Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Longboard Review

Product Name: Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Longboard
Brand: Santa Cruz
Length: 40 inches
Bearings Rating: ABEC 9
Wheel Diameter: 75mm
Wheel Width: N/A
Durometer Rating: 78A
Trucks: Road Rider 180
Kicktail: No
Shipping Weight: 8.8 pounds ; Item Weight: 7.0 pounds

The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer longboard is a 40-inch longboard that looks amazing and is a very highly rated longboard. This board features a Santa Cruz Metallic Ink Drop Down Longboard Deck which measures in at 10 inches by 40 inches. Being a drop down longboard, this longboard offers stability and ease in riding. One thing to note about this longboard is that all the parts used in this longboard are Santa Cruz parts, which are top-notch, quality parts. Some of the key features for the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru are discussed further below.

Key Features of the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard

  • ABEC 9 Rated Bearings. The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer longboard features ABEC 9 rated bearings with high-speed lubricant for maximum performance. The bearings for this longboard are manufactured against the HIGHEST standards. As such, you can expect high performing bearings in the construction of this longboard.
  • Road Rider 180 Trucks. The Road Rider trucks are Santa Cruz’s line of trucks. Again, many would agree that the Road Rider trucks are made with quality. The trucks have a 180mm hanger with 45 degree baseplate angle. It also features a low 60mm axle height. The quality of the Road Rider trucks are evident when you look at the price of a set of these trucks.
  • Black Santa Cruz Grip Tape with Rasta Stripe. The black Santa Cruz grip tape with Rasta Stripe makes the board look amazing and gives you the typical Santa Cruz board feel. As always, Santa Cruz uses vibrant colors – red, yellow and green – for the top and bottom design of the deck.
  • 75mm Diameter Wheels. The high quality 75mm Road Rider wheels that come with this longboard have a durometer rating of 78A. Both these diameter and durometer ratings are in the range of longboards used for cruising, carving and freeriding.

Given the cost of each Santa Cruz manufactured components such as the Road Rider trucks and wheels if you were to purchase them separately, this longboard offers a great ton of value. Here are to pros and cons of this Santa Cruz board.


  • Great graphic design and looks great – the Rasta Lion graphic on the bottom of the board is red, yellow and green…and definitely stands out.
  • Longboard deck has a good flex to it.
  • Top-notch Santa Cruz bearings and trucks for maximum performance
  • Lightweight board, weighing at only 7.0 pounds.
  • Low center of gravity for increased stability.
  • Smooth riding experience.
  • No speed wobbles even at high speeds.


  • A minority of individuals report finding bubbles under the grip tape. This is more of a manufacturing defect that appeared in boards that have been sold and this has most likely been resolved.


The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer longboard is a great longboard regardless of how many years of experience you have had in longboarding. Santa Cruz, which is probably the most well-known skateboarding brand in the world often delivers what riders want. More importantly, this longboard comes with premium quality components that will help you maximize your longboarding experience. If you’re looking to get a well-branded and high quality longboard, the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer is one of your best bets.


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