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Different Types of Longboards Explained

Different Types of Longboards Infographic

There are many different types of longboards and ways of categorizing them. This can be extremely confusing for someone who’s just getting started in longboarding. The following are some of the questions that beginners tend to ask: What are the differences between the various longboards? Why are some shorter than others? Why are some recommended for cruising and not downhilling? As you can probably imagine, there are dozens of different ways to categorize longboards out there. To provide a good...
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How Much Do Longboards Cost?

Jaseboards Bamboo Longboard

If you’re interested in buying a longboard for either yourself or a loved one, one of the first questions that comes up is “how much do longboards cost?” Price is definitely one of those factors that play a big role in the purchase of a longboard. Pre-assembled longboards can have a price range of anywhere between $50 and $300 based on numerous different factors that we’ll touch on in this article. As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive...
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