Best Size longboard for Beginners


BEST SIZE LONGBOARD FOR BEGINNERS Longboarding is not only a hobby, a mere fitness routine or simply a style imitation. It is a complete craze that makes people, practices it with all their soul and body.  When you have decided to ride on a board from that very day, you would like to gather all … Read more

Best Longboard For City Transportation

best Longboard For City Transportation

While longboards have many purposes, commuting using a longboard is another purpose besides pleasure riding. Without having to worry about traffic or starting a car you can conveniently use a longboard for transportation as it is extremely fast and easy. You are well l aware of the hectic traffic hours and you definitely do not … Read more

Best Longboards Under 100 Dollars

longboards under 100 dollars

The meaning of the word “trending” has taken a 360 degree turn from what it used to mean for the older generation to what it means for the youngsters of the modern era. The journey from extremely cool cars to motorbikes to bicycles and longboards has been a long one. Longboards are now eye-catching and … Read more