight, making it a perfect choice for those who need to carry it around on buses and trains. This mini cruiser longboard is a great choice for anyone looking to spend as little as possible and is not looking to perform any freeriding or downhill rides in the near future.

Let’s now take a look at some of the features that make this Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard highly rated among many people who have bought it.

Key Features of the Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard

  • Hard Rock Maple Deck Construction. This mini cruiser longboard’s deck is composed of maple wood which makes it strong and sturdy. It doesn’t flex which is ideal for maneuvering around crowds and tight spaces.
  • Inclusion of a Kicktail. This board has a sturdy board with a kicktail that is nice to have whenever you’re going over larger cracks or going up the curb.
  • Super Lightweight. This mini cruiser longboard is extremely lightweight, weighing a mere 5.05 pounds. This makes it super easy to carry around which is perfect for those of you who want to cruise on this board, or use it as a means of transportation.
  • ABEC 5 Rated Bearings. The Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard comes with ABEC 5 rated bearings which means they are manufactured against a somewhat decent precision standard.
  • 5-inch Trucks. This board comes with a pair of 5-inch Two Tune Black trucks. The truck width for these trucks are somewhat small, allowing for a better, more responsive turns when compared to standard truck widths. The only tradeoff with having a small truck width is stability.
  • 62mm Diameter Wheels. The 62mm gel wheels included in the construction of this mini cruiser provide a good “gripping” to the riding surface. The diameter of these wheels mean that it is quick to accelerate by is rather slow in terms of speed. These wheels have a durometer rating of 78A.


  • This longboard is extremely compact and lightweight. The 27 inch, 5.05 pounds mini cruiser longboard is the perfect solution if you are looking for a compact and lightweight board.
  • The board rides great. Many people report a positive cruising experience with this Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard.
  • Perfect commuter style longboard.
  • Inclusion of a kicktail.
  • Great maneuverability and agile turning. The design of this longboard with the inclusion of a kicktail, a short deck length as well as trucks which are not wide make this board easy to maneuver and easy to turn on tight corners.
  • Inexpensive and a great longboard choice for at a cheap, entry-level price point.


  • The stock bearings are of subpar performance. Many people agree that the ABEC 5 rated bearings that come with this longboard do not perform very well as it does not efficiently reduce friction. A good majority of people report that changing out the stock bearings with Bones Bearings, which are really affordable, make a huge difference in terms of the smoothness of their rides. A change in the bearings also allow for a greater distance travelled given that the bearings reduce the friction at the axles.
  • Wheelbiting could be an issue when riding on this longboard.

Insider Tips for the Yocaher Mini Cruiser Longboard

Be sure you have a skate tool in hand when you try this longboard out for the first time after your purchase. Many people have found that loosening the trucks made riding on this board a lot smoother. Another insider tip is to get shock pads/risers to not only ride smoother, but to also eliminate any wheelbite issues you may experience on the Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard.


The bottom line is that the Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard is a great and inexpensive board. As beginners who have just got into longboarding usually start with cruising/commuter style riding, this board will perfectly meet those needs. It has a great price point for beginners on a tight budget. In conclusion, the Yocaher Mini Cruise longboard is a perfect commuter board and for those looking to cruise around with their longboards.