Atom Pintail Longboard Review

Product Name: Atom Pintail Longboard
Brand: Atom Longboards
Length: 39 inches
Bearings Rating: ABEC 5
Wheel Diameter: 65mm
Wheel Width: 35mm
Durometer Rating: 78A
Trucks: 8.5-inch Aluminum Trucks
Kicktail: No
Shipping Weight: 8.05 pounds; Item Weight: 7.3 pounds

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The Atom Pintail longboard is a classic pintail shaped longboard that is 36 inches and is perfect for cruising. This longboard comes with a vibrant and nice looking deck graphic design. This longboard features a maple laminated deck, ABEC 5 rated bearings, 8.5 inches aluminum trucks and 65mm, 78A urethane wheels. If you’re someone looking to get into longboards, this longboard by Atom Longboards might just be the one that for you! Read on the learn more about the features, pros and cons of this pintail longboard.

Key Features of the Atom Pintail Longboard

  • 8 Ply Maple Laminate Deck. The Atom Pintail longboard features an 8 ply maple laminate deck. Maple wood is commonly used in many longboard deck construction as it is not only rigid, but also resistant to temperature changes. The bottom of the deck features a colorful and lively design.
  • Pintail Shaped Deck. This longboard’s deck is pintail shaped, which is inspired by surfboards. Pintail longboards are usually designed for individuals who want to cruise on their longboards. If you’re one of them who likes or intends to cruise around or carve with your longboard, the Atom Pintail longboard is a great choice.
  • 8.5-inch Aluminum Trucks. This longboard comes with 8.5-inch aluminum trucks which allows the Atom Pintail longboard to be more responsive in your turns. In addition, these trucks also allow you to easily maneuver around tight spaces.
  • ABEC 5 Rated Bearings. The Atom Pintail longboard showcases ABEC 5 rated bearings which are decent bearings in terms of the precision standards that these bearings were manufactured under.
  • 65mm Diameter Wheels. This longboard comes with 65mm urethane wheels which have a durometer rating of 78A. Both of these specs are perfect for cruising and for using the board as a commuter board. The diameter which is smaller than most longboards mean that this Atom Pintail longboard is able to accelerate faster while compromising its speed. Unlike downhill riding where speed is crucial, the speed you’ll want to achieve while cruising is not as important, especially if you’ll be riding in a city full of people!


  • Smooth cruising and riding capabilities.
  • An agile and responsive board. The board’s pintail shape and trucks are designed to provide the rider maximum agility and responsiveness in order to cruise around easily.
  • Solid setup for a first time rider. Atom Longboards as well as many people who have rode on this board recommend the use of this longboard for beginners.
  • Visually stunning design at the underside of the longboard’s deck.
  • Reasonable price point. The Atom Pintail is a great value for what you’ll be getting in this longboard – awesome design, ABEC 5 rated bearings, branded longboard and durable deck construction.


  • As with many stock bearings that come with beginner longboards, the stock bearings on the Atom Pintail longboard do not seem to perform well enough in terms of reducing friction between the wheels and the axle.

Insider Tips for the Atom Pintail Longboard

If the board is making some squeaking noises when you ride on it, one thing that you could do is apply some lubrication to the trucks. As with many inexpensive longboards, replacing the stock bearings with higher quality bearings such as the Bones Bearings will help you experience an even smoother ride. Carrying out these two tips allow owners of this longboard to have a better overall experience with the Atom Pintail longboard.


For the value you’re getting with this longboard, the Atoms Pintail longboard offers the best “bang for your buck” longboard. For a very reasonable price, you’re getting a well-branded, nicely designed longboard with decent performing longboard parts. The stock bearings may be subpar in performance, but if this is your first board, you’ll probably won’t even need to change out the bearings as you’ll get used to it. For those who have been in longboarding for a while now, changing the bearings are fairly inexpensive and easy, especially if you’re planning on getting the Bones Bearings. Ultimately, this board is perfect for cruising and carving. The verdict…we highly recommend this longboard, especially to beginners, since you’ll be getting a ton of value for what you end up paying.

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