Best Longboard To Buy

The longboards have been gaining popularity due to the enthusiasms of young and old. It is a type of skateboard that is conventionally longer than a skateboard. The longboard is tending to be faster due to the size of wheels, construction material used in it, and more precise hardware. 

If you are in a mood for traveling, cruising and downhill racing then longboards are the good option you can avail of. Most probably longboards vary in shapes and size. They have more traction and durability due to larger wheel size and lower wheel durometers. Most generally a longboard comes in a size of 35 to 60 inches long with a width of 9 to 10 inches.

Longboarding can reach a speed exceeding 60mph with smooth cuts and a durable ride. It is the cheapest way of traveling with plenty of exercise and no parking problem. It is full of fun and challenges that are opted by the long border for their convenience and fun activities. The longboards come in different colors and shapes with a lot of varieties suitable for skating and cruising on uneven and rough surfaces. 


The first longboard was invented by  Preston Nichols in early 1940. It was just a board with wheels on it. Later many changes occur in longboards and skateboards. Firstly they change their wheels and replace them with metal wheels then later they have clay wheels and after many variations, they made wheels of urethane. Modern longboards are made with varieties of new materials like aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, and bamboo, etc.

If you are looking to buy the best longboard that fits perfectly to your personality than continue reading our recommendations

The best longboards available today are categorized as follows:

A popular choice longboard:

1. Retro-spec bamboo complete longboard:

The most worth buying longboard that comes with varieties of styles and specs is retrospec bamboo complete cruising longboard. Due to its super flexible maple and premium bamboo construction, it becomes one of the most popular brands among longboards. Solid maneuverability with milled wheels wells reduces the impact of wheel bite. Its buttery smooth wheels with 70 mm length give you a smooth and manageable ride. Lightweight aluminum trucks and 44 inches of sturdy sustainable sourced bamboo gives you better control on the board.

Bearings of ABEC 7 ply grade is ideal and tolerance able for high speed and extreme running attains marvelous stability due to its 8 ply Canadian maple and sustainable bamboo forms an infallible hybrid of strength and pliability in deck construction.

Its durable rock finishing wheels give you a smooth ride even on rocky and uneven surfaces. 


  • Pretty much flexible
  • Easy to ride
  • Gives you a smooth and silky ride on uneven surfaces.
  • The long deck gives you plenty of space to balance


  • Not for kids and beginners
  • The weight limit is low

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

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2. Sector 9 bamboo complete longboard:

A sturdy drop thru longboard made from vertically laminated bamboo is not only light in weight but also provides you nice dampening flex. Its 74mm wheels are large enough to give sharp cuts and maintain speed over rocks and cracks. This is one of the leading longboard manufacturing brands in the world. The beautiful innovative design and qualitative products have positioned this longboard as a leading longboard. It comes with dimensions of 41inches in length and 9.62 inches in width. Trucks of 70mm and 78 A give you a proper and smooth ride. There is no better commuting board than sector 9. The drop thru trucks makes the board lower, easy to push, and more stable. 


  • Best longboard with reasonable price
  • Easily manageable
  • Good in quality
  • Well constructed


  • Trucks need to be tightened.



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3. VOLADOR freeride cruising longboard:

This is a premium best ultimate work of longboard engineering for a smooth and joyful ride.  Its 8-ply hard maple gets cold-pressed into a concave deck and gives you amazing performances like a pro. It gives you amazing performances like super flex, shock-absorbent, and well strength. Its unique shape avoids wheel bite from any angle and gives you a smooth ride. 

All the hardware is forged by top materials like aluminum trucks, carbon steel bolts, high rebound PU wheels. 

It is perfectly constructed to enjoy nature as it is very environment caring. You can feel the cool breeze of nature while cruising the city or on a downhill ride. Aluminum 7 inches reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable as 50 degrees. Its graphics range from strikingly vintage to grant look.


  • Well-constructed
  • Fully graphics
  • Eco friendly


  • Bearing is not good
  • Trucks are soft


VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

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A premium level longboard:

Dervish Sama bamboo longboard:

Top-quality bamboo and fiberglass longboard that is perfectly created for carving, pumping, freestyle, and commuting. This longboard comes with large cut-outs that give maximum wheel clearance. Its nose and tail kick not only helps to navigate the streets but also gives courage for dancing and freestyle tricks. Highly smooth wheels with 75mm come in orange tang color and give a strong grip. It is mostly known for the new age riding board.

This longboard is 42.8 inches long and the width is 9 inches. Its wheelbase of 31.5 inches gives you a smooth curve. It provides you more efficient pushing and enhanced stability. Lightweight and ample standing platform make this longboard among the most comfortable and easy handle for carving, freestyle, and freeride too. Its Paris trucks of 180mm deliver smooth and controlled turning response. 


  • Well constructed
  • Slightly flex
  • Easy to manage
  • Perfect for freestyle tricks


  • Bearings need to be managed more.

Dervish Sama bamboo longboard

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Best longboard for beginners:

Penny skateboard longboard:

This sleek-looking longboard perfectly matches the personality of a newcomer to the sport. The classic pin-like deck is made up of plastic that gives it some extra strength that is a basic and necessary part for beginners. The wheels of this board are so soft that it gives you a smooth ride with sharp curves. Moreover, it also gives you tricks that help you to gain experience riding the roads. 36 inches long and 9.5 inches wide this board is 2 kilograms in weight and gives you a perfectly smooth ride. 


  • Slightly flex
  • Perfectly constructed


  • Bearings are not good



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Best longboards for terrains:

1. Maple atom drop thru longboard:

40.5 inches long quest board is suitable for all types of terrains. This is perfectly built for intermediate riders. Its all wide maple lam deck keeps its low center of gravity, especially on pushing and off-roading. The cutout style will not cause any wheel bite and gives you a smooth ride. The 65 mm all-terrain wheels give the smooth way for any mixed terrain you want to ride on. 

The 7 inches aluminum hangers and ABEC 9 rubber bearings give you high-speed lubricant. Whether you are a sessional or a new challenger this longboard fits perfectly with your personality. 


  • Gives you perfect carving
  • Well-constructed
  • Gives you a smooth ride
  • Gives you perfect graphics and designs


  • Wood is not so strong

Longboard pure maple downhill drop deck by Minority’s

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2. All-terrain longboard:

This longboard opens up a new world for pro longboarders. Its super long 100mm treated longboard makes it better than any other longboard. with its 10 ply maple drop deck and 190 mm navigator drone trucks smooth turning is guaranteed. Whether you are a sessional or new challenger this board fits perfectly to your personality. 

78 A super high rebound wheels give you the perfect balance between speed and traction. Navigator drone trucks give you smooth precision turning. It gives you a clearance of 3 to 4 inches.  40 inches long in length and 11 inches in width made this board worth buying. This length also gives you the best stability and balance between you and the board. 


  • Durable
  • Best for terrains
  • Good stability
  • Well manageable


  • Not for beginners.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

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Best value longboard:

Quest super cruiser longboard:

 Plywood mixture of hardwood maple and bamboo comes in a very reasonable price longboard. its 65 mm wheels provide you best speed with smooth curves for sturdy decks. This longboard fits in your personality due to its genuine ABEC 7 speed bearings. The 44 inches long bamboo longboard gives you better performance. This quest longboard is made with better materials and components if you are looking for a pro-level longboard at a great reasonable price. 

Beautifully craft graphics on bamboo and cold climate maple made this longboard among the best buying longboard brands. It’s a super classic cruising performance with a kicktail and an ever so slight kick nose to let you slightly more compact and responsive ride.


  • Fully assembled
  • Well-constructed
  • Durable


  • The weight limit is only 200lbs


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power of a person is not enough:

Off-road electric skateboard longboard:

This longboard is the next level of comfort at a reasonable price. The outstorm electric whiteboard provides you 3300 watts of power. This longboard propels up to 31 miles per hour. Its phenomenon rubber wheels are unique in shape and will take you among the most demanding terrains. It comes with an ergonomic remote control that gets you ultimate board control to let you go high low speed, reverse and even have a signal indicator. 


  • Well constructed


  • The sound of the motor is loud
  • Don’t give you a smooth ride
  • The weight limit is low

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

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best for cruising:

1. Junli freerides complete longboard:

this longboard also counts among the most highly ranked buying longboards. Its highly responsive 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks and PU support pad provides you god controlling and the best stability. The deck of this longboard is 41 inches long with different graphic designs and colors on it. Its 8 plies natural maple with a maximum load-bearing of 330 pounds provides you a smooth ride. 70mm durable wheels give you a rock finish and provide you the best speed. 

This board is basically constructed for downhill, cruising, freestyle, riding, wide turning radius, and suitable for all types of age sports according to their enthusiasm. Moreover, this longboard develops your strength balance, and reaction while enjoying the fun.


  • Highly manageable
  • Beautifully constructed
  • Attractive to see
  • Slightly flex
  • Gives you smooth turns and curves


  • Not suitable for beginners.


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2. Playshion freestyle longboard:

It’s a well-constructed deck from 8-ply hardwood maple that is both sturdy and flexible enough to be rated for 250-pound weight. This good construction made this longboard among the best longboard buying brand. This versatile longboard is easy to handle cruising, carving, freeride, and downhill riding. 

Its 4 inches ground clearance and the drop thru mounting technology keep the longboard close to the ground and gives you the best ride. This longboard is constructed in such a way that it fulfills all the needs of young and old. It is easy to manageable and easy to break with the right foot. It’s 78 A wheel gives this board hard enough to firm steering and smooth enough to get a ride. Regardless of height, everyone should be capable of having fun on it. 

This board is not suitable for beginners and new riders. Its drop thru mounting technology gives you ground clearance to attain stability for new longboarders. 


  • Good for cruising and carving
  •  Well- constructed
  •  Durable


  • Not suitable for beginners.


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3. white wave longboard:

this board is beautifully bamboo designed best for cruising and carving machines. It is constructed so well due to wide trucks and big wheels that give it a sharp turn and a smooth ride. 41 inches long and 9 inches wide this longboard gives you good foot space so that you can balance your ride easily. Maple and heat transferred graphics give clear grip tape. 

7 inches aluminum trucks give you polished finished and ultra-high rebound. 70mm urethane wheels make it fast and durable for a ride. 


  • A cruiser is 41 inches long
  • Gives a smooth ride.
  • Beautifully constructed.


  • The bearing needs to be tightened.

White Wave Pintail Bamboo Longboard

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Best for tricks:

Magneto bamboo longboard:

This board is ideal for sharp turns that make it among the best buying longboards. This longboard strives to push our materials to the maximum with cool innovative shapes and concavities. Its smooth and stable longboard deck features a drop thru design to lower the center of gravity. Due to its Paris style drop thru trucks, it is worth buying.

The quality trucks with 7 inches hanger and a kingpin angle of 50 degrees.  The bamboo deck of 40 inches gives you plenty of foot space and makes it perfect for fun carving and tight turns. The lower concave makes for a comfortable ride under your feet while the chamber made the board lively and incredible for buying. The bamboo and fiberglass used in the deck make it lively and fun for riding and carving. The three piles of bamboo give the deck great flexibility and smoothness.


  • well managed.
  • Durable
  • Perfectly constructed
  • Strong deck.


  • Bearings are not perfectly tightened.


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buying guide to choose the best longboard to buy:

if you are going to buy a longboard then you should keep in mind the following characteristics like its shape, parts of the longboard, styles of longboard, flexibility, price, and many other things. 

Following specifications helps you to choose the best longboards to buy. Whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Parts of longboard:

While purchasing a longboard you should keep in mind each part of the longboard that includes wheels, decks, trucks, hangers, and hardware. Each part contains its own unique characteristics and functions.


 The deck of the longboard is the most important part of a longboard. The deck is made up of two different things maple or bamboo and carbon fiber.


Maple is a durable material in a includes a multi-layer of timber in the manufacturing of decks.


It offers a slight flex in making a deck. Flex is used for turning and curving. Bamboo is very environment friendly that’s why it is preferred to use bamboo in making a cool longboard.

Carbon fiber:

One of the most expensive things in making a longboard. many companies use this carbon fiber with other materials for the making of the deck.

Deck size:

The size of a deck varies from person to person due to the different size of foot sizes.  The size of the deck 35 inches long and 7 inches wide gives you plenty of space for our foot to push ahead.

Grip tape:

Grip tape is a type of tape or glue that we use on the top of the deck for controlling grip. If you want a strong grip on uneven roads and rough surfaces we use this tape for better control and balance.


It decides the flex and flatness of the board. It also decides the speed of our longboard better trucks means better speed.  Dropdown trucks and drop thru trucks are the two most widely used trucks because it gives you better height and good speed.


Other than deck wheels also plays a vital role in the construction of longboard. wheels not only enhance the beauty of longboards but also speed up our longboards. For buying the best longboard you must keep in mind the working ability of wheels. Also, note that we use the correct size of wheels in our longboard.

Size of wheels mostly measured in mm, the average size of wheels used in longboard is 70mm 

The hardness of the wheel also an important part of wheels as it decides the turning curves with the speed of the longboard. hardness is usually measured in A. 


Bearings we use in longboards are generally ABEC. The most common bearings grades start from 1 and end at 9.9. 


 Kicktail is used to take turns and curves easily and sharply. Some longboards do not have a kicktail. In this case, if your longboard doesn’t have a kicktail then you should buy a longboard with a maximum wheelbase, intermediate, and more stabilization.


Before buying an expensive and high-efficiency longboard make sure that you should get a warranty card with it.

Advantages of longboards:

  Following are some advantages of using a longboard that makes you opt for a longboard as your traveling vehicle.

The cheapest way of transport:

Traveling through longboard gives you less time consuming with the cheapest way of transport. It is hundreds of times less costly than other transport like cycle, bike, cars, etc. if you have the best command on using a longboard then it becomes a great advantage to use this way of transport.

Fastest way of transport:

If you are in a need of the fastest transport with no or less cost then you should buy a longboard that fits best to your personality. Longboards give you the fastest speed even on rough surfaces and downhill areas. Due to its small size than other transport, it becomes the fastest way of transport worldwide.

The best part of this is we can enjoy a smooth ride where ever we want to go even in traffic in no time.

Environmentally friendly:

    As we do not use any kind of fuel and petrol etc it becomes eco-friendly transport. This transport is fastest way transport without even consuming high toxic gases and fuels. 

Emitting any kind of fuels and gases you can enjoy safe transport only with little maintenance for a long time.


It keeps our body healthy and active because it involves our muscles to move ahead. If you use a longboard as a transport then it will exercise your body without doing any kind of workout. 

You can consume better fresh air and sunlight without consuming a lot of gases and toxic things.


By using the above guidelines you can find the best longboard to buy. you can find a perfect longboard that fits your personality. Whether you are a beginner or a terrain longboard rider you can afford a healthy, profitable, and most affordable ride anywhere.