Backfire Hot Cruiser Longboard Review

  1. Product Name: Backfire Hot Cruiser Longboard
  2. Brand: Backfire
  3. Length: 42 inches
  4. Bearings Rating: ABEC 9
  5. Wheel Diameter: 70mm
  6. Wheel Width: 42mm
  7. Durometer Rating: 83A
  8. Trucks: 7-inch 356 T6 Aluminum
  9. Kicktail: No
  10. Shipping Weight: 10.36 pounds

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The Backfire Hot Cruiser longboard is a 42-inch longboard which is features an 8 ply sugar maple wood deck. Sugar maples is a long-fiber wood that is not only lightweight, but also flexible. The process of the deck construction involves high-speed hot-press molding under normal temperature. This longboard features 7-inch 356-T6 aluminum alloy base plate trucks which are heat treated, quenched and aged. The Backfire Hot Cruiser also showcases 70mm wheels which have durometer ratings of 83A, which is on the harder side. The section below details the board’s features in greater detail.

Key Features of the Backfire Hot Cruiser Longboard

  • 8 Ply Sugar Maple Veneer Deck Construction. This board uses an 8 ply sugar maple wood in its deck construction. Sugar maples which are grown near the North American Great Lakes are known for being a long-fiber wood that is lightweight and flexible.
  • 7-inch Aluminum Alloy Trucks. These 7-inch aluminum trucks are heat treated and have an width of 180mm.
  • ABEC 9 Rated Bearings. This longboard comes with ABEC 9 rated bearings which are manufactured against the highest precision standards. According to Backfire, these bearings are filled with “Speed Cream” lubricants for reduced friction.
  • OS-800 Grip Tape. The Backfire Hot Cruiser longboard’s deck has the OS-800 grip tape which is made of PVC substrate and sticks to the board strongly.
  • 70mm, 83A rated wheels. The 70mm diameter wheels that this longboard comes with have a durometer rating of 83A. As such, these wheels are fairly hard and are ideal for downhilling. These wheels are made out of 70%, high rebound MDI polyurethane elastomers.

The Backfire Hot Cruiser longboard is available at an inexpensive price and has the pros and cons as discussed below.


  • Graphic design of the longboard looks appealing.
  • Inexpensive pricing.
  • Good flex to the deck of the board.
  • Decent parts and specs for beginners.


  • Squeeky wheels that may need to be replaced.
  • Wheels and bearings are of average quality and will need replacements for a smoother ride

Insider Tips for the Backfire Hot Cruiser Longboard

This board’s listing name on many sites indicate that it is a drop through longboard which is not the case. Instead, this longboard has a top mount configuration in which the baseplate of the trucks mount to the bottom of the nose and tail of the deck. Take note!


The Backfire Hot Cruiser longboard is a board with mediocre parts and specs. The inexpensive price tag on this longboard makes it affordable for anyone looking to get a longboard. Keep in mind however that certain parts of this longboard such as the wheels and bearings may need to be changed as these have been reported to be inferior in delivering a smooth riding experience. Overall, this longboard has some decent parts and is suitable for beginners on a tight budget.longboard

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