Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard Review

  1. Product Name: Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard
  2. Brand: Surf One
  3. Length: 44 inches
  4. Bearings Rating: N/A
  5. Wheel Diameter: 70mm
  6. Wheel Width: 42mm
  7. Durometer Rating: 78A
  8. Trucks: Randal R-II 180mm
  9. Kicktail: No
  10. Shipping Weight: 7.7 pounds
The Surf One Robert August II longboard features a classic Endless Summer design which gives the board a 70’s feel and look. This longboard which measures in at 43.75 inches by 8.875 inches is made of 7 ply maple wood construction which brings with it a good amount of flex for easy riding and carving. The maple wood deck construction is also sturdy and long lasting. The board comes with premium quality Randal R-II trucks for a smooth riding experience. The Surf One Robert August II longboard has a blunt deck shape and its specifications make it a great board for cruising and carving.

Key Features of the Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard

  • 7 Ply Sugar Maple Wood Deck Construction. Maple longboard decks are commonly found in most longboards and skateboards. The maple deck construction is sturdy, but at the same time provides a good amount of flex for improved stability.
  • Randal R-II Trucks. The Randal R-II trucks that come with this Surf One Robert August II longboard are top-notch trucks which are priced at a premium. These 180mm trucks allow for stability, responsive control and smooth turns.
  • Bones Red Bearing. Bones Red bearings are one of the best longboard bearings available in the market today.  These bearings have often been the primary factor which causes longboards to have “virtually no rolling resistance.” Often times, the Bones Red bearings are the go to bearings for individuals looking to replace low quality, stock bearings that usually ship with inexpensive longboards. Such bearing replacements often result in a smoother ride.
  • 70mm, 78A rated wheels. The Surf One Five Star 70mm diameter wheels that this longboard comes with have a durometer rating of 78A, which is suited for cruising and carving riding styles.

The great features that the Surf One Robert August II longboard showcases are reflected in the “pros” for this great looking longboard.


  • The longboard has a great design with many people referring to it as having a 70’s vintage look. You’re sure to attract the eyes of many while riding on this longboard.
  • Ideal for cruisingcarving and as a transportation longboard.
  • Extremely smooth riding experience.
  • Comes equipped with high quality Randal R-II trucks.
  • Comes equipped with Bones Red bearings, rather than “generic” bearings that are usually used in pre-assembled longboard.
  • Quick pick up.
  • Great maneuverability and small turning radius for its length.


  • Lack of concavity on the deck – makes it a tad harder for the feet to lock into the board.

Insider Tips for Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard

If you’re experiencing some rattle/wobble while riding on this longboard, try loosening the trucks and the wheels. The trucks and wheels being too tight seem to be the cause of the issue for numerous individuals.


In conclusion, the Surf One Robert August II longboard is a quality board that comes with well-performing bearingstrucks, and wheels with known wood. The high-quality bearings combined with the Randal R-II trucks and the Surf One Five Star wheels make the Surf One Robert II longboard one of the smoothest and most responsive boards out there. This longboard performs best for cruising and carving riding styles. More importantly, this longboard is suitable for anyone who’s into longboarding, regardless of how much experience you have in longboarding. All in all, this longboard has not only the appealing looks but also the parts and specs to make riding on this board an excellent experience.

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