Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Review

  1. Product Name: Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through Longboard
  2. Brand: Atom Longboards
  3. Length: 40 inches
  4. Bearings Rating: ABEC 9
  5. Wheel Diameter: 70mm
  6. Wheel width: 51mm
  7. Durometer Rating: 78A
  8. Trucks: Navigator Drone Reverse Kingpin
  9. Kicktail: No
  10. Shipping Weight: 9.4 pounds;Item Weight: 7.9 pounds

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The Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through longboard not only looks fantastic but also feels amazing to ride on. Again, aesthetically, this is a very elegant looking longboard. This longboard features a deck that is made out of maple and bamboo hybrid laminate with photo heat transfer graphic. The number of reviews, as well as the ratings this longboard gets, makes it easy to see why it’s one of the best longboards around. One thing that immediately stands out for this longboard is its bearings. The Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through longboard is equipped with ABEC 9 (highest precision standard) rated bearings with high-speed lubricants. Let’s take a look at the main features of this amazing longboard.

Key Features of the Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through Longboard

  • ABEC 9 Rated Bearings. It’s such a key feature to this board that we’re bringing it up here again. This longboard features ABEC 9 rated bearings with high-speed lubricant for maximum performance. The bearings for this longboard are manufactured against the HIGHEST standards.
  • An Updated Longboard. The fact is, the Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through longboard is an updated version of the original 41-inch Drop-Through longboard. Atom Longboards asked customers what exactly they wanted improved in that longboard and implemented it onto this one. Therefore, with this longboard, you’ll know that this longboard is going to be an improved version 2.0 board.
  • Maple and Bamboo Hybrid. This longboard features a 7 ply maple and a 1 ply bamboo hybrid deck. This hybrid deck is unique in that the bottom layer bamboo ply is designed to be thicker than the maple piles above it. This allows the bamboo ply layer to act like a fiberglass reinforcement to ensure the board withstands even the greatest tensile stresses.
  • High-Quality Trucks. The Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through longboard features Navigator Drone trucks at 40-degree base and 180mm hangers.
  • 70mm Diameter Wheels. The 70mm diameter Atom AREA 51 wheels that this longboard comes with has a durometer rating of 78A, somewhere in the softer to medium scale in terms of hardness.

The Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through longboard’s features really is impressive given its price point. Below are some of the pros and cons of this longboard.


  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • An updated version of a previous Atom Longboard. This means improved customer experience.
  • Nice flex to the longboard deck for greater stability.
  • At 40 inches, this board is not too short nor too long for a longboard.
  • Many refer to the board as lightweight, weighing in at only 7.9 pounds.
  • The longboard provides a very smooth riding experience for users.
  • The deck is concaved for increased control and stability.


  • A minority of individuals report that changing out the bearings for the longboard makes the board even better than it already is.

Insider Tips for the Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through Longboard

Atom Longboards lists this board to be suitable for downhill, cruise and freeride styles of riding. What this means is that this longboard is VERSATILE. Thus, if you’re planning to do a combination of these types of rides for a majority of the time, this longboard is one of the best options out there. Keep in mind that because this longboard does not have a kicktail, it can’t be used as a freestyle/dancing longboard.


The Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through longboard is perhaps the BEST longboard in its price range that not only offers a ton of features but also is super versatile. Its versatility makes this board suitable for beginners, intermediate, and expert longboarding individuals alike. To sum it all up, if you’re looking for a long-lastinghigh-quality longboard, go on and BUY the Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through longboard. We are sure you’ll be satisfied with this longboard!

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