Wheels & Your Longboard

June 29, 2009 · Filed Under Longboard 
wheels for longboards

wheels for longboards

Longboard wheels, just like a car’s tires, are the most important part of a longboard. Why? Because they are what are in touch with the surface at all times. A bad set of wheels cannot be overcome with skill. Conversely, a novice can be greatly improved with quality wheels. Size is a big factor in determining what wheels are right for you and your board. The size difference is because smaller wheels spin faster to maintain the same speed. Larger wheels create less friction for a faster and smoother ride. Smaller wheels sometimes have problems with sticks, rocks, and cracks in the street or sidewalk. Some people like to store their wheels in the freezer as they believe that gives them more life. Ther is no scientific evidence to verify that claim though. The larger the wheel size, the less likely it will stop rolling, and more likely to just roll over an obstacle. Pintail style boards allow looser trucks and larger wheels to be installed for more of a smooth surfing feel. Other hardware such as trucks and bearings are exactly the same on a skateboard and a longboard. There are several types of trucks made just for longboards, which make the boards easier to use. especially for downhill racing. Two of the most popular are the Randal R-I Downhill style trucks and Torsion trucks.


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