5 Best-Loaded Longboard Completes For 2021

As we all know that traveling through longboards have been gaining popularity these days. The enthusiasms of young, old, and kids towards longboard is increasing day by day. More often you all know that longboard is basically a type of skate-board but the size of the longboard is bigger than it.

Longboards tend to be the fastest type of traveling due to their size of wheels, the material used in the construction, and more precise hardware. If you are in a great mood of traveling, cursing, carving, and free-riding than longboards are the great option you can avail of. Loaded longboards come in a vast variety of sizes, and shapes with different types of styles. Loaded longboards have more taxations and durability due to their larger wheel size and lower wheel durability. More often longboards come in a size of 35 inches to 60 inches and a width of 9 to 10 inches. 

Longboarding is considered to be the fastest mode of traveling as it can reach the speed limit of 60mph with smooth cuts and a durable ride. The smoothest way of traveling that gives you plenty of exercises with no mess of parking. 

Loaded longboards provide you full fun challenges that are opted for by a longboarder for their convenience and fun activities.  These loaded longboards come in various varieties that include color, shape, and styles. You can easily choose your loaded longboard that fits your personality with little or no effort. 

History of Longboards

The first longboard was first invented in early 1940 by a person called Preston Nichols. He invented a longboard for his ease with just a wooden board that has wheels on it. After some time he did many changes to his board first he changes the wheels of the longboard and replaces them with metal wheels, later on, he started making wheels of modern material like urethane. 

Modern longboards have many variations in them. These longboards are made up of modern materials like aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, and bamboo, and many other things.

The best longboard brand that dominates the markets of longboards is loaded complete longboards. Loaded longboards invented in September 2000. The variety of skateboard evolved more towards freestyle and freeride tricking and less towards the smooth carving feel they were looking for. After almost two years of hard work, they combine every material they could think of, from retrofitting snowboard decks with trucks and wheels to custom shaping their decks, all in the pursuit of carving on land. Most of their inventions were interesting, and some were probably actionable too. 

In June of 2002, loaded longboard reveals their first longboard known as Vanguard longboard. This longboard is considered as best loaded longboard as its deck was inspired by a snowboard which turned out to provide you an intuitive feel while carving that riders are still falling in love with. The lamination of bamboo keeps the longboard lightweight and easy to manipulate which comes out a huge bonus for new riders. The deck of loaded longboards made them the best longboards worldwide. 

If you are looking to find the best-loaded longboard then continue reading this recommendation this will help you to find the best-loaded longboard that fits perfectly to your personality. 

Benefits of Using Loaded Longboards

Following are some benefits you can use for yourself while buying a loaded longboard. Well besides its great price and marvelous build, certain key points make these boards totally worth each penny of yours. Loaded is continuously evolving their manufacturing process to achieve decks which are much more resistant and responsive and offers you the right flex and shape functionality. 


This is totally pointless that you buy a longboard that only lasts 6 months. Due to their fiberglass and bamboo construction, these boards have decks that are less prone to chip off. Moreover, these boards will last up to more than a year or two years easily. But if you are taking good care of them these longboards will last up to three to four years of constant use.

Double yours dancing fun:

For those long-boarders who loves to dance and free-style, having fun is what matters the most. This company understands that very well and has been making some dope decks aiming to double your fun of dancing and freestyle.

Best high-quality wheels:

None of the loaded complete longboards can be fully experienced without the specialty of company wheels. There is another huge advantage of getting a loaded longboard that the company will provide you its own marvelous signature orangutang wheels.

There are some of the coolest wheels too that are the most favorite ones of the skaters worldwide. That has got color-coded urethane representing the various durometers. No doubt this is a universal truth that a good longboard needs a great wheel for it to reach its level of potential.

Healthy staying:

 As you know that longboarding is an outdoor sport, which provides you flexible work out of your body muscles without going to the gym. This aspect, combined with its adventurous and thrilling side makes it a very healthy hobby to be involved in.

More than this longboarding helps to support your cardio muscles, increases the flexibility of your body, and improves the quality of sleep with the natural breath. Longboarding is a good practice to improve your full body coordination and balance

The cheapest way of transport:

Traveling through a longboard gives you less time-consuming with the cheapest way of riding. It is thousands of times less costly than other transports that include cars, bi-cycle, trucks and motor cars, etc. if you have best commands and have a good know-how of longboarding this mean of transport fit best to your personality.

Fastest way of transport:

In contrary to the cheap way of transport longboarding also provides you the fastest and safest transport so, if you are in a need of the fastest transport at less cost then go ahead with these loaded complete longboards. By this, you can ride freely and smoothly on rough and uneven roads. 

Not only this you can avail yourself the best ride wherever you want to go even in traffic in no time. 

Specifications of Loaded Complete Longboard

Hybrid bamboo:

The beautiful construction of hybrid bamboo and fiberglass added extra strength and specialty to flex for every riding style. 

Modern pressing process:

It leads provides you best shapes with special kinds of concaves and contours that are used to do the perfect balance and provides you a very responsive safe ride.

In some freestyle riders, boards use some innovative materials like fiber for its extra strength and damping with little environmental impact when we compare it with fiberglass. 

Cork is also used in vibration damping, provides extra resistance to moisture, and low grip of abrasion that is mostly used for longboard dancing and longboard walking.

Wheels flare design:

Its innovative wheels flare design provides not only the clearance of wheels but also made the shape of the longboard extra-ordinary and responsive for longboard carving and free-ride tricks.


The deck of the loaded complete longboard is a mixture of two or more naturally occurring materials bamboo and maple and sometimes fiberglass. Maple is a durable material that includes a multilayer of timber in the deck construction. Bamboo is the second material used in deck construction. It offers a slight flex in the deck. Flex is basically used for turning and carving.

As bamboo is an eco-friendly material so it is preferable to use bamboo in deck formation. The third thing used in deck formation is fiberglass or sometimes called carbon fiber. It is the expensive thing used in deck construction. Many brands use this carbon fiber with other naturally occurring things to make the deck long-lasting.

Loaded has a unique value of long borders in terms that are different shapes,  flex concave and complete setup. Loaded complete always shipping with best quality components that include Paris trucks and wheels of orangutang, loaded own fine quality land board wheels. These all kinds of brands are considered as highly best recommended and offer supper quality products that are often chosen by the longboarders while customizing their own loaded longboards.

Best loaded complete longboards are categorized as follows:

Icarus Loaded Complete Bamboo Longboard

Many longboarders are considered to be a triumph of the loaded pursuit of snowboard style carving on a skateboard, then this loaded board fits best to your personality. This Icarus loaded board considered a carving machine like other carving longboards. Its drop thru mounting will prevent wheel bite and allows you to carve deeply. Its subtle concave deck design provides you further leverage and control for deep carving and tight turning with a smooth ride. The minimal nose or tail and lack of kick-tail further illustrate the focus of this deck on carving and pumping.

Through its wide lens, Icarus is certainly a milestone in loaded longboards because it brings snowboard carving experience to our streets. The snowboard deck design is brought to life due to its bamboo and fiberglass composition with the addition of a cork bottom layer that gives it extra vibration damping.

Icarus Loaded Complete Bamboo Longboard


Paris trucks of 180mm which is matte black in color give you smooth and controlled turning for hard carving and all-round riding. Its right curves enhance ergonomics while contributing to a responsive and high-performance ride at a low cost. Its big wheels improve turning leverage and better control. Moreover, its deck gives you plenty of foot space to attain stability in your ride.

 Due to its drop thru truck mounting the decks on the longboard lower to the ground for easier, more efficiency and, attain stability to your ride. This lightweight and compact size longboard makes it intuitive and commuter-friendly. 

It is 80mm orange tang wheels that give you the right balance of grip and slide for a freeride-friendly setup. 


  • Length of about 38.4 inches 
  • The width is about 8.6 inches
  • Profile is camber
  • Wheelbase 28.5 inches.

Recommendation of flex:

  • 170-270 pounds or 75 – 115 + kg
  • 75 – 200 + pounds or 35 to 90 + kg.


  • Best for carving.
  • Gives you a smooth ride.
  • Durable
  • Easy to manage.
  • Perfectly constructed.


  • Not recommended for beginners 

Loaded Poke Longboard

This loaded board is made up of bamboo and fiberglass that provides you surprisingly amazing flex. The deck is 35 inches in length and the width is about 9.125 inches and also provides you a wheelbase of 20.75 inches. This poke loaded board feature a radial concave, double kick-tails flared wheels wells, grip tape, and a rocker. 

The deck of this board is based on pro ride V2 trucks that give you sharp turns with a smooth ride. These trucks connect with the orangutang 70mm urethane wheels with the hardness of about 80 A through the bearings of 7 ABECA. 

Loaded Poke Longboard


This bamboo board with the touch of fiberglass is amazingly light, highly maneuverable, and controllable and gives a rider great board awareness. The bonus of this board is that it contains a double kicktail that enables a rider to do all types of tricks. Control is added by the concave radial and rocker as well as the dimensions and Paris trucks of the loaded poke longboard

This loaded longboard gives you the best performance as it is suitable for cruising, commuting, freeride, and, freestyle. All the longboards are best in their own way but if you are looking for the best cheap loaded longboard then this fits best to your personality.


  • Length of 34 inches long
  • 9.125 inches wide
  • The wheelbase of about 20.75 inches
  • Weight 4 pounds


  • Durable
  • Easy to control
  • Wheels are perfect
  • Contain Paris trucks.


  • Not suitable for heightened persons.

Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Complete Longboard

This loaded tan tien flex 2 longboard is probably the best-loaded longboards available in the market today. This longboard is made up of bamboo and fiberglass that makes it light in weight and heavy on performance. The length of this loaded board is 39 inches long with a width of 8.75 inches. The wheelbase of this board is 27 inches that make it easy and smooth to handle. This longboard features double kick tails, grip tape, and sports slight concave.

The drop thru mounted deck is placed on Paris trucks. The trucks are connected to the best quality 70mm orange tang wheels with a durometer rating of 86 A. 

Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Complete Longboard


The lightweight of this board makes it easy to balance and carry around. The concaves combined with the drop thru mounting lowers the center of gravity. And easy to push away. The wheelbase and trucks on the board make it easy to handle and perform many tricks. These wheels also make sliding very easy. 

This loaded board is well- suited to cruising and commuting. It is also a super fantastic board for carving down slopes.

The tan tien loaded longboard is one of the best boards for sliding and free-styling. The main reason for picking this board as the best-loaded board is its high-performance flex tricks friendly and functional design. 

Specs of this loaded longboard:

  • The width of the board is 8.75 inches or 22.3 cm
  • Length is about 39 inches or 99 cm
  • Inner hole or wheels base is 27 inches or 6.6 cm
  • The weight of the board is about 3.1 to 3.5 pounds 

Flex recommendation:

  • Flex 1:  170 to 270 + pounds or 75 to 122 + kg
  • Flex 2:   130 to 210 + pounds or 59 to 95 + kg
  • Flex 3:     80 to 170 + pounds or 36 to 77 + kg


  • Beautifully constructed
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Slightly flex
  • Trucks are of good quality


  • bolts are a little longer

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama setup

 A freestyle carver loaded longboard that is well rounded enough to appeal to longboard for beginners and experts at the same level. One look at its drop thru mounting and deeply milled wheels wells, and you know this board is specially made for carving. Its deep wheels cutouts make it possible to carve deep and turn tight, while its dual tail kicks provide you extra leverage for navigating urban terrains.

The deck of this loaded board is purely made up of bamboo and fiberglass that is vertically laminated providing you a strong yet responsive flex that is a nod back to a loaded snowboarding root. The Dervish Sama loaded board comes in 3 flex ratings that loaded recommends considering next to the rider with the level of flex considered normal for their own weight. Those who know good knowledge about longboards will likely know what level of flex they like.

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama setup


The Dervish Sama loaded longboard is durable and light in weight that is used for an all-purpose longboard that fits perfectly for beginners as well. It gives you enough access to so many styles of longboarding and is high enough quality that it will see new riders through years of their riding journey. and enhanced stability to yourself with hurdle less ride. This board is so light in weight and its ample standing platform and gives you a spacious foot place that makes the Dervish Sama comfortable and easy to handle for carving, freestyle, freeride, and commuting. 

Those people who came upon cheaper lower quality longboards have stuck with it long enough that it’s time to invest in a proper ride. Those budget boards are fine for someone uncertain about sticking with it for the long haul, do yourself a favor and see the difference for yourself.

This loaded longboard is available in three flex ratings to tailor the ride to your weight. Lower flex is best for heavier and or more aggressive riders. High flex is recommended for lighter riders or for those who are looking for a more responsive board.


  •  Length of about 42.8 inches
  • The width of the board is 9 inches
  • The wheelbase of 31.5 inches

Flex recommended:

  • Flex 1: 170 to 270 + pounds
  • Flex 2:  100 to 185 + pounds
  • Flex 3: 75 to 150 + pounds


  • Durable
  • Beautifully constructed
  • Offers the best speed with a smooth ride
  • Perfect for carving
  • Easy to handle


  • Grip tape is a bit faded.

Loaded constellated tessera5ct longboard

This loaded longboard is considered one of the best-loaded longboards among the tesseract series. The deck is 36 inches long with bamboo, cork and, fiberglass coverage. The width of this loaded board is measured as 9.5 inches with multiple wheelbase options goes from 24.5 inches to 26 inches.

The deck feature of the Constellated longboard is W concave, grip tape, a kicktail, wheel well flares, and a rocker. The deck is placed on Caliber Raw trucks. These trucks are attached with 69mm orangutang wheels with a durometer rating of 83 A and have bearings of ABEC 7. 

The material used in the construction of the deck ensures that it is light in weight and has some slight flex. The slight flex is the most important thing in handling high speeds which requires stiff flex while also absorbing the shock experienced on different riding surfaces. The fiberglass used in the deck is for a snappier ride while also protecting the deck.

The size of the board made it suitable for all types of long-boarder and also make it stable at high speed while ensuring it is maneuverable. The variations in the wheelbase give the rider the option of going for the wheelbase they are most comfortable with and that best meets their needs.

Loaded constellated tessera5ct longboard


Not only this, the W concave, grip tape, and rocker all come together nicely to increase the stability and maneuverability of the board. This thing ensures a rider is locked on the board without feeling cramped, without compromising on the safety of the rider.

W concave enhance the control of a rider on the longboard. It provides you maximum edge control without compromising on comfort. The rocker locks in the foot of the rider which is an important part of longboarding to slide safely. It also lowers the center of gravity and increases the stability so that, you can easily push the board.

The kick-tail with the board makes it well suited to performing all kinds of tricks. A rider is free to do Ollies, amazing manual combos, tick tacking, and aids in manual balancing without any fear. The wheel’s well flares provide you good feet support and also increase rider board awareness and the clearance of the wheels. The trucks of this loaded longboard can handle anything you decides to do with the board being highly responsive and hardy.

The wheels can handle high speed with a smooth ride, sharp turnings, and good sliding.

The loaded Constellated Tesseract longboard is no doubt the best-loaded longboard which is best suited to sliding, free riding, and carving. The board really excels in bombing hills given the best suitable stability and safety to a rider. These boards fit perfectly with all kinds of longboarders especially for those who are more skilled.  


  • 36 inches long deck
  • Width of about 9.5 inches
  • Wheels hardness is about 83 A 
  • 7 ABEC bearings
  • The wheelbase is 24.5 inches to 26 inches


  • beautifully crafted
  • durable
  • easy to handle
  • variation in wheelbase
  • best for sliding downhills


  • grip tape peel of easily

Bonus review

Loaded Tesseract Longboard (Premium) Loaded constellated tessera5ct longboard

This is one of the most rad longboards among the loaded longboard you can get. The board is made up of bamboo cores layered between fiberglass and cork. The deck of 39 inches long and 9.5 inches in width. This board comes with two option wheelbases, one of 24.5 inches and the other one is 26 inches.

The symmetrical top-mounted deck has wheel well flares, double kick-tails, a W-concave grip-tape, and a rocker. The deck is placed on caliber 50-degree trucks. The trucks of this longboard are attached with 70mm freeride wheels with a durometer rating of 86 A through ABEC 7 bearings.

Loaded constellated tessera5ct longboard

This loaded complete longboard is light in weight with the combination of very strong materials used in it. The fiberglass used in the deck is giving it some snap and pop. This board provides you some little flex for a smooth ride while also being able to handle extremely at high speed. Its size makes it maneuverable as well as highly stable.

Not only this its variable wheelbase options means a rider gets to choose the kind of configuration most appropriate to them.  Trucks can handle the high speed while being highly maneuverable and stable with a smooth ride. This board is considered an amazing board for sliding, slalom racing, and bombing downhills.

 Loaded longboards have been setting a new trend in the longboard market for a long time. They are popular with the riders of their amazing performance, cutting-edge technology, and ease of customization to their name. 


  •  33 inches long deck
  • 9.5 inches wide 
  • The wheelbase of 24.5 inches to 26 inches


  • durable deck
  • beautifully crafted
  • well- constructed
  • easy to handle
  • best for carving and cruising


  • not preferable for beginners
  • grip tape can be faded after some time

Buying guide for best loaded complete longboard

When we compare this longboard with traditional longboards loaded longboards have many kinds of subtleties in the design and setups that change the experience of riding for a longboarder from one longboard to another longboard easily. With this guide loaded feels happy and proud to help down your opinion into many types to give you the acknowledgment of what you need to choose, and which type of longboard is suitable for your next ride. 

Hybrid boards:

These types of boards combine the taste of common skateboards with the modern longboard structure and construction. It provides the rider with better ability to show your skills of street skating but also provides you along wheelbase to give commuting on board comfortably. For those riders who are looking for some easy to handle and small loaded longboard then, check the loaded-complete poke longboard. If you desire a  beautiful with modern feel longboard then check the Icarus loaded longboard. This will provides you a truly different hybrid experience by using old designs combine with a different type of flex.

Dancing boards:

 The dancing boards also getting hype over the market these days. It features an outstanding performance with a longer length of longboard to give maximum space to the rider for skating with buddies or performing different tricks maneuvers. As most of the larger longboards are heavy but derma Sama-loaded longboard is constructed in such a way to give you a bombastic ride with a different experience of riding because of different flex patterns. Check out the board webpages to ensure that you are going to get a perfect loaded longboard. 

Carving boards:

 The carving longboard is designed by keeping in mind the flex of the longboard. Using unique shapes and unique concaves this board offers you a very high-performance traveling with accurate safety that makes every trip of yours memorable wherever you want to go.

Loaded lineup boards offer you two kinds of carving longboards. 

The first one is top-mounted loaded boards they offer you the blend of ordinary longboards with high duty flex that is often used in snowboards. The top-mounted longboard provides you sharp curving and plenty of foot space. . If this style suits you then check the Loaded Vanguard longboard which fits perfectly to your needs. 

The next one drops thru longboards which are constructed to give a rider a comfortable and most perfect ride for commuting. With many similarities to the top-mounted board, drop thru longboards differs by being low to the earth to decrease the height of the rider and difficulty from pushing. Loaded Icarus longboard, Dervish Sama loaded longboard, and Tan 40 inches loaded longboard all are drop thru style mounting. 

Downhill or freeride boards:

These loaded longboards are basically constructed to gives you a stable and smooth ride at great speeds. In comparison to another loaded lineup longboard, these longboards focus on the stiffness and keep the rider griped on the surface of the longboard. All the longboards are lined up on the top of best leverage, but other than this it also features a rocketed platform to keeps you a little less to the earth and, the flare of wheels to compensate large wheels and gives you a smooth ride by giving a reference to your feet. The w concave of this longboard provides you better flexibility so that you can slide easily with your longboard and provides you with hurdle free ride.

The loaded longboards of the tesseract brand family are the best boards to do experiments on due to their fast speed and bombastic slides.  This will make you choose which board is suitable for your personality and which style you are going to start in a longboarding adventure. 

Longboards hardily settled after the success of the Vanguard longboard. It look-like to have inspired the team to believe in their goal even more strongly if such a thing were possible or not.  In the last few years and decades, the team at loaded longboard has made incredible strides building bridges between the snowboarding and longboarding communities. 

The enthusiasm of longboarders from either side have since found immeasurable joy in exploring the similarities and differences of the other. The endeavor has led to innovations me technology for both sides as well. 

Many times the company is one of the principles as opposed to being one of compromise. Many companies are constantly restructuring and rebranding as part of an endless effort to confirm the popular trends. Loaded is not that type of brand, instead of loaded holds fast to opt principles, which turn out to be wholesome enough that it has paid off thus far.

Instead of rebranding and reconstructed to meet the growing need of their consumer base, loaded has simply designed a new deck to satisfy various styles of longboarding. Making the use of quality materials and snowboard-inspired characteristics in each of its decks they have since risen to the top as a leader in the industry altogether and made their name as the best brand of a loaded longboard

Whatever is your riding style and whichever design you need to end up going with, one thing is certain. Choosing a loaded longboard means that you trust this longboard because trust is built into every single frame, from inception to production of delivery.


These guidelines will surely help you out with which loaded longboard goes best with your personality and to which board you start your longboarding adventure. We like to design our boards in such a way that you can easily excel in your riding skills and enhance your abilities by expanding your versatility and riding experience. Do not feel shy to ride in a particular way. Always explore other styles too.