Quest Formula One Downhill Longboard Review

Product Name: Quest Formula One Downhill Longboard
Brand: Quest
Length: 34.5 inches
Bearings Rating: ABEC 5
Wheel Diameter: 70mm
Wheel Width: N/A
Durometer Rating: N/A
Trucks: 7-inch Aluminum Trucks
Kicktail: No
Shipping Weight: 8.65 pounds


quest longboard

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The Quest Formula One Downhill longboard is a 34.5-inch longboard which allows for downhill riding. This longboard features a multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful Artisan bamboo deck, rugged 7-inch aluminum trucks, durable 70mm PU wheels as well as the Unique-Inch Open Wheel-Inch” downhill styling. While this is listed as a downhill board by Quest, it can also be used for cruising and carving which are riding styles that people commonly get into when they first longboarding.

What makes this Quest Formula One longboard unique? Below we’ll discuss some of the key features of this Quest longboard.

Key Features of the Quest Formula One Downhill Longboard

  • Hybrid Deck Material. This Quest Formula One longboard’s deck is made up of a combination of bamboo and hardwood maple material. Just like other Quest longboards, the bottom layer of the longboard deck’s construction is made of bamboo. Bamboo adds a little more flexing capability for the longboard while the hardwood maple layers above it provide rigidity and durability.
  • Rugged Aluminum Trucks. The Quest Formula One Downhil longboard features 7-inch rugged aluminum trucks which perform well for a stock component.
  • ABEC 5 Rated Bearings. ABEC 5 precision bearings which are manufactured against a somewhat average precision standard are used in this Quest longboard.
  • 70mm PU Wheels. The 70mm diameter polyurethane wheels that come with this longboard are durable and long lasting. No durometer rating for these wheels are listed by Quest, but the wheels on this longboard feels like they have a durometer rating of between 79 A and 82A. These durometer ratings are somewhat “hard” which is good for downhill riding.

The pros and cons of the Quest Formula One Donwhill longboard are very similar to other Quest longboards and are discussed below.


  • The deck construction of this Quest longboard comprises of hardwood maple and bamboo. This hybrid deck construction allows for a rigid and sturdy deck, and at the same time, allows for a little flex in the deck.
  • The board has an “Unique-Inch Open Wheel-Inch” downhill styling as stated by Quest. In other words, the deck for this Quest longboard has a cutout deck shape which not only allows for greater stability, but at the same time the ability to put larger, and thus, faster wheels in the future without causing wheelbites.
  • Decent performing 7-inch trucks which allow you to turn and ride smoothly.
  • The bottom layer bamboo finish design is an eye candy to many people.
  • Extremely low priced for a downhilling longboard. Since downhill longboards are usually bought by individuals which have quite a bit of experience in longboarding, such longboards are usually priced at a premium. This Quest board can therefore be considered as a lower end downhilling board since it comes with generic, non-branded parts.
  • Good beginner board for those who want to just cruise and carve with plans to participate in downhill riding in the future.


  • Similar to other longboards manufactured by Quest, this longboard is fairly stiff and not very flexible.
  • The stock bearings that come with this longboard also do not reduce friction effectively.

Insider Tips for the Quest Formula One Downhill Longboard

Similar to the stock bearings that come with most Quest longboards, the bearings for this longboard aren’t the smoothest ones around.  Again, this longboard is priced for beginners, so don’t expect top-notch bearings to be included. However, if you’re looking to make riding on this board considerably smoother, getting new bearings such as Bones Bearings will most definitely help.

Aside from that, a few people have reported that the trucks are way too tight straight out of the box. As such, be sure to loosen the trucks on this longboard if you’re planning to carve.


Just like other Quest longboards, the Quest Formula One Downhill longboard is highly rated and is definitely one of the best “bang for your buck” longboards. If you’re looking for a premium quality, professional longboard, this isn’t the right longboard for you. You’ll want to check out Sector 9 boards such as this one and Santa Cruz boards such as this one. However, if you’re looking for a first longboard (with downhill riding capabilities for the future) to get yourself inside the longboarding world, this Quest longboard is a great choice at a very reasonable price.

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