Longboards Versus Skateboards

June 24, 2009 · Filed Under Longboard 
Skateboards Versus Longboards

Skateboards Versus Longboards

If you think about skateboarding you may have pictures of X-gamers doing impossible tricks on the half-pipe. However, there is another genre for those seeking a smooth ride on flat surfaces. Longboards are the up and coming popular cousin to the short boards that get all the exposure. In particular longboards that are made out of bamboo are the top choice for longboard enthusiasts. First you have to ditch the term “skateboarding”. Longboarding is a distinctly different activity. There are no need for pipes and ramps. Downhill longboarding can be just as exciting as doing a 1080. Longboards are not just bigger they are heavier than typical skateboards. Made for a secure ride, a longboard is the preferred choice of recreational riders. However, don’t let the smooth ride fool you. Longboards will allow riders to reach speeds unattainable for shorter skateboards, because of the stability they provide going downhill. While not made for grinding and other tricks, longboards provide enough excitement for thrill seekers when going top speed. Often compared to surfing, because the similar turns and cuts you can perform on pavement. Whether for sport or leisure, longboard skateboards are rising in popularity among many people on the streets. Many longboards are 35-60 inches long. Longboards come in all kinds of shapes such as: pintails, flat nose, and boards shaped like a longer shortboard.


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