7 Best Drop-Through Longboard

Longboarding has now gained popularity beyond any limits. Longboarding began in 1950 Hawaii, when surfer customized their skateboards with larger wheels and longer deck to imitate the motions of a wave. Since then the sport has emerged and positioned itself as one of the most thrilling sports in the world.

From speed thrills to fitness freaks; from Students to professionals, longboarding is considered a much-loved sport to all.

The sport has been divided into many styles.

Say it;


Freestyle or


Each style holds its distinctive manners and techniques. When you pick a board, your body naturally adapts itself to the board. It is here when your body decides whether you’re a regular stance or goofy stance.

What is the stance?

A stance is your natural posture to ride a longboard.

Regular Stance: 

When you place your left foot forward in a direction you are heading to.

Goofy stance:

When you place your right foot forward in a direction, you are heading to.

Most people are a Regular stance A little adjustment is required for acclimatizing meticulous details for any style. Your interest and desire, later on, decide to learn your favorite skills whether it is free-riding or freestyling or downhill.

With the hunger to ace the skill, there involves technicalities and mechanics, which one needs to understand before jumping himself on the board.

The shape of the longboard: 

Longboards come in different shapes and sizes before we move to the section to understand drop-through longbaord in detail. It is important to have an introduction of all shapes of longboards.

  1. Pintail
  2. Cruiser
  3. Drop-down
  4. Drop through
  5. Speed board
  6. Top mounted
  7. Bamboo

Drop-through longboard, Anatomy explained:

A drop-thorough longboard has a distinctive shape. It usually comes with the tail. Each tail has specific cutouts. These cutouts serve the purpose of holding the base plate on top of the board while the rest of the truck is coming through underneath.

 In easy words instead of the board being mounted on the top of the truck, it is mounted on the bottom of the truck with the truck going through the deck.

Distinguishing features of drop-through longboard:

  • Fast
  • Low center of gravity
  • More stable
  • Easier to push
  • Easy foot brakes
  • Quicker turns
  • Less chance of wheel bite
  • Least input from trucks

Let’s have a look at these features one by one:


Drop-through boards are especially for the people who like to go fast while cruising. Most of the drop- through longboard is designed to embrace the speed of 40mph.

Low center of gravity: 

The deck of the drop-through board lies low. It actually makes the entire board’s center of gravity more stable as it is closer to the ground

More stable: 

When the rider picks the speed up, the drop-through board remains stable due to the deck being closed to the ground.

Easier to push and easy foot brakes:

Its lower deck makes drifting more natural and gives you the comfort of long-distance pushing. It makes an outstanding commuter board. Similarly the balance allows the rider easy foot brakes.

Quicker turns:

When you put force to turn, more force goes in the truck and therefore they turn quicker. Most users claim that turning is way more convenient with drop through boards.

Wheel bite:

Since sliding and turns are considered to be pretty easier, the wheels are prone to wheel bite. But thanks to the structure, trucks are mounted in such a way that it lowers the risk of wheel bite.

Least input from trucks:

In drop-through longboards , trucks are least responsive as compared to other boards because the trucks are physically mounted through the board.

Pros and cons of drop-through longboard

When you have decided to go with this longboard, it is wise to consider all the pros and cons of this shape of the board.


  • The exceptional design of the drop-through longboard has attracted many a skateboard. Since it is best for cruising, its shape was intended to match the soaring speed of cruising in skateboarding.
  • One can always count upon drop-through longbaords for low-speed carving.
  • The Center of gravity of drop-through longboard is much lower than any other board which makes it more stable. So all those free riders, whose passion lies in sliding consider drop-through longboard best for them.
  • The speed is always a controlling domain of the rider. Drop-through longboards have an easy push. You can increase the speed as you desire.
  • When flexibility is concerned, drop-through longboard has an advantage over other boards. It is appropriate for all riders.
  • Footbraking and predrifts are easier with drop-through longbaord.
  • It comes with a low deck which proposes great stability at high speed.
  • Fewer chances of wheel biting


  • The advantage of being flexible comes with the drawback of a weaker deck. The weight of the rider is dispersed over the bolts holding the trucks, making it no strong board to consider.
  • Many riders complained about low grip. However, it depends upon the skills of the rider too.
  • The design of the drop-through longboard doesn’t favor sharp turn.
  • Drop-through longboard drifts at high speed and therefore downhilling is not suitable with this board.
  • Since it is prone to drifting, it is not fitting for different platforms.
  • Least Truck response as the truck is mounted physically.

The above-mentioned details have thrown enough light upon its benefits and drawbacks. In the following section, we would discuss in detail different drop-through longboards from different companies.

The market is flooded with many manufacturers claiming their product one of the best of its kind. Each company’s product is unique in its own way but the users’ response is something that makes the product hit or flop.

So here are the names of 7 top drop-through longboards based upon the reviews.

  • Atom drop-through longboard (41-inches)
  • Rimable drop-through (41-inch)
  • Sector 9 aperture sidewinder drop-through
  • Volador 42 inch freeride longboard
  • Scsk8 professional speed drop-through complete longboard
  • Landyachtz drop hammer
  • Santa cruz lion god rasta drop-thu cruzer

Let’s have a comprehensive discussion about each board to understand the best board to invest in.



The manufacturer’s profile:

The company “ATOM” has begun its journey in 2005. It is one of the distinguished brands when the budget-friendly notion is involved. The company is known to produce high-quality longboards at affordable prices.

From beginners to professionals, their products are loved by all. The company has never compromised on the quality and therefore their products are not heavy on the pocket and are often recommended to beginners. ATOM longboards are said to be designed by professional longboarders to meet the exact need of the riders.

Since the beginning of their journey, the company has earned a place in top brand names. Some of their best products include; Atom pintail longboard, Atom dropdown, and Atom drop-through longbaord.

Benefits :

ATOM DROP-THROUGH longboard 40inches is hybrid of maple and bamboo (7ply maple and 2ply bamboo). The board has a photo- heat transfer graphic.

The combination of bamboo and maple makes it highly flexible and therefore it has greater benefit for heavier riders. The board is designed in such a way that the deck is trimmed down at wheels. Proving no threat of wheel biting or pinching.

For the swift turns, the slender parts of the board would make the tricks and turns agile and responsive. It is extremely recommended for high pace and exciting actions.

The durable reverse kingpin trucks are built upon the blueprint of a navigator drone with the 40-degree base and 180mm hangers.

The 70mm wheels have a durometer of 78A that gives the increased stability of the board. The stable longboard is ideal for any experience level.

ABEC-9 bearings are put together with high-speed lubricants. The design comes with the grip of Coarse 46 grit. You can easily count upon this board when downhilling or high speeding is concerned.

The board is also referred to as a “down to earth” board from its manufacturers.


Besides all the positive traits of the board, the board is prone to scratch and scrape. For those who like to keep their board in perfect conditions, the board needs extra care and attention.

The review dictates that it is not much appreciated for advanced level tricks.

The board needs some adjustments now and then to keep it working up to your desire.



The manufacturer’s profile:

Yongkang Ydream Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. actually owns the trademark name Rimable.

This is a china based company and there is a lot more on their list than longbaords. The company makes skates, scooters, fitness gear as well as toys.

You will not get any information on the internet about the manufacturers mainly because the company has no website and almost zero customer service.

However, their longboards have earned the place among the top best longboards.


Benefits :

RIMABLE DROP-THROUGH LONGBOARD 41” is manufactured with cold-pressed maple wood.

The durability of the board has been enhanced with lamination on the deck. This 41” long deck is 9.5 inches wide. Designed to freeride, the board is proven to provide better balance and swiftness.

Whether it is a speedy turn, agile tricks, or dance moves, the board is said to offer a silky-smooth ride.

It has high-speed lubricants which give the riders an edge in performing tricks and showing skills.

The performance of the truck holds vital importance when drop-through boards are involved.

This particular board promises the presence of aluminum trucks for better stability. The 7 Polyurethane wheels have a durometer of 84A thus the product comes with another promise of thrilling speed and durability.

The rider can enjoy a downy and hassle-free ride with this board. Wheel biting is something to be least concerned with drop-through boards.

However, with this particular board, you will get a tight turning radius with added features of a standard drop-through deck. The board comes in different catchy designs to make you stand out in a crowd.


Balance and smoothness can’t go side by side in RIMABLE DROP-THROUGH longboard. It is hard to maintain a perfect balance while having a smooth ride.

The china based company sometimes has quality control issues but for Amazon buyer’s right is no doubt protected and the product’s issues can be resolved adequately.

Where the product is considered best for beginners, mostly advanced learners don’t favor the product.



The manufacturer’s profile:

People associated with longboard industry are well familiar with the name SECTOR 9. The company started in California in 1993 and later on shifted to San Diego.

Since then they excelled in their longboards manufacturing. The company also offers gears, particularly for downhillling. They manufacture gears like slide gloves, speed suits, etc.The longboard accessory criteria are also their strongest point.

The company is known for its high-quality products.

Their association with Maryhill longboard race is the reason, they are recognized as the sponsors of many longboarders. They provide free gears to top longboarders as their part of publicity. With all the sales strategy they opt for, the company has never forgotten its preference for satisfying the clients.

Rest assured with SECTOR 9 that your money is best invested in the right product.

They would provide you with one of the best customer services. Their unvarying dedication is something that is keeping them among top brand names.

Their famous products include SECTOR 9 LOOKOUT which is considered an excellent product for downhilling. SECTOR 9 FRACTAL and SECTOR 9 SIDEWINDER


This 34” cruiser is focused to give high stability, speed, and balance to the rider. The length wins some advantage for speedy downhilling while keeping you stable.

It is a lightweight product with a weight of 6.9 lb. This would definitely make it on the top of a handy and compact longboard so far on the list.

The company as promised durability introduced the product with an attractive design and powerful structure. The experts believe that the efficiency of the product is increased when the name SECTOR 9 is involved.

Gullwing sidewinder TRUCKS is fixed with 69mm wheels that has a durometer of 80A and double kingpin, thus providing some extra speed thrill and stability. The bearings of the wheels are ABEC-7.                                             


The product comes in a size less than others which may not be favorable for heightened people.



The manufacturer’s profile:

Volador is prominent to make promising products for beginners.

Amazon is flooded with the top-rated review when this brand is taken into consideration. From the material used to the performance of the longboard, Volador is rated among top-selling brands.

Economical yet durable, this company offers some very attractive designs on the board.

The amalgam of quality with affordability made this product to sell like hot cake. Although most professionals don’t favor this board, this is a treat for all the beginners.


The camber maple deck is 42” long. The artists have gone a far way to create some amazing designs on the deck. This eye-catching free ride board can literally absorb any sort of shock due to its symmetry.

The tempting quality includes flexibility and durability. It can hold up to 200lb weight. The product also carries the credit of having good quality grip tape.

The deck is made with eco-friendly material. The discrete bottom designs have the finest toughness thus not only the board but also its design would never fade away.

The aluminum truck with 7 inches hangers and soft bushing makes it less prone to wheel biting. 77mm wheels are equipped with 78A durometer with ABEC-9 bearing.


Users have reported some rare quality control issues from the factory and the trucks need to be adjusted before riding them for the first time.

The flat shape of the deck makes the turning difficult for beginners.



The manufacturer’s profile:

SCSK8 stands for SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SKATE. The company is widely acknowledged as one of the best longboard makers

They not only make longborads but there are a wide variety of products like scooters for kids, skateboards for adults and shortboards which they manufacture.

The company has a good repute to make a quality product at a cheaper price as compared to its competitors.

The board SCSK8 PROFESSIONAL SPEED DROP-THROUGH COMPLETE is considered one of the best longboards from the manufacturers.


The 42” longboard is renowned for its approval from advanced learners. It is considered to be the best option for those who want to upgrade their board in an affordable price range.

The board’s turn is swift and smooth. The board is low to the ground as compared to other drop-through longboards so it can help the new learner to become skilled at proper balancing with confidence.

As for the technicalities, the product is equipped with AB80 heavy-duty black grip tape.70mm polyurethane wheels have high bounce flat spot resistance. The 7” aluminum trucks have a bearing of ABEC-9 so no wheel numbing.


The trucks might wobble at high speed.



The manufacturer’s profile: 

Michael  Perreten and Thomas Edstrand are the cofounders of the company, LANDYACHTZ.

They were also dreamy-eyed skaters. The company is basically Canada based and their company logo can be seen at many influential events. They sponsor many good riders across the globe.

They actually are the first ones to try to place trucks up on the deck. Eventually creating the revolution in the longboard world and giving birth to drop-through longboard.

The company has the repute of making world-class longboards. The rate of the product is slightly higher but with the quality the company offers; the price can be balanced.

Benefits :

This cost-effective longboard is 100 percent Canadian Maple with a low concave design.

Fast in speed, it is designed for people of all ages and is strong and durable and which makes it flexible and stable at this budget-friendly price.

It is one of the best cruisers on the list and has a light weighted but stiff deck.


The product is prone to scratch and scruffs.



The manufacturer’s profile:

Just as it sounds, Santa Cruz is the oldest company to manufacture longboards. They started in the ’70s and still make their position among top brands due to their dedication to the industry.

They always follow the trend and sometimes lead to the trends of the longboard business.

Companies like OJ, ROADRIDERS and INDEPENDENT are sister companies of SANTA CRUZ, and most of the time the longboards are made from the equipment from sister companies.

The SANTA CRUZ LION GOD RATSA is one of the best picks from the company when your pocket needs not to be burdened.


The 40-inch longboard is 10 inches wide. The Santa Cruz board has a flat, impartial shape with a little outer curve, which is suitable for beginners and expert both.

The board’s wheel can be adjusted as per your requirement. It is up to your choice if you want your deck to be closer to the ground, you can use shorter trucks and vice versa for larger trucks. The grip tape is preinstalled.

Usually, the trucks are installed from Road Riders with specifications of 75mm with 78A hardness from the other sister company OJ, thunder juice wheels.

It is a pretty board to ride on.


The description doesn’t state anything about the specifications of bearings.