Hardware Advice: Bearings

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Many off the rack longboards come with cheaper bearings. Typically you will see Abecs on there which are cheap and saved the company money. That is why most serious riders build their own. No problem though if you are trying to upgrade your board. You are going to save yourself on maintenance in the long run. The Powel-Peralta bearings offer a removable panel. You can simply remove and regrease as needed to keep them in good working order. You may have to pay a little more, but you are not going to need to replace them nearly as much as other brands. There are some new competitors out there, so take a look at those as well when looking for longboard bearings.

Hardware Advice: Trucks

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Randal Trucks

Randal Trucks

If you are going to be a downhill racer, then Randal trucks are the way to go. Randal trucks are regarded as the premium option for reaching speed of 35 mph plus on longboards. The durability and ride are what make them the premier brand. If you are going to be doing any sort of speed boarding downhill these trucks will almost eliminate the speed wobbles. The downside is they are not the most comfortable for everyday boarding. For general riding many riders prefer the Bennett Vector series or Seismic’s Fast One series.

Wheels & Your Longboard

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wheels for longboards

wheels for longboards

Longboard wheels, just like a car’s tires, are the most important part of a longboard. Why? Because they are what are in touch with the surface at all times. A bad set of wheels cannot be overcome with skill. Conversely, a novice can be greatly improved with quality wheels. Size is a big factor in determining what wheels are right for you and your board. The size difference is because smaller wheels spin faster to maintain the same speed. Larger wheels create less friction for a faster and smoother ride. Smaller wheels sometimes have problems with sticks, rocks, and cracks in the street or sidewalk. Some people like to store their wheels in the freezer as they believe that gives them more life. Ther is no scientific evidence to verify that claim though. The larger the wheel size, the less likely it will stop rolling, and more likely to just roll over an obstacle. Pintail style boards allow looser trucks and larger wheels to be installed for more of a smooth surfing feel. Other hardware such as trucks and bearings are exactly the same on a skateboard and a longboard. There are several types of trucks made just for longboards, which make the boards easier to use. especially for downhill racing. Two of the most popular are the Randal R-I Downhill style trucks and Torsion trucks.

Longboard Terms

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To stand up and assume the open arms position to increase wind drag and reduce speed while skating.
When you fall off your board and hit the ground.
A defect in manufacturing, often used to describe a board. Such as I got this sweet deal on a “blem board”.
If you are bro down you are friends with a representative of a company, getting free gear, boards, sticker t-shirts or at least a discount.
The curved rise from the middle of a board towards the outside edges perpendicular to the length of a deck.
The state wheels reach when they are worn to the point that the the diameter of the wheel is wider on one side than the other. Often happens to wheels that are drifted and slid to excess.

When the highest point of your board is in the center, and as the board goes towards the edges, it drops down.

When you knock out atleast more than one person in the beginning of a race.

The hardness of the wheel. Measured on the Shore A scale for urethane wheels.
The fastest line down a hill.

Placing a foot on the ground and dragging it to reduce speed.

What happens when you step on your wheel while pushing.

Any old person who yells at you for no good reason while you are skating.

A young rider or someone new to the sport.

A rider who thinks they are better than they are. A rider who is a danger to themselves and others.

The infamous Ninja Bomb Squad, a skate crew dedicated to teaching an advancing the warrior nature of skating.
A poker run is a great way to unite skaters and benefit a good cause. At the start of the poker run all riders hop on their boards, give their donation, and receive their first playing card. Once everyone has received their first card they ride to the second stop where they then receive their second playing card. This pattern continues for the third and fourth stop allowing for an easy evening of cruising with fellow riders. At the fifth stop each rider is given their last card and the opportunity to trade up to 3 cards for 3 new ones, just as in a regular game of poker. Once everyone has had the opportunity to trade out cards the hands are compared. We award shwag to the highest and lowest hand along with fastest time and whatever else we deem appropriate. After all the shwag is distributed it’s time to kick back, eat, and enjoy some live music together.

A collection of (usually 3 or more) Longboard skateboards.

What results when unprotected flesh meets the quickly passing surface of the street.

The opposite of camber. When the board sags down in the middle so it is slightly lower to the ground. Usually only used on cruiser boards.
A shortboard that has been modified to accommodate a set of longboard trucks and wheels on the nose and tail.
Any period of time spent riding a particular terrain or area. It can be scheduled or random. A session tends to be more than one rider. However the intensity of the session is left up to the individual rider.

is the act of hitching a ride on the rear bumper of a car. The skitched vehicle can either be aware of their load or unaware. When the skitcher is discovered by a previously unaware driver, the driver’s reaction is sometimes negative.

is the art of enjoying a dancing jog or a run while sidewalk-surfing a skateboard both short and preferably long distances on mostly flat terrain surfaces with the main objective: a roll your own exercise, tight rope ride on wheels while one totally transitions/transfers their weight from one side to the other while leg/knee/ankle/foot pushing the skateboard forward in either a straight or curved direction.

To cut into a persons line when they are about to take a run. This is generally done in a humorous way but in the wrong place at the wrong time it can result in a board to the head.
When you are going down a hill and your board starts to swerve back and forth uncontrolably. Usually followed by a statement unfit for repeating. Can be avoided by carving out of them, tightening your trucks or learning to soften up your legs and knees.
Mongo – Pushing, Braking with the front foot
Grabbing your board between your knees, instead of behind your back knee. Considered improper by some, as well as critically altering your center of balance which is dangerous for anyone.

As the name implies a bail in which you attempt to fly, as you may well find out man was not intended to fly.
When you bail and one side of your rear has less traction than the other.
What happens when wheel meets deck, often the result of wheels too large or trucks too loose. It usually results in a superman style flight threw the air. See also road rash.

A bail where your legs shoot up into the air and you slap the ground full body.

More Snowboarders Take Up Longboard Skateboarding

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What to do if you are a snowboard who is stuck with no powder? More snowboarders are taking ot the sport of longboard skateboarding. After being used to carving on a mountain, a longboard serves as a close proxy to the movement. The long wheel base allows for the greater stability. Turning requires using the same muscles and action as a snowboarder. As with any sport, the proper precautions should be taken, including wearing safety gear. A helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards are necessary to go all out and enjoy oneself. Even an accomplished snowboard enthusiast should start out slow and take on easy flat surfaces in order to gain their bearings. Then as you gain confidence you can start taking on more slopes. Many are amazed at the feel of a nice longboard downhill course. There are not typically rails and jumps though. Speed provides the thrill and as you become more adept at turning you can really own a road course just like a snow covered mountain.

How Longboarding Began

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Longboarding as it is commonly called, became popular during the 1950 era surfing craze in California. Often it was the alternative mode of transportation of surfing beatniks, who could not afford cars. Some say that most of the Beach Boys group could not even surf in water.

How Longboarding Began

How Longboarding Began

Instead they rode longboards and passed themselves off as accomplished ocean surfers just by the similar cultures. Others will swear that Hawaii is the birthplace of the longboard. Never the less, a group of young turks began gathering in the Huntington Beach area in the mid 50’s. They would bring homemade longboards that were not very technically sound. They were simple designs with an emphasis on looks over substance. Apparently just carrying a new toy was enough to get attention from the young ladies hanging across the street from the surfing beach. Soon, kids were asking for their own. A burgeoning longboard industry was beginning by the early 1960’s. Then cam a little event called Viet Nam. A new movement of protest began and a simple thing like a longboard was not in the plans for around a decade.

Longboards Versus Skateboards

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Skateboards Versus Longboards

Skateboards Versus Longboards

If you think about skateboarding you may have pictures of X-gamers doing impossible tricks on the half-pipe. However, there is another genre for those seeking a smooth ride on flat surfaces. Longboards are the up and coming popular cousin to the short boards that get all the exposure. In particular longboards that are made out of bamboo are the top choice for longboard enthusiasts. First you have to ditch the term “skateboarding”. Longboarding is a distinctly different activity. There are no need for pipes and ramps. Downhill longboarding can be just as exciting as doing a 1080. Longboards are not just bigger they are heavier than typical skateboards. Made for a secure ride, a longboard is the preferred choice of recreational riders. However, don’t let the smooth ride fool you. Longboards will allow riders to reach speeds unattainable for shorter skateboards, because of the stability they provide going downhill. While not made for grinding and other tricks, longboards provide enough excitement for thrill seekers when going top speed. Often compared to surfing, because the similar turns and cuts you can perform on pavement. Whether for sport or leisure, longboard skateboards are rising in popularity among many people on the streets. Many longboards are 35-60 inches long. Longboards come in all kinds of shapes such as: pintails, flat nose, and boards shaped like a longer shortboard.

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