Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Longboard Review

  1. Product Name: Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave Complete Longboard
  2. Brand: Sector 9
  3. Length: 42 inches
  4. Bearings Rating: ABEC 5
  5. Wheel Diameter: 74mm
  6. Wheel width: 50mm
  7. Durometer Rating: 78A
  8. Trucks: 10-inch Gullwing Chargers
  9. Kicktail: No
  10. Shipping Weight: 8.9 pounds; Item Weight: 8.0 pounds)

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The Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave longboard is a highly rated premium longboard that has a length of 42 inches. At a reasonable price, this longboard features the use of all authentic Sector 9 components that meet the highest of standards. The board is made from 100% renewable bamboo with CNC drop through mounting. The longboard rides on 10-inch Gullwing Chargers trucks and 74mm Nineball wheels. The use of 74mm wheels rather than the commonly used 70mm wheels allows the longboard to achieve faster speeds needed in downhill riding. The following is a list of the key features that make this Sector 9 board stand out.

Key Features of the Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard

  • Laminated Bamboo Construction. The longboard has a 5-ply vertically laminated 100% renewable bamboo and camber mold construction. This bamboo construction not only makes the board sturdy but also durable making the board a long-lasting one. At this price point, in addition to having good component parts, durability and lifespan are extremely important and this Sector 9 board meets both criteria.
  • Drop Through Mount. The trucks for this longboard are mounted to the board’s deck in a drop-through configuration which lowers the rider’s center of gravity for increased stability of the longboard. In addition, drop through boards are also easier to handle and control if you’re sliding.
  • All Authentic Sector 9 Components. Sector 9 is often regarded by many as one of the best longboard brands around in the market today. As such, having all components of this longboard manufactured by Sector 9 is a plus given that it’ll be of high quality.
  • 10-inch Gullwing Chargers Trucks. The Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave longboard comes with 10-inch Gullwing Chargers Trucks. As described, these trucks are not only made by Sector 9, but also are on the wider side of typical trucks, which allow for a more stable ride.
  • PDP Bearings. The bearings used in this longboard are ABEC 5 PDP bearings.
  • 74mm Nineball Wheels. The 74mm diameter Nineball polyurethane wheels are included in the assembly of this longboard. Nineball is Sector 9’s line of skateboard/longboard wheels. The 74mm longboard wheels allow for the longboard to achieve a higher speed which is needed for speedboarding.

Next, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons that anyone interested in getting this Sector 9 board should consider.


  • This longboard’s deck is made from 100% renewable bamboo which is relatively lightweight (at this deck length), weighing in at only 8 pounds.
  • Rides smoothly with stability.
  • Good amount of flex to the longboard.
  • Great turning radius making it easy to turn tight corners.
  • Beautiful design – has a retro feel to it.
  • Perfect for many different riding styles including cruising and downhill riding, aka bombing down the hill.


  • The price of this Sector 9 longboard can be somewhat steep for beginners as they are trying to figure out if they like longboarding and cheaper than electric longboards. Keep in mind that this longboard includes all Sector 9 components, which not only perform well but are also long-lasting.

Insider Tips for the Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard

If you find that any of the wheels for this longboard aren’t spinning as well as the others, it is most probably due to the nut on the truck being too tight. Just loosen it as needed and you should be good to go!


Verdict time… the Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave longboardgood buy? We definitely think so! Yes, the price is a tad on the high side, but it’s a premium quality longboard that will last you a long time. As for beginners who aren’t sure if they want to splurge on a new longboard, think about your interest level in the sport. If you are highly interested in getting into longboarding, you can’t go wrong by getting this Sector 9 board as your first ever longboard.

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